The King 2 Hearts Episode 7 Recap

This recap was hard to write, since its hard to process dialogue and write when one is sobbing like a loony. So much happened in one episode, yet it was shockingly low key. I don’t know if the writers intended it this way, but even the most shocking or drama altering plot turn felt muted, controlled, stoic almost. But it made sense to me, a drama about the most far-fetched of possibilities being presented without histrionics. The end of episode 7 of The King 2 Hearts has made me officially a Lee Seung Gi fangirl. His performance was stunningly restrained and perfect, so much emotion kept so tightly wound up just like his character was feeling but could not express. Beyond the love story of Hang Ah and Jae Ha, which is fantastic, I also love the story about family and cultural differences and rising up to the challenge.

Episode 7 recap:

In the middle of sucking face in front of the fridge, Hang Ah and Jae Ha are busted by the duo of daddy and big brother, respectively. They quickly break apart and get up, unconsciously touching their lips as if it wasn’t obvious enough what they were doing.

Jae Ha is pacing in the room, clearly not looking forward to what comes next. To his shock, the person who walks in to “talk” with him is not Jae Kang, but is instead Hang Ah’s daddy. Ruh roh, things are not looking good for Jae Ha, whose penchant for taking the easy way out is about to be dashed in the face of an angry daddy.

Similarly Hang Ah is nervously awaiting her own talking-to but she is stunned when she sees Jae Kang walking in to walk with her instead of her dad. I love how the parental-esque units split up and then changed things up. Jae Kang is so sweet to Hang Ah, asking her if she likes Jae Ha? He wonders if she’s been sad because of Jae Ha, and Hang Ah assures him that she is fine.

He knows that it will be tough on her, liking Jae Ha and choosing to be with him. It’ll be harder after the engagement since the cultural differences will make Hang Ah a target of criticism. Jae Kang offers to help take a bit of the pressure off them, would that work? She can hide behind him until Jae Ha matures and things settle down. Hang Ah sincerely asks if it’s okay that she’s the one, and Jae Kang assures her that because she’s the one then it’s okay.

Unlike the warm discussion between Hang Ah and Jae Kang, in the other room Jae Ha is all nervous when faced with Hang Ah’s daddy. Hang Ah’s dad asks Jae Ha what was going on back there? Jae Ha’s foot-in-mouth problem flares up and he blames it on the alcohol. Hang Ah’s dad asks if just because Jae Ha is the South Korean prince he can get drunk and kissy kissy all he wants without any consequences?

Jae Ha quickly says that’s not what he meant, and that’s not what happened either. It was mutual just like how it looked. Hang Ah’s dad scoffs at the mutual part claiming he knows his daughter’s heart. Right now he wants to know if Jae Ha likes his daughter? Jae Ha hems and haws, not wanting to answer. That makes Hang Ah’s dad stand up in anger and declare he’ll head back to North Korea right now and tell the world that the South Korean prince got drunk and kissed his daughter. Plus he’s taking his Hang Ah with him back to North Korea. Jae Ha grabs his future father-in-law’s leg and looks all contrite and nervous, so Hang Ah’s dad asks if an engagement should be announced?

Next thing we see is a giant banner being unfurled announcing the engagement of Prince Jae Ha to Kim Hang Ah after they have dated for a month. Political pundits are discussing this unprecedented alliance on TV, while Jae Ha and Hang Ah have become the Will and Kate of South Korea, with their face plastered all over pillows and t-shirts being hawked by street vendors.

Hang Ah returns to South Korea using a special South Korean visa as the first move for her to marry into the royal family of South Korea. She will undergo three months of royal training before she is given South Korean citizenship, and she will become the first person to hold dual citizenship in both North and South Korea.

Hang Ah’s father is getting ready to leave South Korea as Hang Ah will stay and prepare to become the Princess. Jae Ha walks in and asks if Hang Ah’s dad wants to say goodbye, but instead Hang Ah’s dad gives Jae Ha a formal fully prostrating Joseon-era bow. Jae Ha is alarmed and wants to help him up, telling all the guards to leave.

