New Nicky Wu Pictorial Doubles Our Pleasure Plus He Picks his Next Project

What’s better than one Nicky Wu? Two Nickys, of course! I came across another batch of new pictorials from Nicky, who has just been confirmed as a solo performer for the 2012 Lunar New Year event (like the Super Bowl of Chinese television, except without possibly nip slips during the show), which says tons about his resurging popularity since he did the program in 2010 with his two other Little Tiger bros. Rumors are flying all over Baidu that Nicky has just signed on for his next project – the lead for the HK-movie remake of The Bride with White Hair, a well-known Liang Yu Sheng wuxia novel that was most famously made into a mid-90s movie with Leslie Cheung and Bridgette Lin. I say famous because there were so many making out scenes in that movie my head spun and lives on in infamy. Who knew wuxia heroes could be so amorous? Which segues into my already runaway mind on what the new version with Nicky might be like. And which lucky lady gets to play his lead.

Seriously? Why so handsome, Nicky? Why? It’s not healthy for me to moon over you thusly.

Aren’t these pictures gorgeous? I think I finally nailed down what’s making 41 year old Nicky so insanely sexy. He makes stillness come alive, like there is this electricity in the air when he’s around, except he’s completely still. It’s mesmerizing.

Have a look at the original Bride with White Hair, still one of the best wuxia movie adaptations HK ever made during its heyday (*sob* I miss Leslie *sob*). If the new version is anything as sexy, gorgeous, and intense as the original, I might need to get dragged out of that movie theater after I paw the screen at Nicky. This will also be the second time Nicky plays a wuxia hero, as he was the lead in the drama Treasure Raiders, playing the titular Xiao Xiyi Lang of the Gu Long novel of the same name.


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  1. 41!? I mean, seriously…Pardon my ignorance. I haven’t seen any of his movies or dramas yet since I’m quite new to the drama world. I actually got to know of him through your write-ups. He looks way younger than 41. I really just might check out the drama that he was in. He is seriously hot 🙂

  2. Oh my God. I watched that Youtube video, and…yikes O_O It always makes me feel a little uncomfortable when they show stuff like that, kissing is enough for me XD It’s just so intimate, and between two people only, I don’t want to watch it. The movie looks really dramatic, though. Why does she suddenly have white hair?
    A remake would maybe be different, though. Making out under a waterfall… @_@~

    • I also had quite a shock when I read that he’s 41.:) I thought he’s 30!!!!
      Cha Seung Won is 41, but he looks more like his age.

  3. Twinnie, it’s Liang YuSheng’s novel, not Gu Long’s. 😉 I was so spooked by that and the tale of Marie Antoinette and the guillotine.

    The running joke is he’s the same age of the currently airing YongZheng on TV Chen JianBing(ie Caocao <3) of another Qing novel to TV adapation… Poor Chen made an emphasis on the point they are of the same age and the netizens r even more surprised saying he can easily play Nicky's YZ's daddy KangXi.

    • I knew that, and had a brain fart. Thanks twinnie. I blame it on watching the long trailer last night for the upcoming Gu Long novel adaptation of 天涯明月刀 with Wallace and Baron trying to out pretty each other while simultaneously stinking up the joint with their brand of non-acting. I have never seen a drama adaptation from any of the 小李飛刀 novels that I’ve liked.

      I am actually watching the new 萍蹤俠影 with Dong Jie (my love, she’s so amazing) and her hubby. It’s a Liang Wu Sheng novel I’ve never seen before until now. Story is okay, typical Liang Wu Sheng stuff (gives off Seven Swords vibes), but my love for Angel Dong is strong~

      Btw, I tried watching 逆水寒 years ago (I know you recently tried yourself), bc Chilam is one of my biases. But hot damn the drama sucks and I DO NOT GET the Wallace love for his douchy character in that drama. And his hair!! Curls? Are you serious? I cannot take him seriously. Even Chilam in fur cloaks didn’t make that drama work for me.

      Wallace having playing Kangxi in the slick but soulless DoMD adaptation was like a blight on the screen. Even Huang Xiaoming came off smelling like roses stacked up next to Wallace.

      • ooooohhhh, I’ll have to push 萍蹤俠影 up my list then, I <333 Dong Jie so much as well (she is my top pick for any JY icier, simplier heroine, Mu NianChi, Mu Wanqing fr DemiGods, Yilin fr SPW…. and I have yet to see her with her hubby in anything.

