Upcoming SETTV Drama Dream Chasing Gal Casts Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen

Word on the street is that Office Girls will end at 20 episodes, which skews long with respect to SETTV dramas. That means it’s follow up drama will have a mere six weeks to get ready for an early January premiere. This week the rumors I’ve been hearing have finally been confirmed – OG’s follow up drama is tentatively called Dream Chasing Gal (追夢妹) and will come from the hands of uber-successful producer Wang Pei Hua, who helmed SETTV’s biggest hit this year The Fierce Wife. It’s the story of two frenemies of differing social status played by Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen. The two male leads are Tony Yang and Johnny Lu, both of whom fall into the broad-shouldered hunky leading man category.

Before the drama has even begun shooting, the media is already reporting that the two leading ladies may not be on good terms due to some preferential treatment going on. Apparently Amber got to pick which of the two characters she wanted to play (the poor plucky gal or the rich pretty heiress), and Amber went with the latter, leaving Tammie playing the poor character that also requires her to lob off her locks. I personally would have picked Amber to play the rich girl as well, because she’s forever playing the poor plucky heroine.

Producer Wang explained that she’s worked with Tammie twice before and she knows Tammie can play either role, so she wanted Amber to make the decision. As for the leading men, Tony pictured above and Johnny pictured below, I’ve seen them in various dramas and movies from time to time, but don’t have enough to render an impression as of yet. Other than with Channel X, SETTV has been on fire this year. Hope Dream Chasing Gal will keep the trend going to start of 2012. But I know ALL my attention will be on GTV’s Extravagant Challenge for the Sunday night spot.

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Upcoming SETTV Drama Dream Chasing Gal Casts Amber Kuo and Tammy Chen — 4 Comments

  1. Did Tammie want to play the rich guy? I feel like Tammy plays the poor girl better – I haven’t really loved any of her rich girl roles (at least not that I can remember). She seems to be more suited for the “girl-next-door”. But i really love her either way since I do believe she does both just as well. Amber – well, I’m not a huge fan yet but I think she’s good too in her own right. I think she’ll do fine in the rich girl role. I’m not sure what to expect of this drama but I hope it’s good! Not even sure I know anything about either of the two guys.

  2. I’ve seen Tammy Chen in many historical dramas. Although I never thought she was attractive, she’s a pretty well-rounded and established actress. I’ve only seen one episode of Invincible Shan Bao Mei with Amber Kuo and it was a devastatingly painful experience. Her acting was extremely awkward and makes me cringe for her sake. I’m hoping Tammy’s the lead actress just because I believe she can carry the show more.

    I’ve never heard of these two guys. Based on the pictures, they’re not very “hunky.” However, some people look better on-screen than in front of the camera.

  3. It’s great that Tammie is acting in a modern day drama again. I really liked her with Joseph Chang in Star Wish. I loved their chemistry, and was totally charmed by Joseph’s portrayal of Mason. But the ending was……..

  4. I’d have to agree, Tammy has range and it was insightful of the director to let Amber pick first. I think he should have talked this over with her first, just to be fair. I hope the two get along before filming starts, it would be a good opportunity for Amber to learn from Tammy. Annnnnd am I glad Amber picked the rich girl, to bring out a different side to her acting.

    This has been the year of taiwanese dramas for me! I haven’t been so excited for new episodes in a while. This season was great with ITWY and OG, and I’m looking forward to their successors Extravagant Challenge (well with a bit of apprehension) and this drama.

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