Hang Ah’s father says he doesn’t know South Korean customs, but he needs to sincerely ask something of Jae Ha. Hang Ah’s father tells Jae Ha that his Hang Ah is a girl who has endured a lot. Her mother died when she was born, so she doesn’t have a lot of freedom to do as she wanted and was a very obedient child, taking care of him and doing whatever is asked of her. He asks Jae Ha to please take good care of Hang Ah, because his daughter is his everything. Hang Ah’s dad gets up and then goes back down for a full bow again, and this time Jae Ha gets on his knees and also bows his head back. Oh, this daddy scene makes me all teary and warm inside.

Hang Ah’s dad leaves without saying goodbye to Hang Ah in person. He only sends her a text, telling her that from now on she is a South Korean so she needs to obey the laws and customs of South Korea. Hang Ah watches her father leave from the window and cries, apologizing to him.

The royal family sits down for dinner, now with future daughter-in-law Hang Ah as part of the group. They are eating rice sent over from North Korea, and when asked, the Queen Mother says it’s very delicious.

The Queen Mother tries to talk with Hang Ah, but the decades of separation between the North and South make it easy for what Hang Ah says to be misconstrued. Jae Ha teases Hang Ah during the meal and Jae Kang has to kick his little brother under the table to shut him up.

Hang Ah starts her princess-to-be educational training, which includes learning everything about South Korea including its currency and how much the royal family is worth. Hang Ah is also flabbergasted to see a check and what its used for. The Queen Mother is informed that Hang Ah’s education level is equal to that of a senior in high school. The Queen Mother also starts to instruct Hang Ah in learning to speak like a South Korean.

Jae Shin goes out drinking with her friends, and then when the guards arrive to escort her home, she takes off. Shi Kyung catches up to her. She gets on the wall to get a better view, saying that there will be a meteor shower tonight. Shi Kyung tries to get her to come down, but she asks him to make a wish. She tries to find out what he wished for, such as world peace maybe?

Shi Kyung gets annoyed with her, asking why she has to make their lives as guards difficult just because she’s the princess. Jae Shin offers to sing for him, and she sings a lovely song. She sincerely apologizes to Shi Kyung, she was not intending to mock their duty to protect her.

Secretary Eun meets with a foreigner who tries to get the whereabouts as to King Jae Kang’s upcoming vacation destination. Secretary Eun does not divulge it, saying that this information is confidential even amongst the staff. The man says he just wanted to know where to vacation when he visits South Korea.

When Secretary Eun goes back to his office, he sees a gift from that foreigner, whose name is Daniel Craig (mwahahaha), consisting of an old Beatles album. Secretary Eun calls him to decline this too expensive gift, but the man persists and says it’s just a token of their friendship. He’s insistent and starts to get annoyed so Secretary Eun accepts it, and then reveals that a great vacation destination in South Korea is Anmyeongdo, where the sunset is very beautiful.

Bong Goo, staring at his wall full of pictures of people in pain and agony, talks to his female companion and plots his next move. He decides the evening sunset is beautiful in Anmyeondo, and perhaps his next picture addition should be something related to fire.

The palace ladies are reading gossip on the internet about Hang Ah. The Queen Mother pulls Hang Ah aside to discuss Hang Ah’s education and training. She’s not pleased with many of the things Hang Ah is doing, but Hang Ah is just trying her best. She reminds Hang Ah to be careful with what she says and does. The Queen Mother reveals that she was commoner born as well and had to learn to be royalty. The Queen Mother continues to adjust Hang Ah’s way of referring to the South, saying it is not the South, it is the Republic of Korea.

Secretary Eun drops off the King and the Queen at their vacation destination in Amyeongdo, telling them that everything is safe and this area has been cleared. Shi Kyung is also there, to remind the troops guarding the couple to be extra vigilant and report immediately if there is anything odd.

Jae Ha comes in to see his mother speaking with Hang Ah, but is told that Hang Ah is just getting pointers about her education. After Hang Ah leaves, Jae Ha asks his mom not to push Hang Ah so hard, but his mother replies that she’s tired of having to do so as well. After Jae Ha talks with his mom, he wants to see Hang Ah but the guards tell him that he can’t. He calls up sister Jae Shin, who is out shopping for groceries. Turns out Jae Shin is headed to Anmyeondo to drop off food for Jae Kang as a surprise.

