TW-media Reports that Tiffany Hsu Did Not Accept a Proposal From Ethan Ruan

Things on Ethan Ruan‘s not-to-do list, the new number 1 has to be “do not propose to girlfriend in a joking way at a party in front of blabbermouth friends.” Apple Daily has reported, courtesy of several eyewitness accounts at a party recently in Taipei, that longtime couple Ethan and Tiffany Hsu apparently put on an awkward show for their friends. Ethan, who I’m assuming must’ve been tipsy to pull something like this, loudly asked Tiffany in the middle of the party whether she would marry him. His exact words were “I’m going to the army soon, let’s just get married now”. Okay Ethan, please enroll in classes on how to be romantic, because right now you are at an epic fail.ย Tiffany’s reaction was hilarious – she said nothing for several moments and just looked at him, and then she replied “why are you suddenly saying this, aren’t things fine the way they are?” Okay Tiff, as much of a faceplant of a proposal as that was, if Ethan freaking Ruan just proposed to you, say YES.

By all accounts Ethan looked crestfallen with Tiffany’s response, which friends have chalked up to a few factors. Namely the fact that Ethan’s proposal was so casual, he didn’t even have an engagement ring with him, and last year’s hotel room fiasco is still something that Tiffany hasn’t gotten over. I think if the silly boy had gotten himself a honking diamond and proposed properly, he’d have a fiancee by now. You know, Ethan and Tiffany have outlasted everyone’s expectations for the last 5 years, I’m totally rooting for them to get married and have gorgeous babies. The media posits that the relationship is rather strained now that Tiff didn’t accept his proposal, but I think it’s normal couple behavior we’re seeing and they’ll be fine. They’ve weather way way worse things. Imma go check Vegas odds on the over-under for this couple. But it’s nice to know stars do stupid things as well, like proposing to one’s girlfriend in the least romantic way possible while in public.

[Credit: Liberty Times]


TW-media Reports that Tiffany Hsu Did Not Accept a Proposal From Ethan Ruan — 29 Comments

  1. Hahahaha poor Ethan. A big, honkin’, sparkly mineral (my Geology teacher in high school always took exception to people calling diamonds “rocks”, since they’re actually really a mineral) would have really helped his case. It’s got to be hard to live out your relationship with five million people (literally) watching your every move.

  2. Haha – see, celebrities CAN make normal couples.
    Just a question : what was the hotel room incident you’re referring too ? I’ve never heard of it…

      • I googled it and don’t get the big deal. He said nothing happened, that it was a friend’s girlfriend D: Oh well.

        I, for one, don’t plan on ever marrying, either, so I get where she’s coming from. And the way he sprung that question on her can’t be called suave, either. Oh well, all the best to them ^^

  3. You go girl! I would have a similar response. He’s still a guy with a lousy proposal to girl, even if he’s Ethan big frickin deal Ruan.

    • Aw, you probably did see her before ! She played plenty of second leads – for instance, she was Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang)’s ex-girlfriend in Drunken to Love You (:

    • Yep. She’s gorgeous!
      According to dramawiki, her father is Italian and mother is Chinese.
      Well, that’s embarrassing. It’s clear that Ethan has failed to watch enough drama, otherwise he would already know how most unromantic proposals end up.

      Get down on one knee, ya dope!

  4. Man…Tiffany’s response was CLASSIC and probably true to their situation. I can’t help but laugh at Ethan’s fail of a proposal but the way he phrased it implies that he does intend to marry her in the future and wanted to move it up to now.

  5. I gotta say that Ethan really put his foot in his mouth on that one. Big rule – do not casually propose to your long-time girlfriend in front of a lot of friends without a ring to even show that you are serious, Ethan! I don’t blame her for her initial reaction… maybe this will teach him to do it seriously next time cause after 5 years, I’m sure she would say yes in a heartbeat.

    I hope they do get married and have a long and loving marriage.

  6. Okay, I hate to point something funny out but in the picture where the two are hugging, it looks like Ethan is putting his hand on Tiffany wayy below her waist, around the rear area but I’m going to say it must’ve been the alcohol that is making him act like that. HAHA.

    Thanks for posting! Hope they have a good and continuing relationship! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh, dear …….. it’s so nice to see that he’s kept his feet of clay, I was hoping he’d had them replaced after the whole, “I was just visiting a friend waiting on her boyfriend in the hotel room.”

    • Don’t forget the “she slept in the bedroom while I slept on a sofa outside, whilst we waited for her boyfriend in the same hotel room……for 7 hours….and I know I did something wrong, because I shouldn’t have….waited with her…..yeah, that was wrong….”

      I still lub Ethan, actor and mega-dork, because that shit is between him and Tiff. And if she took him back, so be it.

      • He’s a lovable rascal, I’m amazed she took him back, and now this stunt? Oh, Ethan, just get in the army and grow out of some of this, please!!!!!?????!!!!!

        In truth, when I read about the original scandal (and some of the rumours prior to that), I just thought, I really hate the gossip and speculation, because at the end of the day, Yvonne, Esther Lui, and Tiffany Hsu are real women (okay, benefit of the doubt on Yvonne) who have to live with this to.

        If it’s true, they are embarrassed and humiliated and in pain from so much intimate exposure and possibly Ethan’s, netizens, and managers’ treatment of them and/or their situations.

        If it’s false, they are embarrassed and humiliated and in pain from the alleged intimate exposure and netizens’ treatment of them and/or their situations.

        Regardless, it’s a bad place to be in and his former manager comes across completely unprofessional, making all of his rumour-mongering seem false.

        As I said, Ethan goes into army, rumours die down, he grows up into a few years’ older, has time away from the limelight to reflect and gets time and distance from the whirlwind, so I hope he comes out in a much better place and is able to go on with a brilliant career, preferably scandal-free.

  8. Well, that must been an awkward car ride home.

    But if my boyfriend ever proposes to me like that, possibly drunk and with no ring, heck I would be pissed. Ethan Ruan or no, the guy’s made like some good romantic dramas and this is all he can come up with? Epic fail indeed!

  9. He is obviously worried leaving Tiffany behind ringless and go to army duty where he will not be able to do anything if someone tries to woo her.

    I think their relationship is solid and that he is a nice guy. That proposal was not like a “proposal”. They were probably discussing his army duty and what she wil be doing while he is away and he blurted that they should get married during and in relation to their discussion.

    I loved Ethan Ruan solely for the fact that he looks very very similar to a guy I dated. But I think he is a decent actor too (except in freak out scenes).

    • me too, don’t ilke this couple!! Preferrably, he will realize that he is destine to be with Chen Qaio En…Mr&Mrs. Ji… love their undeniable chemistry!
      Tiffany Hsu looks ok…but NOT all that!!! ugh…hope they break up soon!!

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