Park Min Young is the 2012 Face of Basic House Korea and China

New year, new spokesperson for Basic House, the Korean casual chic brand. Last year the company paired up Moon Geun Young and Won Bin in one of the oddest pairings in recent memory. Both of them did fabulously when posing alone, but together they gave off uncle and niece vibes all around. This year the company has tapped the popular Park Min Young to model their wares, and the first pictures have just been released. Too bad BH couldn’t land the Min-Min couple, because that would be an epic spokescouple pairing if ever there was one. There is nothing wrong with Min Young by herself, as she continues to channel her brand of sincere easy-going exuberance in these photos.

[Credit: Basic House Korea]


Park Min Young is the 2012 Face of Basic House Korea and China — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing this, PMY looks lovely. I’m a MinMin Shipper and would really love for them to work together again but now that they’re a couple I doubt if they would even have photoshoots together, as it is there we’re no more pics of them dating after that dispatch thing…

  2. I think MGY is still the best Basic House endorser. But I guess they change models every year.No more news about her and LMH.. I wonder if they are still together.. She looks good with CJM though 🙂

  3. I really like this fashion shoot. I’m a fan of colored jeans, so my favorite picture was her wearing the bright blue ones with red heels. That’s an outfit I would definitely wear and feel awesome in! Oh, I can’t wait for spring weather!

  4. yeah,,i’m agree with you.
    moon geun young was stunning and amazing when posing alone (i think more than park min young). she was just very cool.

  5. First saw her in City Hunter, which made me watch her previous drama. The first thing I noticed about her is her beautiful smile, she has this smile that just lights up her face and just makes her even more beautiful.

  6. I agree MGY looks better than PMY in Basic House. But PMY was so classy in those Compagna photos makes me want to own one of those outfits. Maybe BH is to casual for someone elegant like PMY.

  7. I’m glad Park min young is modeling for Basic House..she can make BH clothing shines with her lovely smile..:-).,love u always

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