Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang Start Filming TW-drama Sweet Magic Bus

Another TW-drama starting filming today and the cast attended a media event since it’s never too early to drum up interest. Co-starring as the leads are Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang, the latter having shot to stardom with a supporting role in In Time With You with Ariel Lin. This drama is called Sweet Magic Bus (甜蜜魔幻巴士) which is a literal translation that I hope will not be used since the title is beyond stupid. Also, Sunny needs to go home and burn those hammer pants he’s wearing. Or he can burn them on the spot and go pantsless.

The press bothered Sunny about his purported romance with Rainie Yang (he replied curtly that they are just friends), and then bothered Cheryl about what it feels like to work with the ex-boyfriend of her best friend Elva Hsiao. Okay, even I’m curious on this one, considering the rumor was Elva left the entertainment world for a year to move to the US to be with Sunny, only to have him dump her in the end. All rumors, of course. Cheryl said Elva told them both to work hard, and Cheryl complimented Sunny on having grown up in the few years they haven’t seen each other.

Not much is known about the story other than Sunny plays an American-educated designer while Cheryl is a young mother with a ten-year old son. Doesn’t anyone learn from the mess that is Ring Ring Bell and stop it with the single mother stories intending to milk the hardships of raising a child alone and then the miracle of finding a hot guy who loves you AND loves your kid. Sigh. GTV is producing this drama so I’m hoping it’ll be more realistic than RRB and have a coherent and logical story to tell. Playing the second leads are Matt Wu and Reen Yu (she played Pi Zi’s first love Xiao Mei in Black & White and was also the lead in Love Buffet with Aaron Yan). Magic Bus Thingie will likely air sometime in mid-2012.


Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang Start Filming TW-drama Sweet Magic Bus — 14 Comments

  1. Indeed the pants are ugly and so is her dress. Or is it? And in her shoes, I’d feel very awkward, both litterally and figuratively, considering the past history with the male co-star. But she is a professionnal, I guess, after all this time in the industry and Sunny having “matured”.

    On a personal sidenote, Mrs Koala, I often wonder how you manage to be up on all fronts, with your career, hubby, kids and playground. Kudos to you!

  2. God.
    Both outfits are equally ugly, plus they are not coordinated. And that comes from someone who’s NOT interested at all in fashion. But hey, i don’t work in a field where appearance is primarly important and where you’re supposed to make people dream. I swear, i got a dress a little bit like that ( without the leopard imprimé, that i remind you you can only use with a flawless silhouette ). Anyway, i bought it at the market, and i wear it at home when NOONES around.
    Just a question : How old is she, because… hummm.
    I hope the interview was improvised, or else ??? I didn’t know a promotional picture could be so repulsive : Me shivering !

    • TOTALLY agree about BOTH outfits being equally serious ugly! And her hair? Cheryl is normally more together looking.

      What was their stylist thinking?!???

      His pants are recycling retro-80s making a comeback – my dance teacher wears these a lot, and Faye Wong was featured wearing them too.

      Cheryl is wearing harem pants which isn’t very flattering on most figures either. Worse if shorter people wear them. And lordy – those fussy clunk platforms! I have a general rule that if any pair of shoes is uncomfortably fussy, heavy or too high .. they’d better look darn flattering for my legs and sexy for all the torture.

      Kudos to Cheryl on being pretty diplomatic with her double innuendo, saying Sunny’s “grown-up” = can be taken either way! 🙂

    • act i really want to see sunny wang in drama more!i just want to see the typical bad boy in drama scene more! thats the turning point of a good boy hero for me..need to have more imaginary hero where we seldom see in our life..

  3. They look terribly awkward, but with questions like that who can blame them? But I agree, those outfits are pretty darn awful.

    I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that Sunny is picking up a leading role so quickly, since he was pretty much sex on a stick in In Time With You, despite the fact that I hated his character and his massive tattoo scares the crap out of me. But with Cheryl…? I don’t know if that’s a good match up.

  4. Egads – they definitely need to fire their stylists! What a horrible mess. From the top of their heads to their shoes. Makes me not even want to check out the drama. Yep. I’m shallow like that. 🙂

  5. Wow.. he’s already got a lead role… he doesn’t have much acting experience on his resume but he’s so well liked that he’s already got it.. going to be a lot of pressure if he doesn’t do well as a lead male..

    And yes.. I love Ring Ring Bell with Peter and Janine, but I dont think I want to see the same story just with different actors (how ironic or done on purpose that Peter and Sunny both have the American background in their story)… I get it if they wait a year later but this is just wayy too close to running against Ring Ring Bell, which is still airing. At least put a few other type of dramas in between before they plan to make this one. Just a thought. 🙂

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