        I'm not really a fan of Liang, I've only read Bride with White Hair till the end, the rest I dropped. I was not impressed with it as a teenager. I'm rereading some GuLong whenever I have time lately, I figure I'm at the ripe old age to finally appreciate his mastery more instead of turned off by all the sleaze. 😉

        I finished NiShuiHan with constant FFing, I dun really know why, it's not total PoS for me maybe coz there r things I missed in old classics (right use of music, minimalistic/cruder yet truer to novel costumes and styling…) Most of all I love Song Jia and I can, at least, follow and care for her character, the rest, esp main OTP…I want them to both drop off some cliff being useless idiots and be done with it and them causing slew of deaths.

        It's sad to be reminded throughout ChiLam is such a horrible actor, shockingly horrifying and such a miscast with his cherub-y face playing a weathered jaded wuxia hero. I do wonder though, with the adaptation did it rewrite the character into pure stupidity?! But I dun care enough to labor through 100+ chapters of the book, the plot seems so paperthin and juvenile compared to what JY can do with plotting. BUT if they bring back Leslie to play Wallace's baddie and an 80sChowYunFat to play Chilam's, it's another story.

        O gosh Wallace… good that I can count on you for keeping me company! imo he's decent as an actor, but that's next to ChiLam and LiXiaoLan, both either just posing with blank grimaces or sleepwalking. I just find him so boring to watch on screen (MTE with him eaten up by even HXM in DoMD)…that and 40 eps later, I still can't find the pretty, so yeah imagine my shock peeps r dissing Loverboy already for taking up the impossible challenge of playing Nalan when Wallace is the 'iconic gold standard' :/

  4. Holy crap, if it’s true I hope we get as many steamy scenes in the remake because our boy can certainly kiss! Which I’m still bitter about not getting in BBJX! My only concern is whether he will speak in Canto or not? I’m very conflicted on the issue since I feel like if he does, it might constraint his acting. OTOH, I hate dubbing and not hearing his sexy voice speak Mandonese.

    • Nicky is dubbed in all his C-dramas, including BBJX. That’s not his voice we’re hearing. His real voice is very soft and gentle, not sexy (to me). He’ll be dubbed in the movie, of course.

      • LOL, I know Nicky is dubbed in his C-dramas – including BBJX. I was referring to his own voice which I do find sexy (I like a soft and gentle voice) – especially when he speaks what I affectionately call Mandonese, Canto with Mandarin accent.

        Why are you certain he will be dubbed? I thought it was a HK movie remake? Is it a Mainland remake?

  5. Ooh, would love to see Nicky play an wuxia hero again. I loved him as Shiyi Lang. I’ve heard Treasure Raiders was a terribly unfaithful adaptation of the novel, but I honestly loved it to pieces. Can’t wait to see him in this and on the New Year event!

  6. The Bride with White Hair is actually a project from Nicky’s own production company. He is going to produce the movie and the drama version. It is not confirmed yet whether he is going to act it as well. But what he did say: there are three male leads and three female leads, all of them are first-line actors in ancient dramas/movies.

    I lolled at the joke of Chen Jian Bin as well. But the guy does look old for his age..

    P.S. I miss Leslie as well..

  7. For a while those photos rendered me incoherent. Who cares if he’s 18 years older than me? I’d marry him in a heartbeat! LOL

  8. i remember watching this when i was a little girl, i luurrve wuxia movies back then (still do, albeit not as much) and Brigitte Lin was everywhere, i’m glad she’s going to return to movieland soon with The Grandmaster (and with Tony Leung!!)
    and thank you Mrs Koala for the Nicky pictures… swoon… *wipesdrool
    i wonder who will be the leading lady…

  9. Oh, mrs.koala how i can handle it?? I remember watching Nicky’s movie when i was a little girl and it’s about 20 years ago!!..And for me he’s still same like i saw him many years ago. Hot & Sexy…
    Thanks a lot mrs.koala…love you. Keep fighting.

  10. oh no! another NO-happy-ending drama…. It took me quite a while to get over BBJX’s ending. I don’t know how to cope with this, especially if Nicky is in it and emoting the pain…

  11. I suppose most of you know he sings… this is something he did recently for a movie I believe. 🙂 his voice is rather erm unique 🙂 Nothing like his dubbed voice in BBJX.


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