Squeeworthy Spoiler Pictures for Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts

Super awesome spoiler pictures for episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This drama literally has everything I could ask for. Functional happy families, both Jae Ha and Hang Ah having loving parents and are fully functional people without any hang ups, discounting Jae Ha’s narcissism and tendency to be an ass. Great friendships, I can watch Team WOC hang out all day long. Interesting political stakes, a madman for a villain who is completely unpredictable at this point, and a fantastic big screen quality cinematography and set design. Everything feels grand yet intimate. Considering how rabid I am for this drama, it will be the longest live-airing drama I’ve ever gone insane for. The others were all 16-episoders, and now I wonder if I’ll survive this ordeal.

Could this scene be any prettier? The snow. How he looks so lost. How she runs towards him. How he hugs her back. Guh, Jae Ha and Hang Ah are on track to be my drama OTP of this year. Seriously? Who in their right mind would have EVER pegged Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won to blow the lids off the screen with their chemistry. I sure didn’t, and I’ll happy eat my words about that in order to keep getting them on my screen.


Squeeworthy Spoiler Pictures for Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts — 27 Comments

  1. This show will be my death…it poison laced with crack…now despite having gotten only 4 hours of sleep and working non-stop the whole day, I’m actually considering staying up to catch this live…it’s turned me even more nuts than John Mayer…..also tomorrow I finally get to see the one reason I even started watching this show in the first place…Lee Yoon Ji!!!!…and I’m already shipping her with Shi Kyung like mad!

  2. Oh my, I can’t wait …. why is it still 6.5 hours away!!
    Live streaming better be smooth tonight….ahh…

    Thank you so much. You know how much better your addiction is when the plot is actually good? No wonder chemistry is so intangible. I don’t even like LSG not even in the other 2 previous drama but I am a rabid fan for this.

  3. DITTO! I’ve never liked the idea of seeing an actress older than her pairing but this has to be the one! He’s not much of an eyecandy but he has this charisma (oo-la-la) that keeps you wanting him to be as many scene.

  4. Oh my… oh my… oh my….. *Speechless*

    very beautiful scene!!! can’t wait for tonight…. T_T
    by the way seunggi always very handsome on stripy clothes…….. @.@

  5. can’t wait for tonights episode after seeing the spoiler pix….thanks for the pix koala…
    HJW is really young looking…the chemistry is just there….I’m now a fan of LSG..i’ve seen him is shining inheritance….

  6. I feel something absurb with the look on Jae Ha’s face. Something bad has happened. And there she is, Hang Ah, comes to comfort him. I think the 6th episode will be the-cornerstone episode.

    • umm, maybe something to do with his brother?! To propel this show into darker territories i feel that his brother will be dying soon!! :/ Not a spoiler or something…it’s just my gut feeling!!

  7. Squee!!!! I swear those people who were so doubtful of their chemistry together when the casting news were announced are EATING THEIR WORDS BIG TIME or even cursing themselves for their skepticism over the OTP.
    I’m so over the moon whenever I see HA & JH together. Sure there’s really no grand romantic gestures but those little touches, the longing looks, a little smile or grin here and there equates to the same effect as those grandiose romantic schemes.
    I’m so in love with TK2H!

  8. got to land my comment here.oh tq so much koala.they are super cute together.especially ha jiwon.cant believe she is in mid thirty.

  9. Really loving this drama to bits~
    It is also a first for me to follow and wait patiently for an ongoing drama… I always wait for the whole drama to end and then watch it all together… but this… just can’t wait~!

    Love the hug scene~ super touching and this is where JaeHa realised HangAh’s feelings for him~ (He keeps thinking that HangAh likes Shikyung… hai… big mistake!)
    The way JaeHa stood dumbfounded as he watched HangAh running over to him and hugging him. Then the way JaeHa hug her back, holding her tightly… + beautiful white snow falling down~! Lovely~!

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