Taiwan Stars Descend on the Apple Daily Star Party in Taipei

Party in the USA! Er, oops, wrong song. I mean Party in Taipei! Apple Daily held a star-studded party yesterday, not quite sure it was for any reason other than to get all the stars together for some fun times. The Golden Bell Awards is tomorrow, so maybe this was a pre-party of sorts? Either way, there were so many stars attending I think it’s easier for me to list who DIDN’T show up.

Most of the missing A-listers are either filming or promoting their projects abroad, such as Ethan Ruan, Ariel Lin, Janine Chang, Blue Lan, Peter Ho, Bolin Chen, etc. Otherwise it appears every available model, actor, singer, and MC of the Taiwan entertainment scene showed up.ย Below are their red carpet pictures.

Rainie Yang’s appearance got the media salivating the most, because of the breaking news that she was allegedly dating Joseph Chang (Rainie denied it), yet she showed up on the arm of former co-starย Mike He, and arrived a few steps behind ex-boyfriend Roy Qiu, who had current leading lady Alice Ke by his side the entire time (see above). I think Rainie just lives drama, heh.

Joe Cheng showed up with Sonia Sui, who is wearing a LBD that is slightly missing the dress part of that acronym. Wowsers is the lady insanely sexy. But good lord, Joe, what in the hell are you wearing? Please donate your outfit to charity to be used as diaper rags. Preferably immediately.

Rainie and Mike, their appearance collectively made RM-shippers weep tears of joy. They look a billion times better now than during the Devil Besides You and Why Why Love days. I think it’s high time they reunited for a third drama.

Songstress Elva Hsiao with her BFF Cheryl Yang. Love the long lithe dresses on both ladies.

Amber Kuo really needs to stop dressing like she’s a real life doll.

Chris Wang, who has such a cute smile that I just want to pinch his cheeks. I’m glad he ended up kinda getting the girl in The Fierce Wife.

That’s Aaron Yan and Anthony Neely on the right.

Office Girl‘s scene-stealing Patrick Li, with his real life girlfriend and OG co-star Janel Tsai (in pink). Funny that in OG, Janel plays James Wen‘s girlfriend, and she said that Patrick loves making snarking jokes when she’s in the middle of a scene with James to crack her up.

Rainie and Elva are also very good friends in real life. That’s all the pictures of folks I actually follow, but check out the fun video below of everyone walking the Apple red carpet.

Apple Daily Star Party:



Taiwan Stars Descend on the Apple Daily Star Party in Taipei — 28 Comments

  1. Who are the girls with Chris? And I agree, he is very adorable. Love his Gryffindor-colored scarf, lol.

    Yoga Lin’s hair just gets weirder and weirder, haha. And Anthony does look like he gained a little weight. S’ok, baby, you still look great!

    Thanks for sharing these photos! And the video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loving Office Girls and the entire cast!

    Btw is it just me or does Tia Li (girl in the pink polka dot dress–from the first pic) remind anyone of Annalynne McCord from 90210?? She looks like she could be her Asian twin. hehe.

    • Actor Ding Chun Chen. He makes up the “Fashion F4” (the real F4) of Taiwan with 3 others.
      The supposedly friends, rich, and good looking in real life as F4 were in the drama meteor garden.

  3. Thanks for the pics and video! Chris Wang is so cute! I loved him in The Fierce Wife ๐Ÿ™‚ He was funny when he was on SSๅฐ็‡•ไน‹ๅคœ with Patrick Li ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. wow. thats a lot of stars.. I want to be there!!.. Must’ve been one hellava fun party!! and JR as the Host!! Awesome!!.

    And are you sure that’s Aaron Yan? It doesnt look like him.. he’s not from Fahrenheit unless there’s another Aaron Yan I dont know about.. He’s got to be another actor, but the rest of the actors and actresses in the pictures I recognize… Ding Chun is looking good!! and the Ladies all look very sexy!!..

      • @kirara he doesn’t appear in that list simply because he’s not relevant enough. But that’s aaron yan. He change quite a lot since he went solo, but I don’t see how it’s so hard for you to recognize him o.O

      • @kirara

        That guest list said a few names and ended with “and 80 stars” so it was clearly not all-inclusive. But that is definitely Aaron. Looks exactly like Aaron. Does goofy things like Aaron. In the video below it’s labeled as Aaron. I don’t know how to make you believe it’s Aaron if you don’t think it’s him other than to say, uhm, it’s Aaron.

  5. Man, I wish I was that party. That way I’ll be able to schmooze with some of my favorite Taiwanese stars. I can just image having Roy in my left arm and Mike he on the right.

  6. Oh my prince Mike He !!! Why you so handsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTTIE HOT MIKE ! And he’s with Rainie? Err… the spark the spark .. I’m missing my RM !! Does anyone know how to make a request or petition or whatever for Mike and Rainie to collaborate again? They’re just the perfect couple ever !!!

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