Annie Chen and Chris Wang Up the Ante with a Sizzling Kiss Scene in Inborn Pair

In a long awaited yet totally unexpected turn of events, the pretend married couple of Yi Jie and Wei Xiang on the daily TW-drama Inborn Pair decided to smoke the recent drama competition with a truly memorable and realistic kiss for the ages. I was NOT ready for that. Kudos to Annie Chen and Chris Wang for delivering big time. I guess with the appearance of Chris Wu in an extended cameo as Yi Jie’s ex-boyfriend, suddenly the stakes are raised and emotions are beginning to be acknowledged.

In this scene, the couple missed their initial honeymoon so end up in a lodge where two other long married couples are also vacationing. They are excited to see young newlyweds and try to get our fake marrieds to express their affection openly. While the first kiss was adorably awkward, the second one has Wei Xiang finally getting over his mental hump and realizing that he wants to kiss his wife. Oh hell yeah. Watch the scene, a reminder that most dramas suck at kiss scenes so it’s a treat to see one done right. Continue reading

Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen Release Cute Teasers for a Mid-December Premiere

Initially I was just keeping an eye on the currently filming TW-drama Inborn Pair (Chinese title 真愛找麻煩 which means either “true love looks for trouble” for “loves looking for trouble”) with Chris Wang and Annie Chen, because the premise of a … Continue reading