Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang Allegedly Dating According to Next Magazine

Next Magazine, you evil paparazzi trolls…..*goes to read*……*speechless*. More than six months after wrapping filming for Drunken to Love You (which finished airing two months ago), lead actors Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang have been busy with their many other projects. Rainie has been focusing on her music career with a hot album and concerts lined up, while Joseph has dived into filming a movie with Kwai Lun Mei.

So the gossip about a potential Joseph and Rainie possible relationship has died down in Taiwan, only to be revived this morning by Next Magazine with the publication of a cover story that those two have been secretly dating for the last two months. O___O I don’t know if I ought to believe the story and be thrilled, or take a wait and see approach. The managers from both sides have quickly responded that Rainie and Joseph are just friends. Okay, that’s quite a rebuttal there, managers.

Next Magazine isn’t just fabricating a relationship out of thin air. Cameras caught Joseph and Rainie out with friends watching a movie in Taipei, with the group hanging out on the streets afterwards just chatting late into the night. Apparently Joseph and Rainie looked quite close and appeared to be reluctant to part and call it a night.

Joseph revealed in an interview with Esquire Taiwan last month that he’s single these days, so that confirms the rumors that his five-year relationship with his longtime girlfriend has ended. According to Next, Rainie was quite taken with Joseph during the filming of DTLY, but didn’t want to do anything for fear that she would be labeled a Xiao San (Little Three, slang for homewrecker or interloper in a relationship).

Supposedly their friendship really blossomed during filming, and since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Joseph has been pursuing Rainie for the past two months intensely. They are in a dating stage now, with both sides quite enamored of each other. So there you go, gossip hot off the Taiwan rags. Believe what you will. I think when there is smoke there is a fire, but whether these two work out remains to be scene.

Perhaps in a nod to divert everyone’s attention from her and Joseph, Rainie walked the carpet tonight with Mike He for an entertainment event that had all the MikeRainie fans on Weibo going insane. Y’all calm down kids, I know it’s been 1,368 days since these two were last photographed together for an official event. Man, these two still look smoking together!

So which co-star does Rainie look best with, since she’s the queen of scandals with all of them. Rainie and Mike? Rainie and Show Luo? Rainie and Joseph? Or let’s go back to Rainie and Roy Qiu?

[Credit: Apple Daily news]


Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang Allegedly Dating According to Next Magazine — 64 Comments

  1. Oh snap! They are so daring there… 🙂 lol isn’t Rainie usually really afraid of getting photographed by the paparazzi? Hehe… gossip… I’ll believe that they are friends until they confirm it but I do think it’d be cute if they were together. The GZ in TW is just insane. So I do feel bad for celebs.

    wow – her and Mike together again (I mean for work reasons) – they do look dashing together! I still think Rainie is one of the most fitting costars for Mike. Their devil series (I totally forgot what the english name of that series was – only remember the chinese name) was just too cute, even though in real life I could never see these two actually working out.

  2. Rainie and Joseph just because they were allowed to show real chemistry for the show. None of that lips almost touching and freeze for the camera eyes wide open stuff. And I love me some Joseph….Mike He strong second

  3. Oh I wanted to say that I actually though Rainie was the cutest with Roy. 🙂 They looked so match back then. Now… I don’t know since they have grown up but I do think Rainie’s cute personality really matched Roy. Rainie and Show – who knows but I thought they were just good friends… esp after they made up. 🙂

  4. If I’m not mistaken, Joseph Chang has got a cigarette in his mouth on the tabloid pic: is that what they call “smoking hot”? ^^

    Honestly, I have no opinion on their respective lovelife matter.

  5. I wish Rainie happiness. She is the one looking great. I actually like her w/ Jiro Wang cuz he’s not so bad boy/moody but super fun/humorous. Rainie should have gone w/ Jiro.

    • Lol That’s right. And Jiro seems to have a huge crush on her ’till this day. He always talks about her in interviews and rumors say he even started using qq weibo just because of her (Rainie only uses qq weibo). Too bad Rainie only sees him as a good friend. They would make a really cute couple.
      Having said that, I don’t know how she does it, but Rainie looks great with all her co-stars. Lucky girl!

