Shinhwa Readies for Release of 10th Album and 2012 Asian Concert Tour

This is going to be so epic it’s not even funny. The Big Kahuna of K-pop boy bands is back together again and ready to rock the stage. Shinhwa, consisting of Eric, Hye Sung, Dong Wan, Jun Jin, Andy, and Min Woo, is gearing up for the release of their 10th album plus a Pan-Asia concert tour after a three year hiatus that found all six members entering military service one after the after. With the release of Jun Jin last November, all six members have finally been reunited. After the debacle that was Spy Myung Wol, Eric must be thrilled to take a breather from acting and go back to his musical roots. The group released the first teaser of their upcoming tour to whet the appetites of fans, and my appetite is surely whetted. Leader and his band of brothers is ready to rock, then I am so ready to roll. Apparently the ticket sales for the Taiwan leg of their tour is priced at the highest ever for any Korean artist performing there. Folks in Asia can check the Shinhwa website to find tour dates and stops.

Shinhwa 2012 Concert Tour (marking their 14th Anniversary) Teaser:

The teaser includes footage from the group’s 10th Anniversary Concert, where the group promised then to the fans “Shinhwa will undoubtedly return, and we will be together even when we die”. Looks like the boys are about to make good on their promise.


Shinhwa Readies for Release of 10th Album and 2012 Asian Concert Tour — 18 Comments

  1. Indeed the boys are back! I’m personally waiting for Andy and Solbi to meet on a variety show or something. Also considering Shiyoung being all over the place with Wild Romance perhaps her and Jun Jun meet up since they did date. I’m a WGM shipper for Shinhwa. Actually more of Shinhwa on variety would be great. I didn’t see the Strong Heart appearance yet.

  2. I am not a big Shinhwa fan but oh man, I would so love to watch their comeback concert. It looks epic and mega scale. Shinhwa fans must be super excited. Makes me hopeful that one day Super Junior will be the same too.

  3. i caught on their hype when the last of ’em left for the army but man oh man definitely gonna try to tune in to this comeback. Looks and sounds super epic and emo. Boyband never seemed so loyal until Shinhwa here, ha!

  4. the men of shinhwa are back to dominate! i have some friends that will try to secure concert tix for us to see their mega concert comeback. i know a lot of people know them through their various variety appearances, but nothing makes them hotter than when they’re performing on stage together. sizzling!!

  5. Man I have a great history with Shinhwa. The first time I ever watched a Kpop mv was their T.O.P mv and I have loved them ever since. Have all their albums and i wish i lived in Asia so I could catch one of their concerts. But I look forward to their comeback and can’t wait to get my hands on their 10th album!!

  6. I’m oddly excited about this. If that dates me and put me in an ajuhma bracket so be it!!! I’m happy the boys are back. ^__^

  7. So excited for this you have no idea. I got into them back in the late 90s and have been a fan ever since. I wish I had the time to take a vacation because I really want to see them live, sadly my korea/japan trip isn’t till September (why or why do I have so many deadlines and conferences this half of the year)/. Kpop these days just isn’t what it used to be and its good to see this longtime group still together.

  8. I am so ridiculously excited for this! I’m not into kpop anymore (way too many boy bands to follow up on) but I will be following up with this album. 90s boy bands ftw!! I know they never disbanded but it’s been way too long since their last album and appearance together.

  9. My one and only love! I’ve been waiting for this day sans 4 years ago when Eric first enlisted. Watch out kpop! Shinhwa will dominate the scene like no one has ever done before. The Kings are back!

  10. Do you guys hear me screaming!!! because I cant even hear myself screaming over my own scream. OMG, shinhwa back together again. I cant wait to watch em be together, brothers forever!!! 🙂

  11. yep. they are forever my boys. they are getting ready for one of the most exciting and unforgettable combacks of their and anyones lives. being a fan half around the world is even more exciting

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