Vicky Zhao and Huang Xiaoming do a Couples Photoshoot to Promote LOVE

It helps to have friends who are famous and sincere about lending a hand. Vicky Zhao, who got married two years ago and had a baby all under the surveillance of Chinese paparazzi cameras, is back on the big screen in her first project since trying out motherhood. Her movie LOVE (which is hard to call anyone’s movie really since it has a total of 8 big stars in the cast) is gearing up for a Valentine’s Day release, and with it comes the typical promotions. I loved the one Vicky did with her very good friend Huang Xiaoming for February’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar China. He agreed to do it even though he’s not in the movie because he’s friends with so many of the actors in it, plus he says that he totally believes in true love. Uhm, okay, so says the man dating Angelababy.

It’s a very elegant and sultry piece, which focuses on Vicky but uses the handsome guy next to her as a prop almost. Nice. Vicky and Huang Xiaoming, along with Chen Kun, were college buddies, and it’s really just talent attracting talent that the three of them hit it so big in China in their respective careers. Doesn’t hurt that all three are ridiculously pretty people. Back to this photo spread, which is Vicky at her most striking and finally shedding any remnant of her “cute” image. I love it. Motherhood definitely suits her. Hopefully she continues to develop her acting craft along with her new fabulous figure.

Vicky and her one male BFF Chen Kun have already played a couple in the movie Painted Skin. I think she’s long overdue to start rolling around the sheets onscreen with her other male BFF Huang Xiaoming. So not fair this girl has such hottie platonic guy friends.


Vicky Zhao and Huang Xiaoming do a Couples Photoshoot to Promote LOVE — 8 Comments

  1. I am fascinated by this photoshoot in part because, as I recall, HXM has declared in public and on several occasions no less that he’s had the biggest crush on Vicki since they were in college together, yet Vicki has only ever seen him as a platonic friend. Of course, this was all before he started dating Angelababy, whose unfortunate name I can never help snarking at. Nothing against her per se, just the porn-star name, which sadly also interferes with my ability to take HXM seriously, for dating a girl with a porn star name. Anyway, HXM seems less on fire in this spread than he normally is, which I’m just going to attribute to his being shy yet secretly thrilled about getting to do a hot spread with his longtime crush.

  2. Dang they all looked so yummy…

    Heard that there will be Painted Skin part 2 coming out. I really like Part 1…
    Chen Kun looked so hawt 🙂

  3. She is so pretty. I find it cute that huang xiao ming is one of her BFF ^•^ it’s even more cute when u see their grad pic in college.

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