Cast of In Time With You Holds Celebratory Bowling Party

In Time With You may not be close to winning the ratings crown in the Sunday night battle with Office Girls, but it’s gotten very solid ratings along with exceptional critical acclaim. The cast and crew should feel very proud. My own personal problems with ITWY stem purely from the writing and I’m thrilled to see Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen getting such rave reviews for their performance, and for newcomer Sunny Wang to burst into the scene and make quite an impression. While his Ding Li Wei is sometimes a douchebag but most often then not just a direct guy with a controlling tendency, I’m totally googly-eyed over Sunny.

His acting feels raw but with lots of potential. He reminds me of a less brutish Blue Lan, with some of my cutie pie Chris Wu (from Autumn’s Concerto) thrown in. Sunny is a bona fide second generation chaebol, as his family owns one of the largest marine transport companies in the world based in Taiwan. The company is actually called Yang Ming Marine Transport, and Sunny’s Chinese name is Wang Yang Ming. Talk about having a company named after you. Back to ITWY, the cast (sans Ariel) held an open media celebratory bowling party this week hosted by Director Winnie. The two leading men had no choice but to pose with a cardboard cut out of lovely Ariel, which I’m not even going to snark about. I’ll save that for Bolin’s outfit, as usual.

Seriously? Did Bolin wander off the set of a C-remake of Newsies? Does he actually own clothes like this in his closet? How does he manage to consistently dress in the most hideous outfits?

Okay, Sunny is cute. And hot. But really really cute when he smiles like that. With his looks and background, I figure he’s probably the biggest player in all of Taiwan. His ex-girlfriend songstress Elva Hsiao probably agrees with my assessment. But since I’m not in the market, I can enjoy him purely as eye candy. His body tattoos are quite disconcerting, and I’m only finding it funny that he has the tattoos and not fellow actor Baron Chen, who is well known in the industry for being the son of the biggest triad leader in Taiwan. Daddy wants Baron cast in every drama, you all hear! LOL, I’m just kidding.

Okay Bolin, posing next to a cardboard is fine, but I draw the line at kissing it. Even for the cameras.

Now I’m curious: who is the better bowler? The guy dressed comfy and sporty to go bowling, or the guy who wants to sell you a newspaper for 10 cents?


Cast of In Time With You Holds Celebratory Bowling Party — 16 Comments

  1. thanks for this post madam K… Sunny is such a hottie (with clothes on)… am so distracted with all his tatoos when he’s not wearing a shirt… oh well…

  2. the guy dressed comfy and sporty to go bowling is the better bowler!!

    and Sunny is One HOT guy, although I agree, not a big fan of the tattoos, but his smile, height and badass charm pretty much sweeps me away.. I thought at first when I saw him on screen speaking lots of english between his mandarin I thought he was an ABC but he’s a 2nd gen taiwanese.. wow, who woulda known right? 🙂

    Just curious.. where is Ariel by the way??? If All three was there, it wouldve been uber hot to see them fight over Ariel!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I didn’t know Sunny could be a guy’s name.. Oh well, he looks cute smiling in the pic! In the drama he looks like some dangerous hamster or something.. A real life chaebol(!!!) + actor don’t come by often.

  4. ROFL
    WTF is up with Bolin’s outfits? 0_0
    *sigh* I’ll pretend to not care since I lurve him. Sunny is just gorgeous, end of discussion. (with or without a shirt) He looks nice with a genuine smile (as opposed to his characters smile that means something manipulative or like he wants to swallow you whole)
    I love this drama, it’s my favorite for 2011. Thanks for the pics!

  5. Haha, I think Sunny’s bowling team won by over 70 points or something like that. The promo looked like an ITWY guys’ night out, since none of the female cast members were there. There were rumors floating all over the news that Ariel and her boyfriend just broke up, supposedly because he couldn’t stand the media’s nasty rumors or Ariel’s hot scenes with Sunny. (There was another rumor floating around that the first rumor is just a smokescreen to protect their relationship from the media and that she’s planning on visiting the U.S. with him soon). Who knows. Hope Ariel’s okay, though.

    You don’t like Bolin’s outfit? I think he looks adorable, although more like a schoolboy than a dude his age. He really is a perpetual kid 😀

    Sunny is so hot… and I love his adorable smile, too. It was so cute that he bought 50 bowls of beef noodles for the crew to counteract the “beef noodle boycott week” started on Facebook because fans were angry about Ding Li Wei and You Ching in Ep. 9.

  6. What the what? His daddy owns Yang Ming? Like the big old containers I see all the time? That is cray cray. And Baron’s daddy was a triad leader? Seems like the dads switched their sons at birth or something lol.

  7. I know aye! Wow.
    Did not know that both Bolin and Sunny had such big backgrounds… Triad leader’s son and chaebol? Wow. I’m so totally speechless.

  8. I thought the tattoos were put on just for the show, so it’s real…it’s really cool.
    I like this drama. The chemistry of Ariel & Sunny was obvious.

  9. Bad boy Sunny is really something. I guess it would require a very special girl to tame his wild. Grrrrrowlllllllll. . I’ll be waiting who that would be. . . Such a hottie . . But what a waste as a chaebol’s son shouldn’t he be learning the ropes to take over the business soon? My imaginations running wild.

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