      • Haha. One more important note…Jiro’s abs. Definitely physique is important. Mike He has said he’s afraid of 6pack & thinks it’s gross. The other guys are just kind of fit but Jiro works out/sportive. As a woman, I wish Rainie happiness in all aspects. (sorry if I sound shallow for some, but …)

      • You’re not shallow. Rainie said it herself that she likes buff guys 😉 Anyway, I think Mike changed his opinion. He’s even gym buddies with Jiro now lol

      • No kidding!!! Gym buddies w/ Jiro, there’s hope for Mike He yet. Mike was beyond cool in DBY but I’ve since drifted onto other eye candies. 🙂

  6. Raine with Joseph…she’s matured a lot and definitely become a much better actress since her Devil Beside You and WWL days and though she and Mike did have chemistry neither of them were very good actors back then…I feel like Joseph suits her better now……of course, I could just be biased ‘cuz DTLY is fresh in my memory

  7. Rainie and Joseph definitely, something about them just works. I think its because she brings out his more playful side which he usually hides in the public and they just seem to have a blast together but can be mature when needed to be

    I loved and still love Rainie and Mike together , their chemistry was just smoking, but I have long accepted the fact that they are merely best friends even though when I first got into tw-dramas I had hoped they were secretly together.

    • But their relationship is never meant to be… It’s already been years! Now, I have to admit they are just friends, but they are my favorite onscreen couple from t-dramaland

    • Sorry about the typos from the phone.

      ‘ It’s difficult to focus after imagining an intense Joseph Chang pursuing Rainie. If that is true-can any female resist? I’s his stare.’

      Sigh. However…as a fan just hope they are having a good time out that night 🙂 whatever the photos are about.

  8. Actually I liked her with Show Luo, their chemistry in HMS is just insane.
    And if you watch her interactions with Show during his YLBFB shows and when she guests at his concerts, you can see that they share a deep understanding and relationship, which easily be a very strong friendship or something else.

    I love Joseph Chang (who doesn’t) but his chemistry with Rainie in DTLY pales in comparison with the Rainie-Show chemistry in HMS… Mainly because I think Rainie did not match up to Joseph in terms if acting in DTLY and I felt Joseph carried the show on his own (don’t bash me JR fans). But real life personality wise, Joseph does seemed to be quite compatible with Rainie.

  9. Rainie and Joseph number Wooooooonnnnnnnnn!!! Like my pun? Heheheh But yeah, Joseph is such a flipping Beast!! He’s sooo gosh darn Hawt!!. And hes so manly and shes so tiny and sweet looking. they totes make a sexy couple. Mike he and her?….no commentu!! heheh

  10. Rumours of an brewing romance between actors Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang have been circulating, ever since the pair played on-screen lovers in Taiwanese idol drama While You Were Drunk.

    The drama had received positive reviews, ever since it aired in Taiwan in April. Joseph was even nominated for a Best Actor award at the upcoming Golden Bell Awards.

    In July, the media reported that Joseph fell in love with Rainie after their collaboration and reportedly dumped his girlfriend of five years. His girlfriend is not from showbiz.

    Not long lafter, a close friend of the actor clarified that Joseph did not break up with his girlfriend but was merely using the breakup as a way to protect the identity of his girlfriend.

    Other media reported that the production crew speculated that Joseph and Rainie had developed feelings for each other, due to the large amount of bed scenes and kissing scenes. The pair was said to be looking at each other lovingly, despite the director ending the shoot.

    Joseph and Rainie would also discuss their bed scenes on the balcony and would request for “another take”. Outside of filming, the pair was frequently spotted hanging out together, further spinning the rumour mill.

    It was reported that Joseph successfully wooed his co-star after two months of courtship.

    According to Next Magazine, a member of the public spotted Joseph and Rainie heading to a cinema at 1am recently. The pair were seen whispering to each other and did not leave each other’s side. Another couple and a male friend were seen with them.

    Previously, Rainie claimed that Joseph was merely her good friend. Both have not made any comments on the latest reports surrounding them.

