Official Stills from the December Song Joong Ki Fan Meeting in Japan

The only drama Song Joong Ki did in 2011 was an extended cameo performance in Tree with Deep Roots, playing the younger version of King Sejong. His performance was so electrifying that it netted him an award at the year end SBS Drama Awards, which is just a pat on the back even if his was wholly deserving. He held a fan meeting in Japan in early December and I wrote about it here. This week his Japanese website released official stills of the event, which is always a good reason to spread more Joong Ki love around. He’s so adorable it’s bordering on illegal. I love his candid shots more than any posed magazine shoots, capturing his bright cheerful essence and fabulous charm.

[Credit: Song Joongki’s Japan website via Baidu]


Official Stills from the December Song Joong Ki Fan Meeting in Japan — 11 Comments

  1. These stills (and Joong Ki, of course) are gorgeous!! I also love candid shots more than photo shoots. Thank you so much for sharing these! Savesavesave <3

  2. T____________T

    Mine mine mine mine mine. Seriously, he’s so beautiful that it shouldn’t be legal. How is it that I wasn’t as captivated or interested in him a year ago? Penny-Pinching Romance really did me in, that’s what. And his candid shots are the best! *goes off to alert other chingus*

      • Ugh. But the drama gods will probably talk to Fate and we’ll end up with a draw at the end, just like last time! God, it’s all PPR’s fault that I fell in love with SJK! Who told him to be so adorable? If only I had MINE’d him back during SKKS… *grumblegrumble*

  3. Penny Pinching is totally to blame. The movie destroyed my bias list and Song Joong Ki just risen up the list. I liked him in SKKS and Triple. But after Penny Pinching and TWDR… Song Joong Ki MINE!!!!

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