Padam Padam Holds Press Conference Prior to its Monday Premiere

Padam Padam, its the sound of my heart waiting for the drama Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat to arrive. It’s also the sound I made when I laid eyes on Han Ji Min‘s dress at the press conference for the drama. The dress was gorgeous, and she looked glorious. The cast held the obligatory drama press conference this week as the drama readies for it’s premiere this coming Monday on cable channel jTBC. I’ve already oohed over the stills and ahhed over the trailers, so there isn’t much more I can pimp out about this drama prior to its premiere. In terms of fashion, Han Ji Min knocked one out of the ballpark, but her male co-stars I’ve got a bone to pick. Jung Woo Sung is wearing what seems like half a sweater. I do not approve of clothing inexplicably missing a portion of itself. Kim Bum‘s outfit is perfectly lovely, but what’s with his baby lion mane of a hair do? Continue reading

Roundup of the Remaining 2011 K-Dramas

I’ve been rather underwhelmed with the latest rounds of casting news for upcoming K-dramas, aside from the ones which are in production already that I’m looking forward to, such as Thousand Day Promise, Tree with Deep Roots, and Padam Padam: … Continue reading