    • And I wish for her to work with Mike/Ethan in a drama or movie.
      As for dating… It really depends on her, but I think it’d be cute for her to date Jiro [: According to various interviews, they both seem compatible for each other but she only treats him as a brother /:

  11. Of course Joseph for Rainie (in my RL OTP spazzing mode)! But either way, or anyway, whoever she chooses, as long as she’s happy. 🙂

    Rainie has again stressed in her weibo this morning that they are just friends. And GBA is tomorrow, what better stint than this to spark publicity eh? Just saying.

  12. so cuteeee… rainie n Joseph? wow… like a dream come true.. LOL.. but its very interesting to know that Jiro wang have a crush on Rainie.. I think he will be sad if Rainie was indeed taken by Joseph.. but I adore JC and RY ship..

  13. I don’t want to be an ass. Why are we postulating which male star looks good with Rainie Yang ? I would want to know what kind of guy does Rainie prefer in Real Life, not that fantasy drama world. We don’t know the true characters of those male actors. Are they really nice people in Real Life or just perfect in the drama world. I hope Rainie finds the best guy who cares about her in her Real Life.

    • Dude, take a chill pill. If people having a bit of harmless fun upsets you, perhaps you need to take things less seriously. Clearly no one is pontificating that Rainie needs to get with so-and-so.

      • Well.. It’s fun in your mind. What if your private life becomes the same Rainie’s fun topic around your social circle. Try read all the posts here and see if people just having fun or they really do “match making” her with their fantasy actor.

      • Try discussing analogies correctly before electing to use it. I am a private person, Rainie is a public figure. Her personal life is not personal because she is a celebrity. With her fame comes the baggage that the media and her fans will discuss her personal life. Period.

        And for her fans to chat harmlessly here about who they would love to see Rainie with, I fail to see how that harms her in any way. Your tongue-clicking censure is misplaced and, quite frankly, confuses me. I don’t know where it comes from and how you formed your opinion. But I recommend you getting off your high horse on this topic.

        If you want to lecture me on blog posts that have no nutritional value, then go ahead. If you fail to see the difference in people having entertaining and illusory discussions about a harmless subject matter, then I can’t help you there.

  14. I like Joseph and Rainie in DTLY but I still prefer Mike and Rainie together. For some reason, they have amazing chemistry on or off screen 🙂 I surely hope they do another drama together. 🙂

  15. I did love Mike with Rainie back in Devil beside you but not anymore…Mike n Janine looks cute together…she’s got an innocent look and he is tooo hot (more like a bad boy! )… irresistible combo! They both look adorable together.

  16. I think Janine and Mike He isn’t going well in real life, I heard she even threatens him if he involved his tounge in kissing scene, LOL…. sorry but I dont buy their romance off screen.. most of the time in Sunny Happiness I find her feeling awkward around him and he’s around her.

  17. Yes!!! (squealing with delight) Hope this news (gossip) is true. Rainie is my most favorite Tactress and I wish her hapiness. Although I like her with Mike He but that changed since Drunken to Love You. I liked her more with Joseph now. I only knew here @ Akoala’s Playground about her two former boyfriends, because there was a time I thought how could she have a relationship with men if she considers some of her leading men her big brothers like Ken Zhu, Kingone Wang, Wilber Pan and Shou Lou. She even said that she felt incestuous having kissing scenes with them. I love this news. Jia you!!!

    • Rainie and Joseph that is…. Didn’t even read the post before commenting before… This gossip is gonna make me happy all day today! Best OTP ever. <3

  18. i think she really looks good with Joseph:D (and Joseph looks hot in paparazzi photos^^)

    but if i have to choose between Roy and Joseph 😀 I would definitely pick ROY <3

  19. Hi…for some reason actually I really likes Kingone Wang as ‘the one’ for Rainie until DTLY season…I admit Mike He really looks good with Rainie but offscreen he was way too rough with her, thye’re really close that’s for sure but to me Mike treats her more like his male buddies than a gf…c’mmon who who show a picture of his friend ‘anus’ to a girl he’s interested in the way Mike did to Rainie…Rainie was complaining abt it on a talk show, Mike simply laughing at her disgruntled. So I really belief Mike is a close friend to Rainie just like Ariel Lin, Joe cheng, Ethan Ruan & late Weilun.

