Park Min Young Confirmed for Timeslip Dr. Jin as Love Interest for Song Seung Heon

Oh my freaking bejeebus! Before I get to the casting talk about Timeslip Dr. Jin, I have to first announce this new piece of information I gleaned. Apparently the good Dr. Jin will be written by two screenwriters, one of whom did Road No. 1, and the other did Spy Myung Wol. No, I am not joking and this is not some sick prank. Two of the worst dramas to come out of the Korea in the last 3 years, and those two writers are going to put their itty bitty creativity together and spit out a time-traveling drama based on a mega-popular Japanese version? My head is definitely spinning. I hope Park Min Young knows what she’s doing since today she just confirmed that she will be joining the cast. Still no word on Kim So Yeon, but Park Min Young will be playing the lead actress, and she has two roles. One is as Dr. Jin Hyuk’s (Song Seung Heon) surgeon girlfriend in the modern era, and the other is a Joseon young lady from a well-to-do family.

It’s never say never when it comes to co-star chemistry. I had beyond high hopes for Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin before Best Love and they ended up fizzling due to lack of compatibility in acting styles. I had zero hopes for Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won before The King 2 Hearts and right now they own my heart, soul, and typing fingers. Park Min Young usually has good-to-great chemistry with all her male co-stars, but Song Seung Heon is super hit-and-miss. Hands down his best leading lady is Kim Tae Hee, but I’m not sure he can recreate that magic with Park Min Young. For some reason, I think Park Min Young will have cute chemistry with Jaejoong, as opposed to slightly ahjusshi-esque vibe with Song Seung Heon. Right now the drama has a little over a month before its premiere date, and it hasn’t started filming. AT ALL. A Gentleman’s Dignity is into its third week of filming. I swear Timeslip Dr. Jin will either be a spectacular failure or somehow come together seamlessly as to make all the doubters eat their doubty words.


Park Min Young Confirmed for Timeslip Dr. Jin as Love Interest for Song Seung Heon — 55 Comments

  1. oh dear! She is just so meh~ This news totally ruined all the interest I had in this drama…i just hope there SSH n Jaejoong bromance! Now that will make it super amazing! But I guess i will go for Gentleman’s dignity ^^

    • Agree with you 100 % .. she is an average actress and the drama turn out great because of her male leads like in SKKS & City Hunter. In this case if i watch is for Jae Joong and Song SH..

    • I have to agree. She’s a serviceable actress…nothing memorable. I hope the other actress mentioned does not go sign on….She’s a lead actress and not this girl so why lower herself.

      Having loved the Jdrama, I don’t even want to see how they mutilate this to make it a kdrama with all of its ridiculous tropes.

    • I have to agree. She’s a serviceable actress…nothing memorable. I hope the other actress mentioned does not sign on now….She’s lead actress material and not this girl.

      Having loved the Jdrama, I don’t even want to see how they mutilate this to make it a kdrama with all of its ridiculous tropes.

      I doubt I’ll be eating my words on this one Ockoala. 🙂 The original cannot be outdone.

  2. I thought she is playing his little sister in the modern era and a nobleman’s daughter in the past. I haven’t read anything about her being his girlfriend in the modern era. Anyways, I like her as a person but personally I find her to be a very poor to mediocre actress with limited range so with her addition and the writing team news I am definitely out for this one even if it has one of my Kpop biases Jaejoong and owner of my pretty actor soft spot Song Seung and favorite funny man Lee Beom Soo . Plus it’s a crime to the art of acting to even attempt to cast Kim So Yeon to second lead status to park min young, a crime. Its one thing to have a weak lead, but two week leads with really talented second leads. Yeah I smell train wreck from a mile away.

    • I totally agree. Never good when the two 2nd leads surpass the main leads in talents and not just by little too, it’s by alot. I actually hope Kim So Yeon takes another project where she can lead it. A real saejuk isn’t bad considering she has really been in one before.

  3. I love PMY ever since in SSK and definitely in Man Of honor, but not so much in City Hunter. I really want to see her in another drama that can actually challenge her in acting, so looking forward to see this drama because of her.

    • Not surprised. With Kim So Yeons ability and current successes, it would be an insult to take second lead o PMY. Song Seung Heon is also mediocre but his status as longtime A-lister warrants the first lead and even though lee bum Soo is amazing and has done really well in recent years Song Seung Heon is the bigger name.

      • Actually if her supposed role is the same as the jdorama counterparts, there is nothing to be insulted for. Nakatani miki aced her role. It was the opposite of ayase haruka’s calm strong willed character. It is the perfect role for a meaty actress.

      • ya. but PMY’s company made a lot of changes to the characters, so if KSY takes the part, her part will be reduced a lot compared with the japanese version

    • Thank Goodness…I like Park Min Young but Kim So yeon is my personal favorite and way more talented than PMY….casting her as second lead would be a terrible shame

    • I guessed this will be very very loosely based on the original or just use the name because the original is so popular? if KSY sign on… she will be the second lead then? It’s so wrong, I am so confused… KSY’s charactor supposed to be Miki…. so in the k-version… it mashes up miki and ayase’s charactor from the original and give it to PMY? I know the KSY would rock any role that is given to her but as second lead… kind of insulting…

      in the original, i think both miki and ayase’s charactor are 1st lead… they shared fair amount of screen time equally… may be a little more for ayase then miki.. but miki’s charactor has much more depth and the actual connection with Dr Jin in the past and present time…

      i love the original and from the way the story of this version is going… i will have to pass this one especially they mess around with miki… that’s just so wrong… unless KSY is really sign on… then i will check it out just for her….

