Written Preview for Episode 11 of Man of Honor

I have a feeling Jae In’s real identity will be out soon and she’ll get reunited with her mom. Thus clearing up her fauxcest relationship with Young Kwang. I hope so, because I would hate for this drama to drag. I think there is so much potential and conflict aside from her hidden identity that I want to see them fight and succeed in pursuing their dreams. I’m all for a viable love triangle involving In Woo, because I do feel the boy poor’s inner torment and concern for Jae In. I don’t see that he likes her the way Young Kwang likes her (the latter having gotten to know her well and spent so much time with her), but I’m a sucker for a girl torn between two hotblooded guys.

Written preview for episode 11:

In Woo’s dad is determined to make Young Kwang fail the application process. Young Kwang decides to go up against In Woo’s dad and win this challenge. On the other hand, Young Kwang’s mom met with the prosecutor and starts to have questions about the night Jae In come to their house and her husband ended up in a fatal accident. She decides to go see Jae In’s mom (at the hospital)….

Official Man of Honor MV for “Because It’s You” (with English subs):

If you’re not watching MoH yet, this wonderful official MV from the production will get you up to speed real quick. And maybe turn you into an addict needing more.


Written Preview for Episode 11 of Man of Honor — 11 Comments

  1. am hoping of the same thing..that JI would finally know the truth about her identity so that YK can move on pursuing his feelings for her…ahhh…the wait is making me crazy…LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for this preview ockoala unni and for this nice mv! Young Kwang and Jae In are so cute together (even the kids who played as little Young Kwang and little Jae In). I haven’t seen episode 8, gosh, and we’re moving on to 11! Good thing I can read your great recaps!!! Still have two blasted exams to go, only after these can I truly enjoy MoH’s episodes (without feeling rushed while watching).

    I also hope that Jae In be reunited with her true mom soon! I really thought that it will drag but as the preview goes, I also think it will not, and that’s a relief. I wonder what will happen to fill in the remaining episodes. I can’t wait to read your next recap!

    • don’t worry the remaining episode after JI and her real mom reunited will be more interesting because they will trying to get back what their belong in the first place and of course the romance between Young Kwang and Jae in will be very very interesting and will be anticipating, at least by me.. hehehe..

  3. thanks mucho, koala sis! so anticipating this and wishing too that this fauxcest will end already and move on to another plot device, as in, hello we are now, ep 11…

  4. wow.. thanks for the preview ockoala, you know i have been dying to peek a lil bit of episode 11, and now you that you’ve done that I’m so grateful.. love MOH so much..

  5. I am now addicted to Man of Honor lol! I’ve been needing something to watch on the weekdays after The Princess’ Man ended. I’m glad I started MoH!! I must thank you for writing recaps for it and fueling my desire to watch it 🙂

    I also hope her identity will be revealed soon. Of course I can’t wait to watch as the inevitable Young Kwang and Jae In couple forms, but I want to watch as everyone works together to bring down Seo Jae Myung. The pacing right now seems just about right. *crossesfingers* I want Mon and Tues to pass by quickly so it can be Wed haha

  6. … i thought Javabeans and Girl Friday would recap this drama but they didn’t and i’m so thankful that you did it Okoala…. i love Man of Honor…. Young-Kwang and Jae-In are so adorable to look at…and In-Woo (sigh!! i dont know what to say about him)…i hope he would treat Jae-In nicely now that he knows who she really is….

  7. PIE just looks like Moon Geun Young..they have similiar eyes..in my country if two people looks a like it’s mean they’ll be together..yay..^0^

  8. Hello Your Koala Highness! 😛
    this is the first time i’m leaving a comment. thanks for all your preview and recaps! i’m a uni student and i read your recaps because i don’t have time to watch the actual thing! and i’m impressed at your ability to understand so many languages!

    anyway, just found the link to the video preview to episode 11. wanna share it with you.

    i have no idea what they are saying but it looks exciting!

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