K-news Reports on Ha Ji Won Possibly Reuniting with Jo In Sung for Upcoming Drama The King

I try to avoid posting about casting rumors, unless it’s something too good to be true and I need to squeal about it here otherwise I might go insane. K-news have been reporting today that THE ultimate chemistry-filled onscreen pairing might be reunited for another go around. Hopefully this time nowhere near Bali. Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won have been in discussions for an upcoming Wed-Thurs MBC drama premiering in March 2012 called The King. My brain short circuited somewhere between the words Sung and Ha. I don’t ship these two in real life and am certain they are just good friends, but ZOMG the chemistry between them onscreen can melt your panties plus the rest of your lingerie in the drawer. YOU MAKE THIS HAPPEN KOREA!

As much as I love Binnie (way more than I love Jo In Sung), but his chemistry with Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden was like a pale imitation of what she had with Jo In Sung in What Happened in Bali. If Jae Min and Soo Jung went to hell, I was right there alongside them for the ride. The King will be helmed by the PD for Damo and written by the screenwriter for Beethoven Virus. Supposedly Jo In Sung’s post-MS comeback project, the movie Fist, has been shelved after running into funding difficulties. Ha Ji Won just wrapped the ping pong movie Korea with Bae Doo Na. I think this is the drama gods way of clearing the schedule for these two beautiful people to reunite and make me (and a good majority of Korea) happy.


K-news Reports on Ha Ji Won Possibly Reuniting with Jo In Sung for Upcoming Drama The King — 48 Comments

  1. OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!!!
    I’m actually really glad Jo In Sung’s movie has been put on hold. Just the synopsis alone made me feel sad that it was really gonna be his comeback project. BUT THIS! OMG. AAAAAH! I can’t squeal about this enough. Will this be a saguek? EVEN BETTER. Jo In Sung sporting long locks = DAEBAK! Ah Frozen Flower memories ~ LOL. I love Ha Ji Won. I love Jo In Sung ;). Please let this happen. I hope this time he doesn’t kill the girl. Hahaha.

  2. squeeeeeee! ^_^ I swear bali still haunts me of its tragedy. Is this confirmed? OMO, please let it be real! next to Jung WooSung and Son YeJin, this is the re-pairing i’ve been dying to see!!!

  3. Personally, I think that Jo In Sung is way more awesome than Binnie and I am beyond ecstatic that JIS & HJW will pair up again! “What happened in Bali” got me hooked on Korean dramas and I have since never looked back. Oh pleaaaaasssse DRAMA GODS, let it come true!!!!!!!!

  4. Freaking awesomeness!! My mom will be happy to hear this good news… She loves HJW and JIS in bali although she’s not a big korean drama follower these two are exceptional. And I have to admit HJW and JIS taught me what screen chemistry is all about… Thanks Ms. K for the loud beep… So its going to be a Period drama??? I really hope its modern drama…

  5. My daughter will be deliriously ecstatic if this pairing again of Zo In Sung and Ha Ji Won will push through. We feel poignantly nostalgic everytime we listen to the two songs from What Happened In Bali in her Ipod which is connected in her car when we travel. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

  6. Oh my god, Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung, plus the awesome PD from Damo? Too good to be true. The only thing which has me worried is the Beethoven Virus writer. Please, please let this be good.

  7. OMG!!!! I scream when I read the title of this article!!!! wwwoooooowww… This daebak!! what a good newsss.. Yeheeeyyy!! I love Jo In sung soooo muchhh!!

  8. I’m so happy I cant damn hide it!!! aaaaaahhhhhh how can I get over this feeling!!! This excitement and happiness will haunt me for how many weeks.. people may read this as if I’m Exaggerated but I need to burst this happiness… yeeeeheeeyyyy.. aaahhhh 2012 please come very soon!!! 🙂


    I have dreamed of their reuniting since Bali (the chemistry was insane), to say nothing of seeing JIS on the small screen. TPTB, if you do this, I promise to build an altar out of my kdrama DVDs and sacrifice emo secondary males and evil secondary girls on it forever.

    Now you must excuse me, I am off to rewatch parts of Bali.

  10. WHOLLY MACRO!!!! wow wow..this is just off the HOOK news…Dramagods pleezzzz!!! let this reunion happen!!..I swear I would stop hating of JGS outfits…. 😛 😀

  11. I hope it is a real news. Please please make it happens. Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won shared an impressive chemistry in Memories of Bali. And i pray this The King is a modern drama not a period one. I don’t watch period dramas… Fingers-crossed!

  12. OMFG. Please make this happen… Please. Please. Please. I swear I’ll be a good girl just make this real.

    I agree with you Koala… these two have very intense chemistry that them just looking at each other will probably have my TV screen explode. XD

    I can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiit!!!

    • Modern. The synopsis from Hancinema says “A black comic and mellow drama about a man and a woman from the greatest families in the North and South, building their love over prejudice against each other and obstacles in life.”

  13. oh my!!! Jo in sung was my first drama crush…i still have his pic as my phone’s wallpaper 🙂 pls drama gods make this drama happen…..pls!!!

  14. this is such great news!!! been waiting for my love Jo In Sung to grace the small screen after his MS and to have him reunited with Ha Ji won, makes me excited beyond words… please drama gods…make this happen for real…

    • You also have a valid point there.
      We would almost be guaranteed a happy ending, or the citizens would storm the MBC castle.

      I would also hope to see lots of little nods to WHIB throughout.
      I may go back and suffer through watch Bali again.

  15. It such a pity i wasn’t able to watch What Happened In Bali coz i was still in grade school and busy with my assignments, but i wont skip this one for sure… (If its Real) Ji-Won unni 4ever!!!:-0)))))

  16. What happened in Bali was one addicting drama ride. Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won’s chemistry in that drama was hotter than hell. I hope this rumor is true because its about time the two pair up again and I’m getting on that ship whether it floats or sink.

  17. oh my god…this is the greatest news ever.
    i love them since memories of bali. their chemistry was super hot!!!
    i’ll be anticipating this drama and waiting (im)patienly.
    please make this happen. the couple and the director are superb.

  18. drama god’s please..what happened in bali is just one crazy ending..so i hope this time around they end up alive.

    nice banner ms. koala! 🙂

  19. Holy mother of kdrama gods!!! This is such great news my heart has been flippin like crazy! I hope it comes true. I love in-sung sooo much I’m really ok whoever becomes his partner as long as I see him in a project soon. But if kdrama heaven makes it ha ji-won it will be oh so great 🙂 I want a happy ending this time :p

  20. Im excited and scared at the same time. I wanna see them together, but if its something like bali, I know I cat watch it. I want a happy ending. Bt either way, i’d still skim through it.

  21. OMG, this is so friggin’ great . . . that my brain froze for a minute . . . my In Sung and Ha Ji Won and the Bali couple that have never been . . . i’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for this to happen!!!


    Please Don’t do this to me!!!!!!!!

    I always have night mare only to read WHIB’s title. That was really sad & madness story. I don’t want that kind of drama again, especially when the director was Damo’s director(that’s a good drama but made me cry a lot in the end) and then BV’s writer………..BIG NO NO NO!!!!!!
    I still hope to see Ha and Binnie together even though Ha and Binnie’s chemistry was a pale imitation ( I miss Joo Won & Ra Im)
    However, if JIS and Ha will be work together again, i hope it will be happy ending story.

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