You Are My Pet Holds VIP Movie Premiere

I don’t thinks it’s possible for Jang Geun Seok to pick a fuglier look than what he rocked for the You’re My Pet VIP movie premiere. He even get bonus ugly points for how badly he managed to clash with co-star Kim Ha Neul, who will be winning no fashion awards herself. For two very good looking people, they sure go out of their way to not be attractive. Granted Seok has a reputation was wearing very……unique outfits to events, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Kim Ha Neul is also hit or miss with her fashion sense, and that green short dress was an unequivocal miss with me, especially factoring in the messy hair and too bright lipstick.

Apparently this movie is premiering under some controversy, as the Korean Men’s Association has officially called for a boycott because they take offense to the story concept of a woman keeping a man as a pet. Setting aside this being adapted from mangas (which have way weirder stuff than this), it’s funny to have men in a still predominately male-run society like Korea take offense to a make believe rom-com turning the tables for once. This movie was intended to appeal to the ladies, who probably don’t give a rats behind about the so-called boycott and will run to the theaters to pretend they too can have Jang Geun Seok for a pet. Continue reading