Mike He and Ella Attend Press Conference to Unveil Bad Girls Official Trailer

Ella’s wedding is fast approaching, and her star couldn’t be shining any brighter. She just had a hit movie last month with Zai Zai, and already she’s off promoting her upcoming movie Bad Girls with Mike He. The movie comes out in April and is billed as a rom-com where Ella plays a high school tough girl who gets roped into playing the leading actress in a period movie-within-a-movie opposite Mike’s movie star character. The two leads attended a press conference to unveil the official trailer for the movie. Ella confessed that her first big screen kiss will be with Mike, and despite her affianced status, she teased that Mike is quite the kisser. I found the trailer adorable and this movie looks harmless enough that it could easily be a frothy little hit.

Bad Girl Trailer:


Mike He and Ella Attend Press Conference to Unveil Bad Girls Official Trailer — 18 Comments

  1. I want Ella’s outfit right now 🙂 I remember when I first saw her in HanaKimi and how I found her boring and, well, let’s face it, not really pretty. And now, she’s glowing on every picture and always looks so friendly. I wish her the best for her marriage!

    • I was going to say the same of her outfit. She looks feminine even with jeans on. It must the forthcoming wedding. She’s glowing and looking oh-so-pretty!

  2. A cute little rom com for Spring. I love Ella, just my kind of girl : A child boyish side but also cute, and a natural beauty. It seems at least in this movie she HAS good reasons to stay eyes wide opened while been kissed. 🙂 Damn, i’m so jealous….
    Congrats for the wedding Ma’am.
    Am i the only one who finds that Mike has lost some weight ? Should i send a cyber-steak ?

    • I didn’t even notice his shoes until you mentioned it, but their like some weird cross between a typical dress shoe and a clog.

  3. Love Ella and she looks adorable in the pix. Mike He is very handsome but do not like his outfit. Pants seem to long and those shoes!

  4. Love Ella. She has wonderful chemistry with almost every single male leads in her dramas and films. She has that ability and I have not seen that with any other actresses.

  5. wow Ella is soon getting married?! Awwww ~ congratulations to her! There was a time a several years back that I listen to S.H.E songs all the time. They were my girlgroup!

  6. This is the first time that I got excited about an Ella series. Really! I wanted to watch her other series because she was paired with good actors but I seriously cannot. Sorry to the fans but I dread her acting skills and looks. But this one iss an exception. Just watching the trailer made me excited >.<

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