Enlisted Korean Stars Visit Indonesia for a Hallyu Concert

Just 120 more days to go until my Junki returns. I’m totally not obsessively ticking off the days or anything, though he’s been so active in the military entertainment division since he got shipped off I see new pictures of him almost every week, so other than his buzz cut it’s almost like he never left. Lee Jun Ki, along with a few of his enlisted entertainment colleagues like Lee Dong Gun, Andy of Shinhwa, and Park Hyo Shin, flew to Indonesia in early October for a planned concert for Korea-Indonesia Week 2011.

Fans in Indonesia predictably went wild to see these big stars, especially considering even their fans in Korea have a hard time seeing them these days. I’m sure fans in Indonesia are grumbly that the concert couldn’t have been just a few weeks later so that perhaps the just enlisted Rain could be added to the roster. I know I would. Heh.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency via Baidu Junki bar]


Enlisted Korean Stars Visit Indonesia for a Hallyu Concert — 37 Comments

  1. Wat ????? When i was leaving in Indonesia none Of these Events ever happened and now dat i move to Sydney – These took place in Indonesia ???? Arrgghhhhhhh … uwe yeo ????? Not fair !!!! But yoohooo .. I am d 1st to comment !!

    • Hahaha…totally my thought.
      When I was in Jakarta, 1 year ago, hell…nothing is happening.
      Now, when I’m in singapore…everyone in KEnt suddenly visit Indonesia…

      Oh… truly my bad luck…lol

    • It looks like it was the entertainment division guys, so no Hyun Bin (Marines), no KDW (regular army), and no Kim Ji Hoon (MP’s) – not that I’m paying any attention, no not me! – but hey, lookie there, that’s Mithra Jin of Epik High!

      • Hyun Bin did come to Indonesia.
        But he came to Indonesia Marine HQ to celebrate Marine anniversary.
        He was on stage with one of Indonesia singer which happened to love KEnt too.

  2. Now the real question is, where is my Kang Dong-won? ㅠㅠ

    I am excited for Junki though. Eeeeeeeeee can’t wait to see what his first project’s going to be~!

  3. Lee Jun-ki!!!!!!! I can’t believe that few months more, you’ll be back! 🙂 Please announce our engagement when your army duty is done then after an hour, let’s get married. Haha! *that’s me daydreaming, obviously*

    I hope they’ll visit out Asian countries too. 🙂

    • The sixteen T-50 Golden Eagles is a done deal, but no worry,
      they’re talking about buying submarine too…fingers crossed for Rain everyone…

      On a more serious note, I know for sure like any Indonesian out there that our country badly Badly need those..um, weapon-machine-whatever, so yay for that. Meanwhile the Korean Wave is happening here, big time. But to kinda conjoin the two..um..I don’t know, something just feel kinda…you know..coerced..for me. I also know about the concert just a day too late, but the pics look nice, they had a blast. But when Binnie came..he seemed just a leetle tiny bit..um..uneasy..well maybe it just me..

      Thanks for the post Ockoala and Oh! My! GOD! Lee Dong Gun!!

  4. Yeah.. They and Hyun Bin came at different date (1 group is the 1st week, HB is the following week). Positive response from their fans down here… And, for sure, they successfully contributed to the longer idle driving time on the road for Jakartanese due to worst traffic jam in South Jakarta..

    Me? Sadly, I watched them on TV since I’m one of many who was trapped in traffic madness of this lovely town… 🙁

  5. As nice as it is to see all these guys, I wish that entertainers would do their army duty just as everyone else does. Jo Hyun-jae really impressed me by serving in a regular unit in the regular army and avoiding the spotlight during his service. There are others, of course, but he’s the one that comes to mind.

    Before anyone jumps down my throat, I’m not bashing anyone, just expressing my opinion.

    • The Indonesian government asked for them.For the sake of bilateral relationship the Korean govt did it.

      DARN IT the other countries need to have some of these pull 🙁 When you’re serving…don’t think they can even refuse.

    • You know, I’m torn about that, sweetie.

