Cute Teaser for Chilly Romance with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki

Looks like we have another potentially spooky yet funny K-movie rom-com on our hands. Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin’s upcoming Chilly Romance is just starting to ramp up it’s promotions for a December premiere, and the first teaser trailer looks charmingly offbeat. He plays a magician who pretends he can commune with the dead, she plays an emotionally closed off woman who actually CAN commune with the dead. Of course they fall in love, and hijinks ensue. I don’t think this movie is intended as horror (despite the dead people part), but more goosebump inducingly funny like Cha Tae Hyun’s Hello Ghost, plus a romance bent to it.

Teaser for Chilly Romance:


Cute Teaser for Chilly Romance with Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki — 24 Comments

    *cough* got a bit excited lol
    but i LOVE Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin

  2. I don’t like scary supernatural-theme movies but I think I will like this because of the humour and LMK; haven’t seen him for ages, other than re-watching Dal Ja’s Spring. Any news, even rumours of him coming back to do a drama?

  3. I am normally utterly freaked out by ghost children but the last few seconds of the trailer is so funny. Now that’s horror comedy.

    • Love the last scene too. Uber cute.. This is going to be a F.U.N movie. Glad to see SYJ again .She’s one of Koreas prettiest .

  4. It’s been quite awhile since her last movie, few more months and the wait is over…Son Ye Jin, one of Koreas best actress around and certainly, gorgeous gal 🙂
    thanks for posting the teaser

  5. OMO such a cute trailer, even by this short preview i could already tell that both LMK and SYJ pretty much nailed their character

  6. Oh, I am dying to watch this movie but …. too bad that I am in Singapore. I wonder when they will show this movie here. I miss watch So Ye Jin. I don’t know anything about Lee Man Ki. He looks quite manly from those pictures. I think I will like him if he knows how to act in the movie.

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