Liu Shi Shi is Relaxed and Casual for her Latest Pictorial

I often wonder what it’s like to be a breakout star. 2011 started off with Yang Mi hitting the jackpot with Jade Palace Lock Heart, and ends with Liu Shi Shi rocketing to fame with Bu Bu Jing Xin. I’ve been following Shi Shi’s career for years now, so it’s kinda weird to see her become so mainstream, complete with fans and detractors alike. Part of me misses the days when the kids from Tangren were popular but still up-and-coming. Shi Shi’s dived back into filming another drama, this time it’s a modern C-drama with Ming Dao called An Angel’s Happiness. I ran across these latests pics of Shi Shi and wanted to share because she looks relaxed and refreshed. Towards the end of BBJX I felt like she was going to collapse at anytime, her ability to channel Ruo Xi’s heartbreak and exhaustion so palpable. It’s nice to see her in casual garb, a great reminder that she’ll probably rock it in a modern drama as well.

[Credit: Baidu Cecilia Liu Shi Shi bar]


Liu Shi Shi is Relaxed and Casual for her Latest Pictorial — 10 Comments

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