A car full of supposedly lost foreign tourists pull up to the gate of the King’s vacation compound in Anmyeondo. It’s Bong Goo’s assassins, of course, and they get one of the guards to touch a glove by pretending to ask for directions. Afterwards they lift that guard’s fingerprint and find a way to enter the compound.

The assassins sneak into the compound and rig the furnace and chimney, setting it up for a potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Jae Shin arrives to drop off groceries and she runs into the assassins and is promptly kidnapped. The King and Queen return from a stroll and find groceries on the table and deduce Jae Shin came up and left.

Hang Ah is dressed in a traditional Korean wedding gown from the Joseon era and she’s still smarting from her earlier talk with the Queen Mother. Jae Ha comes in and Hang Ah can’t conceal her frustration, saying that she has her pride as a North Korean as well. They get in a fight about how poor North Korea is and how money-focused South Korea is, and the Hang Ah huffs that she wants to go home.

But then Jae Kang calls Hang Ah and helps her calm down, he knows how hard it is for her.

Jae Ha is dressed in a tux and headed for an event. He gets a call from Jae Kang, who is happy and a little tipsy. Jae Kang tells little bro that he really likes him, and he likes Hang Ah for him as well. Jae Kang asks if Jae Ha and Hang Ah fought again, telling Jae Ha to not sweat the little things. Jae Ha brushes it aside and tells his brother than he needs to go, hanging up.

Jae Kang talks with his wife and they remember how they fought over little things when they first got married. It’s even harder for Jae Ha and Hang Ah since they are from North and South Korea. Jae Kang lays down on his wife’s lap and sighs that its nice to get some rest. He’s been tired working so hard to bring North and South Korea closer, all leading up to the WOC, this engagement, and Jae Ha and Hang Ah.

They change the subject to discussing their kids, teasing about what if Jae Ha beats them to the punch. The Queen wants a son, a boy like Song Joong Ki, but the King wants a daughter just like his wife. They are happy to discuss joyful events they can expect to have in the future. They lean against each other as they grow sleepy and then fall asleep, clearly of carbon monoxide poisoning as there is a roaring fire in the fireplace.

The Princess is taken to a remote cliff side where she is taken out of the car. The female assassin prepares to inject her with something, apologizing for using an old fashioned story like a car accident to off her. Jae Shin looks fearful and determined, and then turns and jumps right off a tall cliff. Whoa, that girl has some backbone. The assassins leave thinking she’s done for. Shi Kyung tracks her cell phone and manages to find her.

Palace officials arrive at the compound in Anmyeondo to inform the King about Princess Jae Shin’s accident, but they find the door locked and the King and Queen sleeping on the sofa. Jae Ha arrives at an event and gets up on the podium to make a speech. In the middle of his speech, suddenly Secretary Eun arrives with a coterie of royal guards. He interrupts the speech to inform the Prince that the King and Queen have died.

Secretary Eun and the guards all kneel and call Jae Ha “our King”, as he will be getting ready to be coronated as the next King.

As Jae Ha is being driven to the hospital, Secretary Eun tells him that the King and Queen died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the Princess also had an accident tonight and is in surgery. The doctor says she might be paralyzed for life. There is a call scheduled with the President of the United States…..which is when Jae Ha asks for the car to be stopped.

Jae Ha gets up and stands before the bridge watching cars pass by. He hasn’t cried since he heard the news, but his hands are shaking at he places it on the railing. His eyes are red-rimmed and he takes these deep deep breaths to calm and control himself. Secretary Eun watches him silently, and he sees a message from Club M on his cellphone but ignores it. Jae Ha steels himself, and you can see the moment when he goes from being the carefree Prince to the determined King.

He turns and calmly gives Secretary Eun instructions on what to do. And this is the moment I became a Lee Seung Gi fangirl. Baby boy, you were magnificent in this scene.

Jae Ha arrives at the hospital where his mom is waiting to hear about Jae Shin’s surgery. The Queen Mother is very strong in front of everyone about the death of her son and the injury to her daughter, who she is told will be paralyzed for life, Once she is alone with Jae Ha, she breaks down and Jae Ha comforts his mother. The Queen Mother says it is now left to the two of them to guide this country, and she will assist Jae Ha to be the King.

