Alice Ke Reveals Her Abs as Promised with Office Girls Breaking 6 in Ratings

Just because Office Girls is about to end doesn’t mean the fun loving cast will welsh on a promise. Back when OG broke 5 in ratings, which resulted in Roy Qiu making good on his promise to wear his onscreen dinosaur outfit and drive a go-cart around, his leading lady Alice Ke promised that if OG broke 6 in ratings she’ll show off a six-pack. Then 3 months passed with OG staying firming in the 5s (which is already phenomenal ratings for a TW-drama), until finally it broke 6 this past weekend. Today the cast rallied around Alice, who confessed she didn’t have a six-pack despite keeping a lean protein diet and doing massive sit ups for weeks on end now, so she gamely showed off her pretty flat abdomen and asked the fans for their understanding. The fact that OG has two muscle men in Patrick Li and James Wen yet it was Alice who volunteered her non-existent abs as fan service is pretty ironic. At least the cast and their fans are all good sports, injecting some silly fun into the last days of filming, especially with the image of Patrick and Roy playing tic-tac-toe on Alice’s abs.


Alice Ke Reveals Her Abs as Promised with Office Girls Breaking 6 in Ratings — 11 Comments

  1. I will miss this OTP – my favourite one of all the dramas I’ve seen – Korean, Taiwan or Japanese. Whilst others say XR is not stepping up and it’s only ZQ who’s out there declaring his love, I can emphatise with XR as she has more personal issues distracting her and no other relations, except sick Mom and BFF Le Le to lean on. There are too many things burdening her young mind that her love life plays second to the other more mundane stuff.

    Their love story is so basic, apart from the secret that ZQ has to keep. The courtship is so typical that it’s so relatable. And ZQ, once he’s ascertained he loves XR, never swayed; never got dissuaded despite Mom’s objections and Kai Er’s temptations.

    I hope to get this on English subbed DVD’s. do they release T-dramas with English subs? And where can I get them? I would really want to have this in my collection. There’s no website that posts hard-subbed videos of this drama, is there?

  2. ahhh… they look good together!
    who are they dating now?
    I wonder how closely their characters in the drama resemble their real life personalities? if they are similar then they could really be compatible as a romantic couple.

  3. Lol if you just blurred out the tic tac toe, the way Alice is posing with the two guys’ hands on her stomach looks like they’re celebrating a baby bump

  4. Once again, this proves we never should engage in stupid bets. πŸ™‚ I hope they didn’t use permanent marking pens… It’s so nice to see everyone having fun ! I’ll miss the entire team when it ends. πŸ™

  5. Liu Yu Le who plays the best friend is so cute it’s a little bit ridiculous. I know she’s an adult, but she looks like a child.

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