Official OST MV Released for You Are My Pet Sung by Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul

What did I say about You’re My Pet being an unrelenting and incessant barrage of promotional materials? At least this time we’re getting some pretty good stuff, with the release of the official MV from the OST song sung by leads Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul. I think it’s sweet they are singing the OST song, but I cannot in good conscience recommend the song itself. Kim Ha Neul’s thin reedy voice just sounds peckish when she sings, plus the song is pretty inane and cookie-cutter as rom-com ditties go. But Seok brings it all together. His voice is the bright flashing light that holds my rapt attention until before long the song is over and I’m still staring at him. Heh. The official MV has new scenes from the movie, so check it out.

You’re My Pet OST MV:


Official OST MV Released for You Are My Pet Sung by Jang Geun Seok and Kim Ha Neul — 10 Comments

  1. When God showered His graces Jang Geun Seok was there to catch it all! He’s tall, very handsome with superb acting talent, a sweet buttery speaking and singing voice and a graceful dancer.

  2. After seeing this trailer I’m kind of disappointed. JGS is a very good actor and it makes me sad to see him doing this kind of film/series/drama. I also like KHN I loved her performance in “too beautiful to lie”, she is really good at comedies. I watched the japanese version but I didn’t like the story, it was something freaky and stupid the concept of a human pet. Unfortunately, it seems that the korean version is going to be sillier than the japanese peer. What a waste of talent!!!

  3. JGS’s voice is still very rich and deep. KHN’s voice.. she can carry a tune, passable for noraebang night outs. Oh well.. she’s pretty and elegant with very long legs. I guess nobody is perfect? ^_^

  4. i hope you guys don’t kill me but i’ve always thought jgs is a mediocre singer. he can carry a tune for sure and really is a great actor but i’m not a big fan of his singing. despite this though, i wish he just had a solo song. no offence to kim haneul. she’s a good actress, singer not that much. ^^

  5. I really liked the song……I thought they both did a good job, and had fun recording it. I have watched the Japanese version of “You’re My Pet” also, yeah, its sillly, and not my favourite “Jun” movie…but hey, its Jun 🙂 JKS…will fit into the role for sure…..but I do prefer the semi-serious and more manly side of him….don’t seem to see that much any more…..*sigh* 🙁

  6. Well, JGS has overflowing charisma and superb singing skill. Together, it forms a pretty strong magnetic draw whenever one sees him sing or on stage or act. One of a kind talent. I just wish he could play musical instruments too esp a guitar.

  7. Just watched You Are My Pet & listened to the OST, that’s 2hours I’ll never get back. I’ve seen (and liked) Jang Geun Seok in other films & dramas & I know he has charm, looks & some acting talent, but you’d never know it based on this movie. Poor writing & casting is the biggest issue with My Pet and let’s not even discuss the OST and the fact neither of our leads have the vocal talents to make this even an OK OST. Think JGS is beginning to believe his own press. Perhaps he should stick to straight drama and stop with the musicals because JGS doesn’t sing well & certainly can’t pass for a dancer. Kim Ha Neul deserves some of the blame as well, didn’t for a second believe the romance. Not a lick of chemistry between these two, which explains the poor showings at the box office. Sorry, cute only goes so far.

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