Thoughts of Mine:

Even when you know its coming, when the inevitable moment hits and the drama takes away the King (and Queen) so that Jae Ha has no choice but to assume the mantle he has tried to avoid his entire life, it still hurts like a punch to the gut. King Jae Kang was such a wonderfully written character, a good husband, brother, and ruler, all without seeming maudlin or idealistic. He was not averse to pushing Jae Ha when needed, angling for political alliances with the North to further his own agenda, but ultimately he was able to juggle his role as King and brother with equal aplomb. He shall be missed greatly, especially when the drama has give us so many cute brotherly moments for us to look back on and then cry some more.

I thought everything in this episode continued to push the story forward, even if Jae Kang’s death overwhelmed everything else. Hang Ah’s cultural conflicts and friction with her future mother-in-law makes sense and will take time to entangle. I like that neither Jae Ha or Hang Ah are all lovely dovey with each other, even when they have a clear indications about each other’s feelings. Falling in love doesn’t mean their personalities suddenly change, and I enjoy them sparring as they get to know each other better while trying to overcome substantive obstacles for them to be together.

I love this drama so much because cohesively it works for me, doing something different with most of the characterizations and plot developments outside of K-drama tropes. The villain is the exception, being cookie cutter crazy, but since he wants to either bring down the South Korean monarchy or take over himself, a dude with such far reaching ambitions needs to be loco to think he can succeed. But beyond that, all the emotional moments are presented with subtlety, understanding that there are additional over-arching considerations outside from love and finding a way to be together. With this episode, Jae Ha has become the heart of this drama for me, his maturation and growth under the most adverse of circumstances grounding this story in stakes that feel relatable and poignant.


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  1. Oh my Koala, I really need to go now but treat myself 10 minute of reading your recap (quickly) and now break in tear. This episode is heartbreaker even though I knew something bad would happen since I read the written preview. I will comment more when I come back 🙁

  2. Haven’t watched this episode yet….but everyone I know is already talking about how much they cried and I’m dying to know and yet so scared I’m literally biting my nails right now….I don;t know how you’re going to manage to recap both of these today but so in so in awe that this is up already !! take your time with the next one unni!!!..Fighting!!!

  3. That was REALLY fast, Ms. K! Thanks for this. 😀 I’m heartbroken that the King (and Queen) died. And Episode 8 killed me. :((

  4. I cried, and cried in this episode and then cried some more in episode 8…. Thank you for updating so quickly! Jae Kang will be greatly missed because one thing that EVERYONE loved about this show was the cute brotherly moments 😀 I actually didn’t even expect their death, nor did I expect Jae Shin becoming paralyzed so these were like complete bombs coming at me, one after another… I want to see how Jae Shin’s character grows. Thank you again for the recap!!

  5. Thank you so much!! Love to read your thoughts!! I totally agree with you! I love that we don’t only have a love story here!! Seeing how the family grows stronger, how they have to learn to understand each other because of cultural differences etc.
    Just loving everything! I’m also now a total fangirl of Lee Seung Gi.. His acting is marvelous in this episode!!

  6. Please forgive me for butting in among habitues, but I just wanted to thank you for your fast and always spot-on recaps.
    I was left so… breathless by this episode, I needed a place to read about it, and find out whether I was the only one. Spoilers about the king’s dead had leaked, but the fact that they died in their sleep is so much more poignant than a scene of violence, it was heartbreaking and beautiful. The whole sedate last minutes of this episode elicited my tears more than any screams and uproars would have done. And although I don’t understand Korean, this episode truly needs a minimum of explanations.
    As much as I dread watching the next episode, I’m too much in love with this drama already to lose courage now.

    Thank you again. 🙂

  7. not even read it but checked in with you and you’ve already recap’d. My gods you is amazing. Much love always and so pleased this show is bouncing in your kokoro like mine.

  8. Thank you so much for this recap, Koala. I was crying so hard after watching the raw version, and like you said, even when you know whats coming you still aren’t prepared for the emotional impact. I don’t know if I can even watch epi 8 right now, so sad. I am sincerely going to miss Jae Kang and the warmth of his character.

