Love Rain Airs First Look at the KBS Drama Awards

Let’s just be honest here and accept that Love Rain with Jang Geun Seok and Yoona will be making buttaloadsa of moolah regardless of whether it turns out good or a teeming piece of crap. It has already been presold to tons of Asian countries, and the Japanese obasan audience is primed for a Yoon Seok Ho drama starring the hottest Korean export to Japan since Yonsama. I care whether LR is quality entertainment, but its moneymaking potential is not up for debate. I wish Seok would pick better projects rather than this and the abominable You’re My Pet movie (OMG, I cringed my way through it), but that just me wanting more for him in terms of challenging his acting chops. LR will be airing on KBS in the Spring of 2012, so a brief snippet was aired during the KBS Drama Awards today. It’s not a real teaser but does afford a first glimpse of the filming and the leads in action. Watch out, a Love Rain is coming your way soon!

Love Rain First Look:


Love Rain Airs First Look at the KBS Drama Awards — 45 Comments

  1. I like the previous title, Love Rides the Rain, better as it sounds more poetic and I think it conveys the feel of the drama better.
    Wow, Yoona looks so young, like a teenager! I liker her hair.I can never style my hair like that. My would always have a region of messiness when I cross sections of my hair.
    I don’t find Jang Geun Seok’s hair attractive though. He always sport the worst hairs in my eyes.

    • I so totally agree with you about the title!! While the previous title sounded… I guess like you said Poetic, but also cool, I find the new title, though shorter, pretty lame, and has lost its essence… might me just me though, but titles could affect my decision of whether I would watch a show or not 😛

    • I really like Love Rides the Rain too. It had such a poetic, melancholy feel to it, and was evocative of lush, green landscapes and gray, pensive cityscapes. It put me in mind of the rainy season in Hyderadad, actually: the sharp scent of ozone in the air, the clean, quiet breeze, and the ponderous quiet that descends on a city that is always so loud and alive and colorful. Love Rain, on the other hand, puts me in mind of “It’s Raining Men”.

      • Or Jin’s “Love Juice”. Really. Love Rain sounds like a cousin to Love Juice. Both equally unsanitary and shudder-inducing. I liked Love Rides the Rain much better, too. But with Yoona as the lead, the title doesn’t matter much.

  2. this drama looks rly pretty but i probably won’t be watching even though i love jgs because i can’t stand yoona’s acting. idk y…

    • 2nd to that!!! I could not stand her at all PERIOD….. I wish, it was a new comer or someone else… But its too late now to complain…

    • Opps…Just admit that both of you three are jealous that Yoona is prettier than 3 of you…take a deep look at the mirror and ask why Korean recognize Yoona is one of the good actress!LOL!

      • I don’t think they recognize her as a good actress. They just think she’s pretty – the so call, ideal beauty. That’s pretty much it. Don’t insult people or accuse them of being jealous when they express their opinions. It’s rather childish. Anyways, I didn’t like YoonA in You’re My Destiny, and don’t think I ever will. She has a long way to go before she could be considered a good actress. I’m content with re-watching The Classic since it’s pretty much the same plot.

  3. I like Jang Geun Suk as an actor, and I’m willing to give YoonA a chance. But I just saw the teaser, and I literally cringed.

  4. Ms Koala I agree with EVERYTHING you said in this article. I also cringed through your my pet as I only or half way through and had to stop because I was getting bored. I was so disappointed seeing as I was so excited about it 🙁

  5. I was excited for the drama initially when it was just JGS that was cast. Now, I don’t really care to watch it. I really liked the idea of the plot, but at this point, I kind of just don’t care. Maybe this is my drama fatigue kicking in… Hopefully the drama ends up being good (enough), so I can get out of this slump.

  6. Can’t believe how bad You’re My Pet was. *sigh* WHY does JGS keep doing these horrible projects? I really had high hopes for this one and was excited to see his acting skills come back around. But alas, they cast Yoona. Which to me is the kiss of death for any project. And the preview proves to me that I’m right.
    Ah well. I can hope that in 2012 JGS finally gets a project worthy of his acting. Along with a stellar actress to work with.

