Acclaimed C-actor Chen Jian Bin Nets Triple Win at Star-studded 2014 Golden Horse Awards

The 51st Golden Horse Awards took place last night in Taipei to celebrate the best of film in Greater China for 2014. It was an unprecedented triple win for Chinese actor-director Chen Jian Bin (who walked the red carpet in sunglasses heh), currently still best known around the world as Your Majesty Emperor Yongzheng from the blockbuster C-drama Legend of Zhen Huan. Chen Jian Bin won in every category he was nominated in – Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best New Director. Talk about being King of the World. Well deserved, Mr. Chen Jian Bin!

On hand to celebrate his win was C-actress wife the gorgeous Jiang Qin Qin as well as his costars from the movie The Farmer (his Best Actor win) and Service in Paradise (his Best Supporting Actor win). Despite the awards being held in Taiwan, it was the Chinese mainland movies that took home most of the awards including Best Picture going to C-movie Blind Massage. Ethan Ruan‘s first post-military movie Service in Paradise also netted a Best Supporting Actress win for Regina Wan but overall the wins were pretty spread out. Check out the fashion parade below for more awards dressing eye-candy. Continue reading

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