Cosmopolitan China has Nicky Wu Gracing the January 2012 Edition

The ever more handsome Nicky Wu graces the January 2012 edition Cosmopolitan China , and he’s once again hitting the pictorial out of the park in terms of wowing me from behind the pages. I find myself missing Bu Bu Jing Xin a lot lately, and it’s a combination of just nostalgia and vivid recollection of just how compelling everything leading up to the ending way. Nicky especially just blew me away in those final few episodes. I hope he picks a hard-hitting drama or movie next, rather than just coasting by on his immense popularity. Everyone is always asking Nicky about his love life, and he confesses here that he’s still single. He sees himself as not a good boyfriend, but a great lifetime partner. So I guess this means Nicky isn’t terribly romantic, but probably steadfast and sure. Why am I not surprised that his real life personality has shades of 4th Prince.

[Credit: all photos as marked via Baidu Nicky Wu bar]


Cosmopolitan China has Nicky Wu Gracing the January 2012 Edition — 14 Comments

  1. I don’t know who this man is, but I really like his nose. I have this thing for noses, and his has so much character and adds such personality to his profile. It’s not pretty, but it’s definitely interesting, and isn’t that so much better?

    (I’m not kidding. Even if I hadn’t grown up with his movies, I would love Shah Rukh Khan for his nose alone.)

    (And all this about Nicky Wu’s freaking nose. Obviously, the holidays are getting to me.)

    • Ha! I liked your comment and honestly when you see Nicky on the screen, you do notice his nose. It’s quite fascinating. He isn’t pretty or conventionally handsome, but he looks distinctive and he has a very interesting profile. Coupled with his intense acting, he can be great to watch. There are lots of closeups of his face in BBJX so I recommend that if you want to get in on that and the Nicky Wu love going around.

  2. Ha ha ha, Nicky, you and I can be steadfast partners for life! But yes, that totally clicked with me, because I am “guilty” of the same thing. Obviously Nicky and I are meant to be. 😉

  3. I really believe that he should really dress like his age, b/c dressing younger will just put on an image that he’s old but still trying on younger teenage boys style of clothing. For example, the photo of him sitting on the chair suit him better than the rest. ( don’t get me wrong, I like him a lot).

    • Funny thing is I like that pic the least. The clothes seem to make him try to be young, not appropriate for his age… Pink + dot ??? Try to hard.. Anyway, his face is young, i still cant believe that he is 40y.o already.. I really liked him with Ada Choi b4.
      Other pics are fine to me…I prefer the last one…

  4. I really like those first two pictures, and all the clothes (minus the pink sweater with the polka dot shirt, but I don’t like those on anyone). I like, too, how he’s so captivating even without looking directly into the camera. They’re not even head shots, either, but full body. That takes charisma.

  5. Hmm… interesting article from what I can read LOL – one of these I won’t be able to read stuff that small, must enjoy while I can. Thank you Ms Koala for the scans 🙂

    Anyhow – as someone who did grow up with him – I also can’t believe he’s 40 already – time really does fly and fast! I’m so glad that he is enjoying an increase in popularity in people who didn’t know him before. I think he does have a baby face but he really does look his age IMO. I usually don’t like clothing choices in these pictorial spreads no matter who the actor is or the theme (at least most of them) – but I think this looks ok but the pink sweater photo does scream – trying a little too hard. I’m feel like the sweater is more like 20s than 40s, but i’m not a fashionista so I really don’t know much. 🙂 Either way, he still looks good – and feel good, look good. All the best in 2012!!

  6. Nicky is 4ever young and awesome no matter what. It is all in his spirit and not what he wears but what he do with his life. How i wish our human race has Nicky’s heart.

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