  7. I watched You are my Pet unsub and I must say I was not impressed. The Japanese version totally rocked with Matsu Jun’s awesome dancing unlike JGS who played a bit of the guitar and danced a little…
    Such a huge disappointment ;(

    Here’s to hoping Love Rain will be more promising …

  8. I do hope that Love Rain turns out good. You are right, its profitability is out of the question because it has JKS and YSH in it. It will be a total money maker for sure! I am dearly hoping this drama brings out the best in JKS. He’s a top notch actor and it’s about time he get the right project to show off his acting skills.

  9. this drama is not on my to be watch list, yoona is pretty but that just it, i love kpop but, there are only few idols that can really act, and i just hope that having idols for leading ladies won’t be a trend…

  10. tho i like jks very much, you’re my pet was really crap! i’m so disappointed with the film and just wonder if he saw the final product. the film was so disjointed!

    i always find yoona insipid, with her simpering smile and pretentious shy looks. i really hope love rain will be a success and not another flop like u’re my pet. jks’s choice of film and drama serials haven’t been so great lately. 🙁

  11. Excuse me, if you all don’t like the drama with YoonA in it, then don’t watch. You all acted as if you are a great actor or actress. And you, the author of this site, if you dislike YoonA so much, don’t put this news up here for people like you all to bash YoonA.
    And today will be my last time coming in here to your Koalasplayground cos you are not a professional…….

    • Yap, you are right, those who kept on bashing around as if they are so great enough than Yoona, i felt so embarrassing coz most of the people who keep on anti Yoona are all international fans. It kinda bring us down and show as if we are so damn low class and not educated,so impolite. Those people should look at the mirror and should compare themselves with Yoona, Yoona is good and did nothing wrong but just those people who are so damn jealous about her and kept on bashing around just because most of the guys into her and choose her as their idol and so they keep bashing around as if they can marry those celebs (LOL). But i find them so LOL coz 100% understood that they are JEALOUS! through out the years support Kpop, i never anti any of the celeb before, why should i? they done nothing wrong dude! to those that think they can act so well, why aren’t YOU become the one that act with JGS? one word, JEALOUS!
      Please just accept that Korean recognize Yoona is one of the good actress and Please accept that universal recognize Yoona is one of the beautiful people in this world.

      • LOL! you make me laugh, don’t be such a baby, it’s called OPINION? do you know what it means? if you can’t take the heat of other peoples opinion then don’t bother reading, i’ve seen three of yoona’s drama and none of them really impresses me so why should i say she’s good when shes not! do i have to be an actress to see if one is good or not? dude you need to grow up!

      • When we express our feeling and to tell the truth which we believed, using wise and good words, is does not mean that we low class and not educated and impolite.

      • Whether is blog is professional or the author is professional is irrelevant. Do you (and the other girl) even know what professionalism is to even question her? It happens to be her blog, so she can choose to write whatever she wants. If you don’t agree with her, then don’t read it; no one is forcing you.

        Anyways to clear up some of your accusations and assumptions …
        – No one dislike YoonA as a person. We just don’t care for her as an actress. It’s like me not caring for Kiera Knightley as an actress. I don’t know her as a person, so I can’t judge her as a person. I just don’t like watching her on screen.
        – No one is bashing YoonA. We are merely expressing OUR OPINIONS. Blogs are meant for people to comment on and express their thoughts.
        – How we feel about YoonA will not affect her, because YOU and I have no relationship with YoonA. Sure she may be feel bad from time to time with the negative comments, BUT she’s in the limelight; she knows what she got herself into. Furthermore, does she even read this blog to even know that we’re talking about her. I don’t think we have that kind of power.
        – None of us ever said that we were actors/actresses, so we have no reason to be jealous. Furthermore, just because we commented on her inability to act doesn’t mean that we’re jealous of her.
        – We don’t care if idols choose her as their ideal type. That’s their deal. I personally don’t think she’s that pretty.
        – I don’t any of us ever expressed the desire to marry idols.
        – I don’t think the world recognizes YoonA as one of the world’s most beautiful people. Heidi Klum, yes. YoonA, no. I don’t think the majority of people even know of YoonA.
        – I don’t get the whole low-class, uneducated thing. Our comments make us low-class and uneducated? You need to break that one down for me because I just don’t see the connection. While you’re at it, please define low-class and uneducated. If it’s what I’m thinking, I am offended that you chose to stereotype and insult a group of people in “defending” YoonA.