    Kingone & Show Luo are more like her big brothers teasing her to no end while Show’s brother is her high school buddy who happens to be her first bf

    As for Joseph Chang, he is no stranger to Rainie when they did DTLY. He was he brother in Legend of the Speed, & he did some endorsement with her in 2007, model for the same product & such…so they are already friends to begin with

    Abr Josep gf, well to me its very vague…one said its a long term gf but they hardly been seen anywhere, then there’s a report saying its a long distnce relationship…yeah, rite…when a picture of him with several girl at a party, claiming one of them is his gf, he claim her to be just friend..of cos they said he’s protecting her but if he’s protecting her why admit having a gf in the 1st place? And then during dtly promo in S’pore he gave the impression he is single…My bet is since his gf rumor started after “Eternal Summer” I suspected its one way his mgt company to promote or to make a clear statement that Joseph is a straight guy despite the movie sexual orientation…

    What I’m saying is like I respect whoever Rainie likes but so far during DTLY filming & after Rainie’s interation with him is more girish & feminiel with, unlike when she’s with her other close friends & male costars where they’re more like buddies

    • 3 months ago Next Magazine captured paparazzi pics of Rainie and Kingone together riding the same car after hanging out late at night

      • Oh really? I like Kingone too for Rainie..I love Show Lou too for her. I so much in love with the pairing of Roy and Rainie too hehe. Honestly, whosoever guy who give her a total package of happiness i’ll go with it. Maybe, all her co-star actors are all her friends. I think she is very friendly person.

  20. YEHEyyyyy!!! Im so happy for this news i hope it is true im an avid fan of JoSEPh and Rainie im looking forward to read this kind of article

  21. I like her with Show better. They have undeniable chemistry, lovers or friends, they’re really cute when they’re together esp. their interaction; seems like they both have crush on each other though they probably choose to become friends instead of lovers because they’ve known each for long time. My second choice is Mike He, but he doesn’t have the guts to tell his feelings to rainie instead he’s doing the opposite way by being rough at her, teasing her to get her attention (WELL THAT WAS BEFORE) I know they said they were just friends. My 3rd choice is Joseph, he seems cool and I really like their chemistry in DTYL. He also seems mature so I know will not make Rainie’s heart broken Like what Roy did. What Rainie and Roy felt before was just a puppy love. I personally dont like Roy with Rainie. That’s just my opinion.

  22. He is one hot gorgeous man and okay, fine, I’m a tad bit sad now that he’s off the market *le sigh* but they do make a cute couple!

  23. LOL,people likes a partner for Rainie everytime she had a new drama.Anyways,I like Xiao Gui and Rainie because they were destined to be together since their high school life.*daydreaming*


  24. I have watched DTLY in Philippines and I’m so in love with their comedy drama… Truly Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang has good chemistry. Hope their relationship will grow.

  25. i like joseph and rainie yang chemistry i watch it in love you its still airing here in philippines even the fanpage of it says they love there chemistry even they watch it in dvd’s they still want to watch it in tv again . i like how joseph acting to rainie it looks realistic especially airport part and bed scene i hope they can work someday 🙂 or maybe they could be in real couple lollll just sayin hehehe

  26. Rainie with Show Lou. .they are cute couple. .Rainie look greats with Show Lou. .i pray they will t0gether forever. .hihihi. .

  27. RAINIE AND MIKE ARE LOOK LIKE BROTHER,SISTER….THE BEST MATCH FOR RAINIE IS JOSEPH….. AMAZING CHEMISTRY LIKE ROB-KRISTEN OF TAIWAN… WISH THEY WILL COME HERE IN PHILS…. u cant determine what they have to run after them!!!it brings out the best in each them during acting and when they look to each other like having some secrets…. hahaha I LOVE RAINIE-JOSEPH love team!

  28. i agree with claire haha the rob-kristen of taiwan.. it seems that there is something behind between rainie and joseph in DTLY! I really LOVE their chemistry and i’m hoping that they could visit philippines someday.. i’ve watched them 2 years ago and until now i’m still inlove with their love team.

  29. i dont know what you guys think but rainie’s expression was like angry?the other girl was crossing her arms it’s like she’s quarreling with her?

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