Padam Padam Holds Press Conference Prior to its Monday Premiere

Padam Padam, its the sound of my heart waiting for the drama Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat to arrive. It’s also the sound I made when I laid eyes on Han Ji Min‘s dress at the press conference for the drama. The dress was gorgeous, and she looked glorious. The cast held the obligatory drama press conference this week as the drama readies for it’s premiere this coming Monday on cable channel jTBC. I’ve already oohed over the stills and ahhed over the trailers, so there isn’t much more I can pimp out about this drama prior to its premiere. In terms of fashion, Han Ji Min knocked one out of the ballpark, but her male co-stars I’ve got a bone to pick. Jung Woo Sung is wearing what seems like half a sweater. I do not approve of clothing inexplicably missing a portion of itself. Kim Bum‘s outfit is perfectly lovely, but what’s with his baby lion mane of a hair do?

Okay, this picture is just too cute, and clearly done on purpose since their characters appear to hold hands quite a lot in the drama.

Awwww, even the dog made an appearance at the press conference. They are just daring you to hate on this drama when it has loveable animals in it.

These two look like they have smoking chemistry from the trailers, which is a welcome relief for me. Jung Woo Sung and Su Ae had negative chemistry in Athena and that was a waste of a perfectly good lead couple pairing.

Go Go Power Rangers! Oooops, I meant “hwaiting!”

Yeah, he makes my knees weak when he smiles that that. In some ways, Kim Bum’s smirky persona onscreen does remind me of a young Jung Woo Sung, so I’m thrilled they get to work together. Hope Bummie gets lots of great advice from his new hyung.

In short, PP premieres tomorrow. Yeah, I’m totally watching it. These two better burn up the screen or else I’m calling foul.


Padam Padam Holds Press Conference Prior to its Monday Premiere — 22 Comments

  1. Gah, why are all these dramas premiering right around finals time?!? So frustrating, and so bad for my grades. Bah.

    Still, despite finals, I shall have to check this out, because I love my Bummie. (Despite the fact that he’s my little sister’s age. I try not to think too hard about that.)

    • I know!…..I’m ignoring my finals which are in 2 weeks…actually I’m not even watching any of the currently airing dramas so I don’t think I should be blaming them…lol…but for this one I’m even thinking about staying up to catch live

    • I just finishd my xams last week, Totally free to go crazy with all drama watching 😛
      But Flower Boy Ramyun Shop did kinda messed my xam studies with the kissing n all
      Now I have to watch this one…cant wait! It better be a bromance! XD

    • I know what you mean, I should be studying at this very moment…yet here I am. I’m going to have to try my best not to give in, but these premiere’s are really challenging me.

  2. I like Kim Bum’s hair.

    I wonder if Jung Woo Sung just has better chemistry with petite women. Or relatively petite women. He had great chemistry with Son Ye Jin, who is not tall. Or not tall like Su Ae.

    I’ve yet to wish any fictional couple to become real life couples. However, the looks these two are giving each other here. Han Ji Min, where’s the sweet innocent Han Ji Min from Rebirth? This is sexy Han Ji Min… Woah.

  3. I actually hate her dress. I’m not a big fan of the giant shoulder bow, and this one looks a bit like she belted on a toga. The material itself is quite lovely; it’s the cut and the drape of the dress that’s really sloppy.

    And Bummie’s hair works. It’s probably because I (mis?)spent my youth reading manga but wild, unruly hair like that really does it for me. I blame Rurouni Kenshin entirely.

    I still don’t know if I’m going to watch this live or if I’ll wait until it’s done or if I’ll watch it at all–I’ll wait for your impressions, ockoala-san. You haven’t steered me wrong yet.

  4. No girl for KB? 🙁 He seems leaner than last drama. I hope he’s just lean from working out but still healthy. I will watch this & see. I don’t know the main leads…yeah, sorry. Newish to dramas.

  5. Oh god, this is such bad timing. I wish I could watch this, but I’m going to have to wait till till finals are over. I really hope the subbers take a loooooonnngg time (specifically till the 13th) to sub this, so that it hinders me from watching the drama (oh look, once again, college is making me say things I would never dream of saying >.<;;).

    At first glance I hated Kim Bum's hair and Jung Woo Sung's clothes, but both seem to be growing on me after staring at those piccies long enough… Ha Ji Min looks awesome, although I was sort of hoping they would not all wear black… as functional and sophisticated as it is, it does get a bit old…

    I really hope this drama does well, and with that, Imma shut me trap.

  6. Han Ji Min looks beautiful, though its not really a surprise, she looks pretty all the time. And I have to agree with you on Kim Bum’s hair, I don’t really care for long hair on men, which is why I am kind of torn about his character. He was supposed to be like a manly character, but his hair and the poster where he appears to have fairy wings suggests something else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about bromance, yet watching two prison inmates hold their hands makes me a bit uncomfortable.
    Still, I am very excited about this drama. It has a different feel to it and the story sounds wicked. Hopefully, Padam Padam won’t disappoint me.

  7. I don’t like Ha Ji Min’s dress. It is too short and that bow like thing seems to eat her up. I like the pattern on the fabric though and she certainly is a pretty lady.

    Jung Woo Song really lost some brownie points when he rather quickly dumped that female actor who was married and then divorced without anyone knowing.

  8. Even though JWS’s half sweater is so odd, he just looks so good anyways. I really also did not like the Athena pairing and the series in general but he does look like he has great chemistry with HJM.

    Speaking of HJM… I just got around to watching Yi San, it took awhile to get into it, but she’s just darling. So I can’t wait to see her in this.

    3 of my favorite actors in one… oh… series – please don’t disappoint me!! 🙂 I am very much looking forward to you.

  9. thanks ockoala for your posting. looking forward to your recap on this. JWS seem to nail it in the chem department with HJM. Someone just mentioned that he has this thing for petite girls? My gut feeling tells me that too..

  10. :O kim bum, oh my.. he looks so grown up, I mean.. he looks.. manly! even with curly long hair! How impossible is that? Yet he rocked it, in my opinion. I am not even his fan to begin with. oh crap, I think I’ll be one now.. ;p

  11. I love this drama. My heart just makes Padam padam 🙂 every time they smile at each other. The script is very well done, the actors are brilliant.

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