Charity Photo Exhibition Reveals Taiwan Stars Transformed Into Iconic Images

Today was the unveiling of the Da Ren Wu Charity Photo Exhibition in Taipei (da ren wu literally means big person and here it refers to someone famous), where nearly forty of Taiwan’s biggest entertainers participated in an edgy and thought provoking photo shoot for the sake of art and charitable giving. Everyone donated their time, including the famed make up artists and photographers, and each of the photos will be auctioned off at the end of the Exhibition and all proceeds donated to a charity for at risk youth. The post topping picture is of Janine Chang as Joan of Arc. Stunning, no? A few of the ladies went all nude for this shoot, but it’s all tasteful and meant to encompass certain concepts I’m not highbrow enough to figure out. All I know is that I can’t stop staring at some of the pictures.

Sunny Wang. I feel like Sunny’s torso is in motion. It’s mesmerizing.

Selina Jen. So nice to see her doing more and more activities.

Lynn Xiong. Leave it to Lynn to pull a Demi Moore paint move and make it her own.

Huang Xiaoming. Woah. Me like. Not sure what he’s supposed to be, but I love the hardness and depth perception of this picture.

Cheryl Yang. She’s supposed to be Cinderella who hasn’t found her prince yet. ROFL, that is so not Cheryl.

Wilbur Pan. OMG, how apropos. A beaten up Will giving the world a finger. Good for you, Will. You won it, make more of it.

Patty Hou. Now this is how a vampire is supposed to look. None of that Twilight glittery shit.

Vivian Hsu. A dominatrix who loves LV? I would have never associated those two.

Fish Leong. She looks so much like Faye Wong in this picture it’s uncanny.

Hebe Tian. I did not recognize her AT ALL. Jaw dropping transformation.

Ivy Chen. So cute, just like Ivy. Is she a Playboy Cherry?

Rainie Yang. I don’t like the picture, but I love how Rainie pulls off the severe Spanish seductress look.

Aaron Yan. I applaud Aaron for fiddling with his androgynous pretty features and transforming into a geisha.

Elva Hsiao. Elva is so bad ass. I love it.

Da Qing. I like how the concept plays into his aboriginal heritage.

Pauline Lan. I can’t believe she’s almost fifty years old. And still able to go nekkid.

Janel Tsai. Wow, if Patrick can see you now.

Xiao S. I love how the tiger is hiding her third pregnancy. Clever and fierce!


Model Janet Lee. An homage to a Grecian goddess statue but set in the desert. Very vivid, especially with the missing limbs.

Model Jia Yong Jie, who is supposed to be an upside down bride.

Show Luo. Who knew Show decided to be a carnie.

Ella. Two Ellas for the price of one.

Vanness Wu. Fierce and Fiery! Go go Vanness!

Eddie Peng. Erm, Eddie, me no comprende, but you is cool so I wub whatever it is you are supposed to be/do.

Joe Cheng. Born to be a print model. Seriousy! He might actually be wasting his time at acting.

Joseph Chang. It’s Bizarro Joseph! Who is still smoking hot.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


Charity Photo Exhibition Reveals Taiwan Stars Transformed Into Iconic Images — 33 Comments

    • Sunny’s is one of my favorites, too! It’s not just mesmerizing, his expression is just spot on in intensity. Plus his pants, it could not possibly go any lower.

  1. Aren’t these pictures just brilliant? THIS is how you do edgy. So many K-shoots call themselves edgy but turn out looking just ridiculous.

    I’m desperately looking for Joseph Chang’s photo. Apparently he’s naked and covered in gold paint, ala James Bond’s Goldfinger.

    • I want to see it too! Among the TW actors, besides Jerry Yan Joe Cheng is my most loved one!
      Gosh, that chin, those eyes, those lips, his height, his wide shoulders, his mysterious naughty smiles.
      Just love him!

  2. lolz I was wishing for more of Joseph after seeing the headshot (lets hope they didn’t settle with just shooting his mesmerizing face after painting him in gold in the making of:

    I love HXM’s the best. He’s sucha gorgeous man when he’s captured in pics.

    And the models r really showing their deals, esp Joe, for the nth time, he’s born to be a model.

  3. for the sunny wang picture, that’s the look i see in In Time With You. i like that picture of him. i am liking will pan’s picture too, pretty cool.

  4. Wow!! Brilliant, yes! Eye-smacking great. Regardless that I don’t know these actors but the artistry is genius.

    One of your best posts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow… so right on Ms. K! This is how edgy is done with a lotta class and not in trashy mode. Lurve the photos. So visually stunning and out of this world…

    Thanks a bunch “)

  6. Da Qing’s picture looks so bad-ass. And Hebe’s, so different! I really like Ivy’s, because she just looks so adorable. Don’t like all of them, but the people in them are cute.
    Xiao S and the tiger also look really awesome. No Da S in sight. Or Ariel Lin. Or…Argh, there are so many actors. Of course, not everyone had time for this, but I think it’s awesome that they did it for charity. They get to look great and help people, at the same time! Now that’s a job. : )
    I would have never seen this pictures if not for your awesome homepage, so, as many others have said before, thanks a lot, ockoala!!! That’s really kind ^^

  7. I LOVE Janine Chang, Rainie Yang, Vaness Wu, Ella, Joe Cheng, and especially my beloved Joseph Chang. The pics are so DAMN hot. My gosh, I can’t believe this….

    Thank you very much, Koala-sensei!!!

    and oh, before I forgot, to all of you (and Koala-sensei, too):


    (I’m sick of saying merry. But Happy Christmas to all of you anyway.)

  8. omg, these pictures are legitly stunning. Each and every person worked their shoot so much. I’m still amazed. Quick question though, is Huang Xiao Ming Taiwanese? I can’t remember

    • Oh no, he’s a Mainland Chinese actor, but since he’s the only one, I just referred to this post as Taiwanese entertainers since everyone else was Taiwanese.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing these.(: I honestly can’t stop looking at these pictures! Something about each one just intrigues me and has me doing a coupe double-takes.

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