        I dislike people like you, because you ruin my reading experience. I try to avoid dumb comments like yours, but there are times like this that I just can’t ignore. If you think YoonA is a great actress than just say so, we can argue about it all we want as long as you act like a grown up and stop accusing people of being this and that. Please remember that you are not YoonA’s relative, sister, friend, etc… you may feel an attachment to her but whatever you do or say will not affect her. She’s not going to send you a thank you card for “defending” her. Please return to the real world. But if you truly believe that you have a connection to her …. don’t you think that YoonA would be disappointed in you for bashing us?

        Again, I read blogs, watch dramas and listen to kpop to de-stress so I would appreciate it if you could tell your friends to stop with your comments.

        I apologize for the long comment.

    • I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. People need to accept the fact that their bias isn’t perfect and vulnerable to critique. Using the “jealousy” card is petty and unnecessary. Fans seriously need to differentiate between intentional hatred and constructive criticism.

      I saw comments on here saying that Yoona’s considered one of the best Korean actresses. Personally, I never watched her dramas so I can’t judge her acting, However, I highly doubt her skills can match those of Choi Ji Woo, Ha Ji Won, Song Ye Jin, and Song Hye Gyo. She’s considered a good actress, not an exceptional one. Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

      Lastly, I’d like to remind readers that this blog belongs to Koala hence the name “Koala’s Playground.” Since when do blogs have to cater to the readers’ preferences? Like she said, “I’ll talk about dramas if I want to.” The blog belongs to her meaning she has the right to discuss subjects based upon her views.

      I’m not trying to instigate a fight, but rather clear up misunderstandings. I apologize for offending anyone. I’m prepared for the backlash I’ll be facing.

      • hahaha Just love what u said… and contrary to your point, I believe no one should give you any bashing for stating your opinion or clarifying some point… those who can’t accept some criticisms of their fave celeb should be ashamed of themselves and just shy away from reading posts like this… LOL

        Madam K, am with you when you said JGS is not choosing his projects well…I didn’t like Your My Pet either…and I don’t like the title of this new drama too…The previous one sounded better…but most especially, I don’t like that Yoona was chosen as his leading lady…i have nothing against her personally… but I have watched her 2 previous dramas and judging from those am afraid to watch this because of her… she might be a good idol singer but in acting department she’s just not tolerable… besides, i do feel JGS is much prettier than her…now i think I will have some beating because of what I just said…oh well… anyway, I hope to be proven wrong because I do like this drama to be successful… happy new year everyone!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I do Agree that JGS is prettier than Yoona :). Named as Koala playground and let be free to express our feeling about drama and the actors. Don’t take personally for any comment. People should be free to express any comment by using wise and good words.
        I never seen Yoona in any drama but for sure my fav artist are Song Hye Gyo,Choi Ji Woo, Ejiah.

    • Of course I’m not a professional. What part of “a Koala who writes about dramas” would indicate I am a professional. Clearly you are overreaching and deeming me not a professional when I never professed to be a professional. Whew. What was a lot of professionals being flung around. Anyways, toddle off and enjoy living your life addicted to a pop idol who exists as created by an agency for your projecting pleasure.

