Rainie Yang Shares Her Rocker Vibes for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong

It takes a lot of self-confidence to rock a beauty mark, and Rainie Yang is on good company with some of the most famous beauties of yesteryears who have proudly sported a natural beauty mark and made it their own. It looks like Rainie planning to keep her hair short since she’s made no attempt to grow it out since wrapping her last drama Drunken to Love You about ten months ago. I actually think Rainie looks fabulous with either her trademark long locks which she had for nearly a decade since she joined the entertainment industry, and now her stylish short bob. Rainie is a workaholic who is constantly on acting projects, and this has been the longest hiatus she’s taken from acting. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear news soon of her next project, and my gut tells me she’s (wisely) focusing on movies. It’s about time. In the meantime, have the latest photo spread from Rainie for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

[Credit: Cosmopolitan Hong Kong]


Rainie Yang Shares Her Rocker Vibes for Cosmopolitan Hong Kong — 7 Comments

    • I was just thinking that…but then I realized her beauty mark is on her right side and if she only showed her left it would look weird as we are so used to seeing it…..

  1. I don’t get it….is it supposed to be girlie bondage?

    Still on the fence about her…haven’t loved any of her dramas yet.

  2. It’s funny because when i was younger i used to love her earlier dramas but now that i watched it again, it’s so cheesy. Quess i’m too old for idol dramas. lolz… I heard that she’s thinking about doing Mainland drama and possibly a wuxia one. That would be a great change from her usual roles. I only seen her in one ancient drama and i think she looks great.

  3. Fabulous..very sophisticated love her new look she looks good in any stylehope to see her soon in a new drama or movie

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