Hebe Tian Releases New Solo Album Amidst Reports She’s Settling Down with Ex-Girlfriend

C-entertainment (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) went on a blitzkrieg yesterday with the dating news dump and November 13th is being called Red Wednesday. Either it was the case of the most surreptitious coordinating in the history of entertainment news or else the biggest coincidence ever. In addition to Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi dating, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau getting married, and Mark Chao maybe knocking up Gao Yuan Yuan, a few more relationship updates to shove into this post first – mega movie star Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) is marrying his girlfriend of four years on Monday, period drama actor Qiao Zheng Yu revealed he’s dating a fellow actress and contemplating marriage, and 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin and the fabulous Jiang Xin officially confirmed their long-rumored relationship. Trust me when I say a recitation of all the recent good couple news makes sense in the context of a post about the lovely songstress Hebe Tian‘s upcoming third solo album. Hebe has been busy with S.H.E. group activities all year but it makes sense for her to keep striking while the iron is hot and following up last year’s S.H.E. album with another solo effort.

I consider Hebe the best singer in S.H.E. and currently the only member still single. With Red Wednesday happen to coincide with breaking Apple Daily news reports that Hebe has been seen house hunting with her ex-girlfriend, there has been a groundswell of fan support for Hebe to come out of the closet and confirm her relationship. Hebe being a lesbian is really the most open “secret” in Taiwan entertainment, and even her official fangroup knows it and supports her vocally. She was reportedly dating fellow songstress A Mei‘s personal assistant for years, photographed cuddling on the street and in couple haircut and tees. But that relationship was said to have ended early last year, and shortly Hebe started dating her former assistant at HIM Records who was transferred to another group. They were snapped spending the time together and even taking long walks by the park. Like I said, Hebe’s not exactly trying to hide anything. The big news now is whether she has in fact gotten back together with her ex-girlfriend and is planning to settle down. Whatever Hebe wants is cool with me as long as she keeps being an awesome singer and gorgeous spokesmodel for whatever endorsement deal she’s doing. Girl is talent and looks wrapped into one. Her latest album with lead single “Insignificant” dropped today so check it out. Hebe went to Iceland to film the MV and the album jacket and she is absolutely stunning. Continue reading

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Today was the unveiling of the Da Ren Wu Charity Photo Exhibition in Taipei (da ren wu literally means big person and here it refers to someone famous), where nearly forty of Taiwan’s biggest entertainers participated in an edgy and … Continue reading