      On one hand, I want to see my stars be normal servicemen like their non-entertainment bretheren. To tough it out, so to speak. But then the military has an entertainment unit, like all militaries are wont to do. So why staff that unit with average joes who can sing, dance, MC, tell jokes, etc., when you have stars serving that can do that position best?

      So in that sense, it’s best for both sides. I dunno. I’m not sure serving in the entertainment division is anymore of a cush job then anyone getting desk duty. All I know is nothing can compare to being in the marines, like our BINNIE!!

      • Yeah, I see your point, and I do agree with you. And I can’t say that I know much about life in the entertainment unit, either. But I kinda feel like a little bit of time as a “regular” person might be a good thing. Eh, but who knows. No one’s forcing them to be in the entertainment unit (I would presume), and there have been high-profile star who have gone to the regular army (BINNIE!). So maybe the status quo isn’t so bad. The only way it would make me actually mad or upset is if they were getting special breaks for being celebrities, and I don’t think that’s the case.

  6. Looks like Lee Jun-ki is someone’s bias, counting the pics he’s on, compared to those with Shinhwa’s Andy or Epik High’s Mithra, for instance. ^^

      • :O You own Junki too?

        (And yes, I was looking for Andy’s pics, only to be flooded and reminded of Junki’s prettiness. Now I’m back to shipping the 2nd-guy-in-My-Girl.)

    • Can you possibly blame someone? I don’t know if there is a human on the planet, let alone one in that group that looks better in the beret, the shirt, the slacks, the back-back, the shoulder thingies, or even the ID tag!

      What is he doing to that lady’s head and why can’t he do that to me?

  7. Argh, can’t go.. Still in Europe atm…

    Then again hope there will b another one w Bi (yessss Koala you read my mind the moment I read the headings!) :):):)

  8. last year there’s Shinee, Son Ho yong, Gu Jun Yeop, Naomi…
    and this year they bringing those enlisted stars due to some army deal between Indonesian and Korean government, so they say…
    my sister had a chance to get the tickets, but she wouldn’t go, and me? i’m no where near Jakarta at the time 🙁
    i want to see LJK, LDG, and Mithra 🙂

    • Too bad you didn’t make it.
      It was a closed-limited concert.
      The concert tickets are limited to those buying sponsor’s product (eg shopping @Lotte Mart for IDR 300,000 to trade with 2 tickets).
      A friend of mine -a photographer- happened to take some pictures of them on stage and she posted them on her facebook acc.

      I wish year to come there will be more KEnt stars come to Indonesia 🙂

  9. I have such a jinki bias too…it seems like yesterday I was morning his depature..but hes going to be back in feburary…cant wait to see him back on the small screen

    • *Junki…I fail as fan…cant even type his name properly

      But now that I look at these photos again….is he wearing lipstick???

  10. wow…miz K..
    thx for the report..it feels strange *in happy feeling* to see my country being typed in your blog..hahaha… I feels Indonesia is a very very very very small country which located in a far far far away…. seeing word INDONESIA…for a sudden I feel proud with my country…

    uhm..btw…binnie rilly hot in marine uniform..never thot marine uniform looks that damn hot before until I saw binnie wearing it 😀

    • peipei78,

      Agreed with you about Binnie looking hot in his marine uniform. I see that he, being tired and all, continued to smile politely even when they paraded him in the marine’s amphibious tank on such a hot day.

      • yea…he look tired and also sick with all the reporters …but he is a truly pro…continuously smile and still looking hot in the hot weather of Jakarta’s kekekekek…

        ooh…btw, the singer (Syahrini)…I hate her…before binnie visit and even more after binnie visit.. LOL

  11. whaaa??? how come I never heard on this? but then again i was nowhere near jakarta at that time, but how come i also missed to watch them on tv T____T
    junki oppa… T____T
    its strange how handsome he is, even with bare face like that. even more handsome than when he is in those drama. those cherry-red lips!!!! yum!! junki + army gear= heaven bliss he3
    and yes, i am so much junki- biased he3

  12. Just when i’m not back home, exciting things happened. Feel like heading home. And with Binnie being there just weeks ago too! Darn it! Why dont they do millitary or marine duties in Sydney??? *sadface

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