White Vengeance Releases Riveting Full Length Trailer

It’s official. The upcoming movie White Vengeance might actually wash away some of the bitter taste left in my mouth from the absurd history-mashing nonsense that was Red Cliff (which came with bonus bad acting!). WV is about the historically infamous Feast at Hao Gate which brought together two warring powers seeking to unite China, the Western Hegemon King Xiang Yu and the Duke of Pei Liu Bang. The official full length trailer has dropped and it looks potentially magnificent. Even Crystal Liu doesn’t annoy me, and actually has moments where I wonder if she’ll break through her vase status and actually act. If that happens I’ll be thrilled for her. I was wary when Leon Lai was cast as Liu Bang, but everything I see about his performance impresses me. I remain a tad worried Feng Shao Feng as Xiang Yu will get overshadowed by both Leon and Anthony Wong playing Xiang Yu’s consigliere. I don’t mind some historical padding and dramatic effort, as long as the movie doesn’t claim to be hewing strictly to historical text. This movie has been the surprise of the Season for me, with my expectation starting from below zero and hitting about a hundred through the course of it’s filming and promotion. The poster tagline reads: One decision determines life and death; One banquet determines the fate of the country.

Full length trailer for White Vengeance:

Xiang Yu: Liu Bang, do you want to be the hegemon?

Liu Bang: Who doesn’t want to be the hegemon? Do you think I can do it?

Zhang Liang (Liu Bang’s consigliere): Fang Zheng’s intellect and strategy is three times greater than mine. If we can get rid of Fang Zheng, we can win without even fighting.

Fang Zheng (Xiang Yu’s consigliere): Let’s pretend to invite him to a banquet, and assassinate him during the course. This is the ideal plan.

Xiang Yu to Yu Ji: Do you like me now?

Yu Ji to Liu Bang: Do you know what price you will pay to attend this banquet?

Han Shin: I, Han Shin, in using soldiers, the more the better.

Fang Zheng: Zhang Liang, must we oppose each other?

Zhang Liang: This sword thrust by you, is the most wrong move you can make.

Liu Bang: Brother, I am now the ruler of a country.

Fan Kuai: Take off your emperor’s robes! Can you do it?

Xiang Yu: You should give yourself another chance, a chance to decide anew.

Liu Bang: Xiang Yu! If you concede defeat today, I will let you return to Jiang Dong.

Xiang Yu: Liu Bang, today the gods have put us in the same room, it is destined that only one of us shall live.


White Vengeance Releases Riveting Full Length Trailer — 6 Comments

  1. Does anyone else think that Sunny Wang from In Time With You looks like Feng Shao Feng?

    I’m curious whether Crystal has improved at all in her acting, but one can always admire the pretty. 🙂

  2. Unlike you, my expectation of this hasn’t changed because I worried most with PD Daniel Lee. I find all the actors competent (I don’t find FSF attractive at all, still, with the glory mane and everything, but he’s a decent actor), even Crystal would be competent in this vase role.

    I’ve hated everything he’s done. Yes, he didn’t aim too high unlike JohnWoo with RC, but his 3 Kingdom turd with AndyLau is worst, just coz it’s honest in setting out to be just some pretty action CG brainfart is not an excuse.

    And there’s also that element of the repeat of the same old Goong vs BBJX shenanigans. I just like LuChuan more as a storyteller and that cast wayyyy more doing the same exact fateful banquet.

  3. I loved Red Cliff! But then again, I’m really not that knowledgeable when it comes to ancient Chinese history, though my parents tried explaining it all to me while we were watching it together as a family. It’s really such a shame, now that I think about it…

    *runs from embarrassment*

  4. I love you. That is all.

    Well, not really all – this looks gorgeous and I love the cast (agreed, Crystal is not a great actress but she is so beautiful, I don’t care).

    I loved Red Cliff though, fwiw.

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