Park Min Young for Campagna Spring 2012 Collection

Park Min Young has been the face of the Korean brand Campagna for quite some time, and she must really fit their image because she’s back for their Spring 2012 collection. I have this thing for simple clean lines, and these pictures are precisely what I love seeing. It gives off the warm breeze of Spring, and the clothes just look perfect on her. Wish it looked as good on me, heh. Seeing Min Young, it got me thinking that perhaps she would have been a better leading lady in Rooftop Prince with Micky Yoochun. While I didn’t particularly like their OTP in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, they did have good chemistry, and I think Min Young does the perky leading lady quite well. Just my random musings, but I have heard completely unsubstantiated rumors that she’s considering a C or TW-drama next.


Park Min Young for Campagna Spring 2012 Collection — 6 Comments

  1. Do you even watch Rooftop Prince? Han JiMin is killing it! She strikes a good balance between perky and heart-tugging and has GREAT chemistry with Yoochun.

    • I think episode 6 was her episode

      I really like her

      but Min Young and Yoochun got some great chemistry too and it helps that they are basically the same age (’86)

  2. I like this photos, really light and optimistic. And so tru that the clothes just look perfect on her. She is small and pretty. I like the shoes too, to bad that I can’t were this kind of shoes often, I’m 170 cm and +10cm it’s tiring for me.

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