Upcoming Blockbuster K-movie The Thieves Releases Official Poster

Hot off the presses comes the first ever look at the poster for the upcoming Choi Dong Hoon blockbuster heist movie The Thieves. Billed as the Asian version of Ocean’s Eleven, the cast of Korean and Hong Kong actors find themselves on opposite sides of a jewel heist at a Macao casino. Filming was shot on location in Macao last Summer, and I’ve been following along since this is my most anticipated K-movie of the year. I love the cast, and I love a well-made heist movie. Starting from the top left of the poster and then going clock-wise are: Jeon Ji Hyun (Gianna Jun), Simon Yam, Lee Jung Jae, Kim Hye Soo, Oh Dal Soo, Angelica Lee (Lee Sin Jie), Kim Yun Seok, Derek Tsang, Kim Hae Sook, and Kim Soo Hyun. Whew. I actually ran out of breath writing down all the names in this hella star-studded cast of actors. Read on for a plot and character synopsis.


Upcoming Blockbuster K-movie The Thieves Releases Official Poster — 10 Comments

    • Why do they keep on writing such bad English? With their budget you would expect they could afford to hire someone to write a proper English version… sigh…

  1. for a second the 2nd guy on the top row looked like Kim Yeong-cheol…. was gettin’ ready to flip tables….
    holy guacamole, this is an awesome cast! Hopefully, the script left room for some serious badass & smart female action, not leaving them as props for the boys

    For anyone who’s interested Korean Cinema Today listed the biggest korean cinema productions for 2012 along with The Thieves:

    The Fortune Tellers
    Taste of Money
    The Emperor’s Concubine

    also, Park Chan Wook’s upcoming Stoker is already in post-pro!

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