Lee Min Ki is a Quirky Preppy for Menswear Brand The Class

One can’t ever describe Lee Min Ki as classically handsome. His features are off here and there from the ideal visage, yet together it forms this memorable image that lasts longer than simply being pretty. Pair that with a quirky personality and some great acting choices, he’s definitely an actor to follow and appreciate. He’s the spokesperson for the menswear brand The Class, and below are the pictures from the latest collection. It’s all really cute, in that preppy librarian way that can come off as stuffy but Min Ki turns into deliciously charming. As a model, he comes of as always “in” on the joke.

[Credit: The Class website]


Lee Min Ki is a Quirky Preppy for Menswear Brand The Class — 14 Comments

  1. If Lee Seung-gi is the proverbial boy-next-door that every mother would like to have for her son, then Lee Min-ki is like his quirky brother who charms people by his dorky awkwardness and endearing personality.

  2. Hi koala! I know that you said that you wanted moon geun young or Jung so min to play yeon woo in the sun embraces the moon. I was on daum and I saw an article about moon geun young and the drama! I think it was bout her rejecting the role or something? Not sure..

    • Yes. 🙁 I love Lee Min Ki too but the way his smile looks so similar in most of the pics is kind of freaking me out.

      I like the ones where he isn’t looking directly at the camera, specially that one holding some old-fashioned binoculars. 🙂

  3. The very top picture, that deer/caribou thing looks like a lion’s mane; I love it. Oh yea, Lee Min Ki he looks good too 🙂 but, it was the caribou/lion that caught my attention

  4. Can’t wait for his Rocker Boy look !!!!
    Boys & Girls, he’ll be a cameo @ TvN Shut Up Flower Boy Band… wohoooooooooo

  5. Did you take a sneak peek at what is likely Min Ki’s photoshoot for The Class 2012 Spring Collection through mnet.com? Can’t wait for end of January when The Class will update their site w/ the new spring catalog.

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