Magic to Win with Wu Zun and Karena Ng Release Full Theatrical Trailer

The full theatrical trailer has dropped for Magic to Win starring Wu Zun, Karena Ng, Wu Jing, and Bakmin Wong, which is coming out in less than a month. The trailer discusses how humans only utilize 10 percent of their brain, and would be capable of so much more if they tapped into the remaining unused portions. So I guess magic stems from whatever unknown powers lies in our unused brain cells? I can buy that bit of silliness and join the world of good looking magicians battling for supremacy.

The trailer harkens back to the Golden Days of HK cinema, in the late 80s and early 90s, when even the silliest bit fluff can be vastly entertaining and quite memorable for it’s good-natured charm. This movie appears to have that mix of fantasy and slapstick that HK can blend just right to create the tastiest treat. It doesn’t hurt that I’m sorta having a crush on newbie Karena Ng, who totally has the “it” factor based on BTS footage and interviews with her. She looks like a baby Anita Yuen but has the aura of a young Charlie Yeung. Continue reading