Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seok for the Winter 2011 Codes Combine Collection

The first pictorial for the Winter 2011 collection of Codes Combine are out, and the spokescouple for the brand (since the Fall collection) are the reunited Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye since their You’re Beautiful days. I do like these pictures, but can’t help but wish they were better. The dead looking Wintry background looks fake, and the pictures don’t pop at all. Seok and Shin Hye are posing, but I don’t feel like either they or the clothes are shown to their best advantage. Which is a shame, because they always look great together and are very talented print models. Sexy Shin Hye may be my favorite look of hers, and I breathed a sigh of relief to see Seok looking so normal and masculine again.

I’m glad that Seok looks less petulant for this season’s pictures than the ones from the previous season. While I find he pulls off the emo-boy look very well in many a drama, I still think selling clothes requires conveying the feeling that he’s happy wearing it.

I love Shin Hye’s outfit (with the cute leather half gloves, natch), but her entire presence looks sadly washed out. Not sure if the color of these pictures are just adjusted wrong, but she has this slightly waxy aura. Her hair is gorgeous but the makeup artist needs to get sacked.

[Credit: Codes Combine]


Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Seok for the Winter 2011 Codes Combine Collection — 30 Comments

  1. Not feeling the pics even if I do like the outfits. I mean, the colors are off and their complexion, especially Park Shin-hye’s, is washed out. They’re soooo pale, omg! I feel like feeding them, possibly driving them to the doctor and making sure they’re alright. Heh.

    The make up artist needs to be fired, no question, but the photographer/whoever could have retouched these pics and didn’t do that? Needs to be fired as well imho

  2. The lighting director is the one that needs to get the axe. I understand that they were going for a “winter” feel, but there are ways, and then there are ways to pull that off. Eek. I don’t think I’ve ever seen worse lighting for a photo shoot.

  3. They look like cute, expensively dressed zombies. They’d be excessively polite, too. “All we want to do is eat your brains,” they’d say. “We’re not unreasonable. I mean, no one’s going to eat your eyes.”

    Also, JGS hair is a thing of beauty.

  4. oh geez talk about photoshopping gone to hell – or in this case, to the dead of winter.

    i saw the interview that JKS and PSH did whilst shooting these pictorials, i was so giddy to see them back together, and i thought, they look pretty good & healthy (albeit a bit tired!). the make-up seemed just the right amount to enhance their features without making it look to fake. if you know what i mean. and then these pics come out?? oh dear. what the heck happened?

    in any case i’m still a fan of them, just hoping nxt time they wont go overboard with the photoshopping etc, and just let their natural good looks shine!!! it’s usually more than enough!

    ps. thanks Koala for posting! even if the pics are a bit off kilter, they’re still such treats! 🙂

  5. I honestly.dont care how the pics turned out, I’m just glad JGS looks like his normal self especially after the horror that was his styling for his Japanese concert…and thank heavens for his new hair style..why the hell can’t he look like this for all his public appearances

  6. Ah finally JGS with decent looking hair! 😉
    Underneath that all I knew the cutie was still around somewhere.
    I really love these two together. They’re so cute and fluffy.
    It snowed today for the first time…. >___<. I need a winter jacket. Too bad Canada doesn't have this brand. ;(

  7. I really like JGS style in this pics.. His masculine and cool looks are always making me mero mero.. ^^
    But i agree that they looked pale here.. i’m feeling the cold atmosphere..

  8. OMG, my favourite couple is back. I guess the pictorial is meant to give them the distance look cos when I saw the BTS on MBC Section TV, they were so alive around each other. But still, they both look drop dead gorgeous.

  9. I’ll take anything….if it makes him look more masculine…….I am sooo done with the pretty girlie look on him. PSH has always been one of my favourite actresses 🙂

  10. Their stares are hard could be softer and PSH makeup oh mine color of lipstick are too red and make her face so pale.

    They are actors not models so unable to bring out the fashion sense and the worse backdrop dull tree trunks which are dying off.

  11. This was actually their second photoshoot. The first one was during the photoshoot for the Fall collection. And that was the shoot with the live interview one, not this one. 🙂 I am just so happy that they are back together as endorsers! 🙂 This is their third endorsement together! Oh my shipping heart! <3

    And oh, BTW, Jang Geun Suk's so back with his Hwang Tae Kyung hairstyle. During the BIFF event, the event where he sung Korea's natl anthem and another one which I already forgot. Hee.

  12. just my opinion,,,dnt get angry ok ,,,,Park Shin Hye is somewhat copying the act of yoon eun hye,,,i just observed her drama it is not just i dont like her as i said it is my opinion,,,so I must stick on the original of course,,,your an actor that’s why any work must be given to you singing or modeling you should carry it on……be yourself young lady(Park Shin Hye )and make your style be it’s original….

    • hey baby,

      shin hye dances a million times better than eun hye. i don’t think she’s copying her in any way.
      you’re entitled to your own opinion though.

  13. My lovely GeunShin couple. I love these two together. They are both very pretty indeed. I think now that ‘vampire’ is very marketable, so I guess these pictorials greatly influenced by the blood-sucking goddesses theme.

    Anyway @baby…..Shin Hye is in a class of her own. No doubt that she portrayed a boy, singing and dancing as Yoon Eun Hye but she is in no way copying YEH, may be just look up at her as role model. Still, u r entitled to ur own opinion 🙂

    I adore these two and my shippy heart, GeunShin fighting!

  14. Not liking the pictures..they looked too pale, too white and too frozen. Needs stronger models to model this kind of pictorial. Of course they look pretty but in terms of modelling magnets, nahhh..I’m not convinced. They are more or less suitable for pretty/romantics pictorial. Just sayin’..

  15. they’re oe of my fav pairing. but they really looking like korean vampire family from twilight. do they come to celebrate bella n edward wedding??

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