  9. omg, so many unexpected things to happen. I’m feeling shocked and sad. I liked the King. I’m curious how the story will develop. Thanks Koala ^^

  10. I watched both episodes 7 & 8 raw (sans soompi spoilers even) and was moved to tears by all of the actors’ performance as well as the touching music that underscored the emotions being portrayed. Kudos to the entire TK2H team. Like in the previous episode where JH shot HA because he erroneously thought she betrayed by him, based on episode 9’s preview, it seems that JH will be tested again as to HA’s trustworthiness.

    Thank you for your wonderful recap, asides, and comments. Keep ’em coming.

  11. thank you so much for this..^^ I am crying just reading this recap. now off to watch the raw video again. and welcome to Airen world..hehe ^^ Im a SeungGi fangirl too. He is really brilliant here as King JaeHa.. ^^ soo happy to hear ur praises on him..^^

  12. I just finish watching ep 7 and 8, even do I didn’t understand much..,and I have to say: I love everything about this drama, production is good, cast superb, music fantastic. This drama have a good plot, it ain’t dumb, and it doesn’t make me feel dumb by watching it. There were to good moments tonight. I loved hit under table (king and Jae Ha), king lay in the lab, JH face when he heard the news, JH shake hand on the bridge. Ep 8, Kim Hang Ah, it all about her. My favorite part is when she look at the SKyung, that woman had all world in her eyes.., after that I have knew she’ll bring up entire family. She knows what to do and she’s doing it right. Dance, hehha will always remembering, and bad scene. After all, one thing I liked the most, she’s the only one who can put smile on JH face. I officially pronounce HJW and LSG one of my favorite OTPs all the time.

  13. Thank YOU!! What a wonderful episode….i cried A LOT despite not understanding most of the dialogue….JK was such a marvelous King….in his brief time knowing HA he was gentle & sensitive to her!! I’m getting teary-eyed as I type this…..I’m furious with the secretary and seriously there was no security personnel outside the cottage!! JH was beautifully restrained which I really liked since I was worried abt how he would react upon learning of his brother’s death!!

  14. I just wanted to quickly thank you, Miss K. I just saw episode 7 on where it is partially subbed and although I was very grateful to be able to partially know what was going on, I am grateful to you for quickly doing this recap, even though as you mentioned, it is not complete. This is better than nothing. It is such a gift to us non Koreans who love Korean dramas and are very, very interested in Korea (both of them in my case, since they are linked by history), its peoples, cultures, food etc…
    Thank you so very much for helping us expand our horizons, understand (and therefore appreciate better) a different culture and customs as well as a different language and for feeding our addiction. Thank you for letting us come along on the ride with you, when we delve into this world that is Korean dramas. Our drama experiences would not be the same (not as rich, not as full, not as meaningful) without blogs like yours.
    The King2Hearts has been good all along, but it feels like it is getting better with each episode and this one was just “daebaek” (I might have mispelled it, and I apologize). I now know why people use that term. Everything (as you said except for the villain) was perfect and great! The acting, the music, the cinematography, the pacing, the editing, the mood, the tone, everything!!!! I know I don’t have to tell you, because you saw it, but I just wanted to say it. It makes me appreciate once again the casting for this drama, and Lee Seung Gi, oh my!!!!! He is bringing it every. Single. Time!!!! No one would ever think of criticizing his acting now. He has not missed a beat, a note since the beginning of this drama, not a single one. He has always been in character and he encompasses who the prince/king is. Hard to imagine another actor in his place now :-), even though I am sure some of them could do it. He has done funny, conflicted, confused, angry, petty, brat, arrogant, embarrassing, embarrassed, etc… equally well. Well done and I am glad he had this opportunity to grow in his craft. I love how he lets the viewer see the evolution of the prince/king, and he has a presence when he comes on the screen. I also love that the drama writers so far have not rushed through the story in telling it. They’ve given us time to digest what is going on.

