Vivian Hsu Issues Statement Vehemently Denying She’s the Married Star Cheating with Leehom Wang as He Starts to Lose Endorsements in Wake of Divorce Scandal

TW-star Leehom Wang‘s soon to be ex-wife Lee JIng Lei’s 10,000 word revelation about her meeting, dating, marrying, and life with him was so packed with information there are multiple threads to unpack about his bad behavior. One of the allegations was him cheating on Lee Jing Lei while they were dating, those women even came to Lee Jing Lei crying that they thought they were dating Leehom and did not know he was dating others at the same time. Even worse was the cheating continued after Lee Jing Lei married him, and aside from soliciting prostitution he also cheated on her with a married star with child friend who was friends-with-benefits with Leehom. Lee Jing Lei said Leehom had to go to that married star even breaking regulations to do it. TW-netizens immediately zeroed in on TW-star Vivian Hsu, who is openly good friends with Leehom, and she’s married with a kid and earlier this year both got in trouble after Leehom attended a house party she hosted during his 7-days of home management period (after the 14 day quarantine there is 7 days of avoiding group gatherings). The stars at that house gathering all posted apologies for breaking COVID-19 protocols. Furthermore, tabloid Apple Daily revealed that it received multiple tips about Leehom’s bad behavior prior to and after the divorce announcement and one of the tip offs claimed he was cheating with Vivian and the tipster said Leehom was seen around Vivian’s house late at night and would stay for a few hours. A neighbor claimed to have seen Leehom entering Vivian’s condo unit. Vivian has released a statement that she DID NOT and IS NOT cheating on her husband with Leehom and the two times she saw him this year were all gatherings with friends and she posted it online then. She has not seem him by herself. She asked Leehom to speak up and refute this rumor around her caused by his divorce. She asked Leehom to not let his own personal issues impact others negatively.

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Chinese Oscars the 2018 Golden Horse Awards Gets Star-studded Attendance and Teary Best Film Win for Young Deceased Director

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TVBS Magazine Releases Top-10 Most Powerful Star Ranking in Taiwan

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Red Carpet Pictures from the 2011 Golden Horse Awards

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