Padam Padam Releases First Intriguing Teaser

It’s finally here! The first teaser trailer for Noh Hee Kyung‘s Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Hearbeat starring Jung Woo Sung, Han Ji Min, and Kim Bum was just released. It’s……different, and fascinating. Not quite what I expected, but then again, I really didn’t know what to expect considering the flimsy plot synopsis and the steady stream of official stills from the drama that show the lead couple going on dates, taking care of animals, and Bummie being all rawr hot with his newly chiseled features just for this role. If you are wondering, Bummie has one second moment in the teaser where he literally sports ANGEL WINGS. I guess he isn’t just a figurative guardian angel, he’s literally my I Lub You’s guardian angel. Noh Hee Kyung did say PP was going to be a drama with a fantasy bent, and considering lead character Kang Chil supposedly had a near death experience, I’m curious as to how everything will play out. To say I’m excited for its December 5th premiere is an understatement. Oppa, I’m waiting for you!

Teaser for Padam Padam:

Kang Chil’s voiceover: Where is this place? Heaven? Or is it Hell? But it’s so weird. Can dead people even dream?

Title cards: A moment like magic. The voice calling you. Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat.


Padam Padam Releases First Intriguing Teaser — 12 Comments

  1. wow! this is a freaken crazy teaser…it had a peaceful type music in the background while a whole bunch of things were going on and did i see her flip the camera off or what lol

  2. Dude, if this drama turns out anywhere near as good as this teaser makes it look, I’ll be a happy girl. It has a really different feel that I really, really like.

    Also, Angel Bummie is probably going to make an appearance in my dreams tonight, and I’m okay with that. :3

  3. wow looks like a teaser for a film. i like it. A. LOT. had to laugh at kim bum with the wings tho. did not expect him to turn out to be a real guardian angel.

  4. Darn…This show looks like it will be beautifully shot. And Kim Bum’s gorgeous eyes, cheekbones, and smile will be on full display. I can already foresee my heart-breaking. I’ts going be like the American Girls magazine all over again. I would pore over the magazine, but never convince my mom to spend $80+shipping on a doll. No matter how hard I stare a Kim Bum….. 🙂

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