    I loved it and I cried when the North Korean dad bowed… twice, and when he spoke his heart about his daughter. I was so moved by it, especially knowing that in Korean culture, the future son-in-law should be the one to do so (bow to his in-laws). And once again, LSG was perfect in how he reacted, showing his hesitation, his embarrassment (that the dad would do that in front of him), taking in the gravity of the situation at hand. And he protected the dad’s dignity by asking the guards to leave, awww… he does have a heart and some manners. And to think that when Jae Ha started this whole thing with his announcement, he was convinced he had things under control, ha!
    All the actors have been perfect in their roles: the queen mother, the King, his wife, Hang Ah, her dad, Shi-Kyung, the princess etc… down to the aides at the palace and the guards. The costumes and outfits are awesome and the cinematography, simply breathtaking (thinking back to when the princess was outside looking over the city with Shi-Kyung). The OST and musical score is amazing, always on cue and really good at driving our emotions.

    Ok, I am going to stop raving now and I would like to thank you for your hard work and your dedication.
    P.S.: Just like you, I am a fan of LSG now. I never hated him or anything, I just wasn’t a fan, now I am and I am starting to see what people see in him :-). That being said, I will sorely miss the king. Even though I knew what was coming, I dreaded his (and the queen) upcoming death. I kept cringing as the episode got close to it. And I agree that it was more poignant to have them die in their sleep than violently.

      • You’re right, I also never hated LSGi, but he was just sweet.., but now he’s to die for, I am a fan, because he deliver each and every time in this drama.

      • Hi mtoh,
        I hear you! I had never seen LSG’s dramas before, not one so I didn’t know who he was as an actor. I had seen him as a host on 1N2D (and he looked fine there) but I felt like I didn’t know him. I had also read stuff about him, but again I didn’t want to base my opinion of him on that. This is my first time seeing him act, and I am very impressed, to say the least. I also look at the fact that he is surrounded by some very accomplished actors/actresses and he is not eclipsed by them, which says a lot. He is holding his own and bringing it and that’s great! I read a lot that he is very humble, considerate and polite in real life and I felt like I saw some of that when he was hosting 1N2D. I have never seen him in interviews (I am pretty good at reading people when they are interviewed, I also look at their body language) and so I was reserving my judgment. I love that they (the cast) have great chemistry (whether they are showing affection, conflict, tension, frustration, anger, being conflicted, embarrassed, etc…). They seem to work well together and they have fun as well. I am sure that makes it easier to bear with their grueling schedule.
        One of the things I am appreciating about LSG is that every week I am tuning in to see how he will act, and so far, he seems to have upped his game, acting wise, every single time. He emotes really well and I love watching all of them do that. He hasn’t disappointed, and neither have the other actors/actresses. It makes it easy to root for the show and for everyone involved. I am also enjoying the writing of the show so far, although there are a few weak spots here and there, things that make you go “hum… that was a little too easy” or “what was that?” But for the sake of the story, you overlook it and move on. It’s ok if it isn’t 100% perfect. It is still way up there in my book. And this drama grabs you, it actually sucks you in (it did for me) and so I am willing to overlook the flaws, it’s not as if I can write the way those writers write. There are so many things to consider to make a drama a cohesive story for 16 or 20 episodes or more, so I still say “Bravo” so far.
        I will end by saying that the people behind this drama have invested a lot financially and it shows. The quality of this drama reflects it.
        I will stop here before this takes up the whole page (as I somewhat did earlier), there is more I could say, so many touching and moving moments, so well acted… I wish international fans could write to the actors/actresses and the crew and staff and let them know how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication (I don’t write in Korean…yet, so that would be hard, but I would love to, if I could).

      • Hi Ivoire,

        Just to let you know that international Hearties (that’s what TK2H international fans are calling themselves ^^) are currently doing an International Hearties Fan Project to lend our support & let the casts & crew know that international viewers are loving this drama.

        SK2H has already posted the details on this blog, under comments on ockoala’s post “New Adorable Official BTS Stills from Episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts”. Feel free to join us, the more the merrier.

  15. Been watching the both episodes in raw.You’re recap helped me to understand more of what’s happening. I cried a lot when the Queen mother was crying in car.You were correct the tragedy is so subtle not the hysterical type but I seemed to relate and experienced it far more than the usual k-drama. There lies the difference and that’s why I really love this drama especially the inferred bed scene where you have to to think of what ‘s the next episodes going to be like.TK2H FIGHTING. Keep up the good work. I live in the States so I don’t want to think of the ratings.What matters are the acting and the enjoyment I derived from this drama.I’ve never enjoyed a drama as much as this one after Secret garden.I keep on looking forward to the Kingsday.Thank you for your recap.