      • ockoala, i like your final sentence. JGS is brave enough to leave his old agency and set up his own, though he started it small. Now tree J is recognized at least in Korea and Japan and he can do whatever he wants to do and not to do others’ instruct him to. this guy is just hot, isn’t he? but the impact of being a boss is that nobody can stop him from choosing ‘not so great’ projects. haiz….. gunsama or anybody close to him, pls advise him to get better project in the future…

      • Maybe I completely missed your point, but JGS never started his own talent agency. Ockoala was talking more about the fans’ infatuation over manufactured idols who are directly controlled by their companies. Every action we witness may possibly be a facade in order to retain their image.

      • @Anh: JGS ‘is’ the boss of Tree J. He’s the boss of his agency. His dad is the CEO, his mom is the Director. Tree-J is a small agency that only manages 1 star: JGS

  12. Yoona is for the Japanese ojichan audience:) Basically, the producers were thinking about the yen when they casted her^^

    Yeah, I wished JKS would chose roles that focus on his acting rather than his Hallyu prince status.

    • Agreed. Idol dramas are receiving an increase in demand because of Hallyu Wave’s influence in Asia mainly Japan and China. That’s why Yoona, Yuri, and Sooyoung were invited to participate as leads in 2012 dramas. In addition, Dream High 2 is definitely riding on the idol frenzy. Directors and producers aren’t interested in talent anymore. They emphasize upon the popularity of the actors and amount of potential revenue. I’ve seen actors and singers branching out into the Chinese and Japanese market. It’s understandable since Korea’s economic ranking in the world is 15th while China’s 2nd and Japan’s fallen to 3rd. Hopefully, idol dramas won’t be the trend in 2012. I want to see new faces like Lee Min Jung, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Soo Hyun.

      JGS’s decline began immediately after You’re Beautiful ended. His acting skills shouldn’t be wasted on dramas without substance. Maybe his luck will turn around this year.

  13. I so agree with u that jks’s decline began immediately after u’re beautiful ended. He’s metamorphosised into this physically beautiful doll which sings and dances and has the acting skills switched off. Where’s the jks of beethoven’s virus and itaewon murder? Come back, please!

    • Pax and Tamamy, I couldn’t agree more with you two. I has been a while since JGS started this transformation and it’s not only related to drama. I saw some photos of his interviews and he’s wearing the weirdest clothes and accesories I’ve ever seen. It’s definetely a pitty to see him like that with girly looks and doing bizarre roles like “you’re my pet”.

  14. @ Anh I agree with all your comments here and it’s lamentable if this trend will continue this year. It was a wise decision by Kim Hyun Jong to decline the offer of a drama with Sooyoung and instead pursue his singing career. It’s clear that Korean entertainment companies especially SME pulls strings with the broadcast networks to promote their idols by joining into dramas that would give them more revenues.

  15. After watching You’re My Pet, I only hope for two things for Love Rain.

    1.) A logical storyline. I don’t care about YoonA – hell, I’ll put a sticky note over her face the whole time if I have to, but NO MORE INANE PLOTS!

    2.) A chance for JGS to dazzle everyone with his acting skills.

    This may be too much to ask for, but this eel will keep praying. Sigh.

  16. I know JGS really love the role “momo” in You’re my Pet. He always choose roles that he likes rather than the overall combination ( script, director etc ) . It is sad that actors cannot control the bad editing and directing. You’re my Pet has an interesting plot and can be a movie that is so much better but the director is not able to tell the story properly. However, i do notice that a lot of fans complain a lot about the movie. Many casual movie goers who has no high expectation of the movie seems to find it a fun movie. But if you are looking for a good movie, this is definitely not the one.

    I definitely hope Love Rain will be a good drama. JGS is a very good actor and I am excited to see him cast in a melodrama. However, i am not sure about Yoona. I hope her acting has improved. From the stills, i still cannot see their chemistry. PD Yoon has some great dramas but his recent dramas has also flopped. I will pray that after a long hiatus, this is his great comeback.

  17. excuse me… long time no chit’chat :p

    i just wanna say, i miss you discuss about Jang Geun Suk…31 December 2011 is the last time you post about him, come on… are you don’t love him anymore? ^_~

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