Ariel Lin Transforms into a RPG One-Tailed Fox

If anyone ever wanted to cosplay Ariel Lin, your wish just came true. This week Ariel was revealed as the face of the new online RPG called “My Fox Girlfriend”, which is a total rip off of the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho concept except set in a fantasy realm. While the Koreans have the nine-tailed fox (the gumiho), the Chinese version of the sexy fox spirit has just one tail but does the same “seduce and conquer” routine its Korean counterpart is known for. This fantasy RPG story has the fox as a warrior figure, which is creative enough to merit some kudos for freshening up the traditional lore. Ariel is pretty as ever even wearing lame cosplay gear and marketing herself to geeks the world over.

Below is the poster for the game. Ariel totally needs to do another historical drama. She looks sensational in period garb.

My Fox Girlfriend Teaser:


Ariel Lin Transforms into a RPG One-Tailed Fox — 16 Comments

    • >>> Ariel looks pretty as always

      >>> Ariel is pretty as ever

      I disagree. In both Iswak 1 and 2 (and her previous dramas), I always felt she wasn’t that conventionally ‘pretty’ – she had the loveliest eyes and smile yes, but somehow ‘pretty’ wasn’t what I would use conventionally as the overall description. A Kcyber-pal even called her face ‘dough-y’ and ran screaming from Iswak after 1/2 episode because of all the immature ‘noise’ levels (esp part 1) and Ariel.

      But currently, esp in her recent work (drama In Time, and movie Lovesick) – Ariel’s just looking increasingly gorgeous. Maybe it’s new make-up techniques, or maybe she’s just slimmed down overall. Or had her hair shaped better, so it complements her face more.
      Outside of her beauty – I also admire her as a person based on what I have read of her – for her strength, independence, sincerity, decisive modern-woman outlook.

      • LOL, its ok to disgree. I enjoy different viewpoints. See, I always thought Ariel was pretty not gorgeous. For me, a person needs to be breathtakingly beautiful to be called gorgeous. I think of Sophia Loren or Aishwarya Rai to be gorgeous. Zhang Ziyi is also gorgeous. I do think Ariel has a beautiful personality and the inner beauty definately endears her to fans.

  1. I do not understand english sub? but all I can say is she has grown from a pretty child to a gorgeous woman bless you….

    • Lunia War’s….

      She was a magician-cum-doctor with a orange and white outfit with white hairband and a sector…oh I’m showing my geek-ness…but since I’m there already….

      She was also in the evil princess costume with heavy makeup and freaked out the news crew because she didn’t smile.

  2. Yes please to another good ancient drama role for Ariel! I agree that she looks beautiful in ancient garb. (Good news: Ariel said in a recent interview that even though she’s stopped doing dramas for now, if she comes across an amazing drama script, she’ll do it. Yay!)

  3. In a world of bone skinny women she is the godess who shows how gorgeous you look with more than just one letticue meal/a day. I simply adore her.

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