  16. Thank you for recapping this wonderful drama. I hope you love writing it as much as we love reading them. This is such a beautiful drama. Dark, sad, heartfelt and beautiful.

  17. thank you so much for the very fast recap Ms. Koala ^_^
    this drama is not a typical drama indeed… The best one I have watched of all the dramas so far, so unique. The characters are well presented. I cried so hard with this episode especially with the kings death and the mother’s crying. As a fan been so proud with LSG for everything he does. I am just depress with the ratings but seeing many recommendations and good comments regarding this drama just makes this depression vanish.. it is well accepted by international viewers. I am just so glad that this drama is a breath of fresh air! The castings-perfect. The story-perfect. TK2H fighting/daebakk!!

  18. Hi Captain Koala, It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. Life caught up on me and been away from the k-drama-sphere for a while. This week I got the flu bug – blessing in disguise because I was finally able to marathon this drama that you have been raving about. Wow. Just simply… WOW. Like you, I have come to love everything about this drama. It is funny, touching, enraging, creepy, lovely, moving, romantic, crazy or plain hilarious. Aside from the villain, I just love everyone… this could be my favourite OTP in a long while. I also love the Shi Kyung and Jae Shin storyline, and I hope that gets to be developed really well. I will miss the King, but most of all, I will miss his interactions with this brother. My heart bleeds for Jae Kang… 🙁 I am soo looking forward to how this recent event will make him grow and mature.
    Captain Koala, as always, you add so much colour and fun to my k-drama experience. Thank you so much.

  19. Thank you for the recap. I like the understated way the news of the death is presented, it is all too easy to present it as one whole melo fest like most drama will handle it.

    My only grouse is that usually the death of a King would have warranted much greater scrutiny by the secret service/police/public than just easy acceptance. They should have shown people swarming the site to gather evidence. And at least show some media coverage and press mania to make it more believable to me.

  20. tq so much ackoala. i’m sad and pity for JH. cuz from now on he is no longer a boy but a man has to carry a very big burden on his shoulders

  21. Thank you so much for the recap, ockoala. Please take your time to complete this recap and writing recap for episode 8, because gosh, ep 7 & 8 were so draining emotionally T__T

    Everything moved so cohesively and I wasn’t ready to bid goodbye to sweet King Jae Kang & his wife, especially after they’re just talking about children T__T It was actually bitter-sweet that they were “killed” peacefully, but it was still so heartbreaking even though we knew all along that something tragic would happen to the King. Our Prince Jae Ha now has to grow up without his loving hyung T__T And he has to be really strong for his country, for his family and for Hang Ah.

    Hang Ah’s dad bowed to Jae Ha broke my heart. I really hope Jae Ha despite everything that will happen in the future, will take a really good care of Hang Ah. Because it’s not easy for Hang Ah to adapt and live in a new country, away from her dad. Otherwise, I may have to strangle you, Jae Ha!

    Seunggi’s acting really impressed me. He nailed it in every single scene. The end of episode 7, I just want to run and hug him. T__T

    Jae Shin & Shi Kyung; they have such a great chemistry. Yoon Ji has a really great voice, I’m so glad that the writer writes such a meaty storyline for both Jae Shin & Shi Kyung. As well as for the Secretary Eun. Lee Soon Jae’s English is really great.

    TK2H is not a traditional K-drama storyline, but this is the first drama which made me an obsessed viewers. This coming from someone who is an avid K-drama fans. The storyline, the acting, the cinematography, the music, the chemistry, everything is perfect. I even love the PPL donuts – so I was looking for donuts on yesterday’s episodes, too bad there wasn’t any donuts >< The editing was a bit choppy in some parts, but it's okay because all other aspects of this drama has surpassed my expectation.

    Now I can't wait for next week's KingDay.

  22. It was nerve-wracking watching this episode, knowing that the death the coming. Jae-kang was an awesome king and brother, and he will be sorely missed.

    I am amazed by how much self-worth Hyang-ah has, without being prideful. She holds her own in a strange country and against the Queen mother and Jae-Ha. She is a wonderful character and an a wonderful addition to the royal family.

    I love the members of the royal family. Everyone, at his or her foundation, is made of courage and love, and it is wonderful to care and root for such wonderful characters.

    I was also surprised by the low-key atmosphere of this episode. I thought there would be more dramatic music, visuals, and emotions but the death was simple and the reactions were muted. I was surprised Jae-Ha made such a quick turnaround but it is also wonderful to see what he is truly made of.

    I’m going to love the Shi-Kyung/Jae-Shin couple. He already likes her…teeheehee!

  23. I find secretary eun suspicious….no Secretary wouldn’t entertain such …he can refer the guest to Tourism board

  24. Not watching it (yet), but I’m awe at how the story progress…

    Yes, the fate that the king will died already leaked long time, if not, how Jae ha could be a king? I have A bit disappointment towards MBC who keep leaking the story, but yet, the show had given more than just the leaked scenes. Such as, Jae Kang’s death…It’s foreseen, but never thought how they write it…whilst sleeping, is much more hurting. For this drama, I’m reading many recaps, and even it’s just recaps, I’m touched, and I could cry just from reading it.
    Up until now, eventhough I’ve read the recaps, this show never failed to surprised me. And I believe, this episode will do so.

    Thank you very much Ms. Koala

  25. This drama is not good for my heart. I’m feel like I just went through emotional wringer and then some…and then that nighe and what happened between HA and JH in ep 8, especially everything all the things that she did before that, his tears, their embrace…..akjdhekdhgjetksj…I can’t even…*dies*

    This. drama.

    • Sorry, I’m so incoherent right now. And forgot to say the most important thing that I came here for: Thank you, Koala. Doomo arigatou gozaimasu.

  26. tsk! what an unexpected deception from the sec….is he tired of the mornarchy? JH is surely into lot of challenges….what a great drama!

    Thanks Captain K 🙂

  27. Thank you so much for your recaps!

    I cried buckets and cried to sleep last night… and just can’t sleep well…
    I am weak towards devastating scenes such as when the king and the queen slowly “fell asleep” as they chat about their wonderful future which is no more…, and especially weak towards Seung Gi oppa’s tears…
    It might be just because I am a fan of Seung Gi oppa. Nevertheless it just easily breaks my heart when I see his tears and him as he suppresses his sadness… He always cries so fragile and defendlessly… (I wonder how many times I cried for him…Seven Princesses, Brillant Legacy, MGIG, his concerts, 1n2d, StrongHeart…)

    I sincerely hope JaeHa reduces that “cookie cutter crazy” guy to nothing thoroughly soon! JaeHa FIGHTING!!!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

  28. Thank you so much koala for this recap.

    I’m tempted to read but I wish to watch it first. Still loading the video, why is internet so slow on me!

  29. Auntie K
    Thank you so much for the recap.I am so sad to see the King and Queen die. I really liked them as characters. I mean this is like the first time in a while where there was a healthy family relationship and everyone generally liked each other and got along. I feel like someone close to me passed away cuz that’s how much I really liked not just the character but also the actor playing the King.
    I haven’t watched the two episodes yet cuz VIKI is acting up but I know that I will be crying even more once I do see it.

    Here’s to a night of tissues and puffy eyes, hopefully I don’t look like a depressed puppy tomorrow.

  30. Welcome on board, another Lee Seung Gi fangirl!

    I love your description of Seung Gi’s acting in this ep: “stunningly restrained and perfect, so much emotion kept so tightly wound up just like his character was feeling but could not express.”

    To show what your character cannot or fail to show, and to get it across to the audience so they are moved to tears…gosh, what an accomplishment!

    Love this show and love your recap, thanks so much!

  31. Okay, my heart is broken into a million pieces. Episode 8 is going to be worse, isn’t it? *tears* Even though we knew it was coming, and despite the obviousness of Jae-kang’s last few conversations as a way to make the loss hurt more… it TOTALLY worked. So very well done, like everything else in this drama.

    I have a feeling out tightly controlled new king is going to lose it in the next episode. I only hope NK is not implicated falsely in the assassinated and that Hang-ah can be there for Jae-ha as his support, rather than also becoming a victim of this plot.

    *runs off to watch next episode, tissues in hand*

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