  4. Hmmm~ But eeey. Spy MyUng Wol had like, what, 20 writers? 😉 So I’m crossing my fingers on this one and hoping this person was one of the best on that team. But this did make me wide awake at 12am. Road No. 1 was hella cheesy. But I guess you cannot escape the cheese wherever Song Seung Hun appears. I wonder how big of a role Jaejoong will play. It woould be cute if he did romance Park Min Young.

    I honestly like Park Minyoung’s acting. She has this cutesy yet down to earth kind a feel for me. Everything about this drama is luring me in. If it’s only heading for trainwreck, heck I’d still board it. I never learn, but that’s the fun part. Never skip out a drama unless it has Yoona in it. <- New found motto.

  5. They are looking to have KSY play second lead to PMY? That’s just wrong on sooo many levels. I’m thinking I’ll save time and bail now.

  6. Lie to Me was not liked by many but I loved it and I also loved Spy MyUngWol so I’m not going to predict that this will be a disaster. I’m looking forward to it and if I get disappointed well, so be it.

  7. Well, so long as I get to see Song Seung Heon shirtless at least once per an episode I’m willing to be more forgiving.

    …But ugh. Spy Myung Wol? That drama was SO BAD I cannot even… I hope bad x bad = good somehow…

    You know? Like negative x negative = positive?


  8. Hm… the k-ver of Saki and Miki are somehow played by the same girl? That’s gotta take a lot of tension out of the ‘love triangle’….

    • Yup, k version appears to have Saki being Miki’s historical counterpart, as opposed to Nokaze being Miki’s historical counterpart. Which is all sorts of weird to me.

      • I am so upset at this point…. how can they mess around with Miki… and mashes both part of saki and part of miki together and give it to PMY… i can see her as saki.. but not miki… I was so looking forward to KSY to rock the role of Miki…

      • Darn. I was hoping that PMY would play Saki and KSY would play Nokaze/Miki. I don’t like the fact that they’re integrating Saki and Nokaze at ALL. D:

  9. The role that is supposed for KSY is not a side role. The geisha role in the Jin dorama was a center pivotal role. It needs a strong actress to play it.
    The whole pre-production sounds messy. I will be bitter if they mess this drama,considering how awesome Jin was.

  10. O my God. They really want this drama out.
    Cast of this scriptwriters is Faith revenge 😉
    Maybe this turn up to be good, or it’s gonna end up SSH flies for America..he,hee 😉
    If script doesn’t work, cast can’t take a long way to save the show.
    anyway, good luck to them.

    • Sorry for Jaejoong, he was really good in Protect the boss, I vote for him on Dramabeans (can I write Dramabeans on your playground Koala) 😉
      I ‘ll have my finger crossed, fighting.

  11. I have bad feeling about this.. We clearly mentioned this that the writer of spy myung wol should not be allowed to write ever again.. Park min young and song seung heon, hmm they give out this fresh feeling.. I reckon they will have this cute vibe on-screen. But then, when you said jaejoong and park min young, things started to jumble in my brain. This couple will look even more and beyond adorable.. They both look so young and fresh going to be cute, why doesn’t jaejoong be the lead, and song seung heon to play on other drama with kim tae hee again heheh.. Darn, 2nd lead ship again. I doubt it will be a hit due to the lack of preparation and writers 3-|

  12. O LORD THOSE WRITERS…*facepalm*…..crossing all fingers and toes so that KIm So yeon doesn’t confirm now….that would mean that she is second lead to Park Min Young , that along with Lee Beom Soo as second lead to Song Seung Hoon…that is just beyond wrong!!!!! hilariuos how this drama went from the top of my anticipated dramas list and back to the bottom all in one day…

    • also why are there so many contradictory reports on who PMY is playing….I’ve read read reports ranging from her future version being SSH’s sister to his descendant O__o
      In comparison, this just sounds way better…… they may even have better chemistry than SSH and LYH in EOE

  13. Despite not caring much for PMY I will hold reservations until the first reviews are out. Why? Case in point being TK2H: when LSG was cast opposite HJW there were about 300-ish comments on dramabeans with the detractors ripping him apart from his less than mediocre looks *sad face* to his lack of acting skills!! In addition to that, the writers had previously written the supposedly flop Beathoven Virus. And, look how things have turned out! We still have half the drama yet to air but this drama and LSG occupy my heart and they’ve moved me in recent times when no other K-drama did. So let’s give this drama a fair chance, kreyo?

    • …300-ish comments ripping him apart…

      Funny because from what I read most loved LSG, they just thought it was an odd pairing thats all. Not sure where your 300-ish comments ripping him apart came from.

      • I meant there were around 300-ish comments on that post. By indicating the number I was getting to the fact that it was a highly discussed topic. And, yes there were ppl who said nasty things about LSG. Not trying to rile things up here. Just drawing similarities that who knows this drama may work after all despite the unconventional pairing and previous unsuccessful works of the writers.

  14. oh dear. um. and oh dear some more. This truly has trainwreck written all over it. But Jin was good, why mess with success with redoing the roles?

  15. Aww. Then I hope KSY will not accept this project. I want her as the female lead instead T.T. But from the casting news, I’ll pass this drama -.-

  16. Okay, now I’m extremely worried.
    So KSY is out then ? I think she could have been the saving grace for me but by joining the Saki/Nokaze/Miki characters together you just have a mess.
    PMY is not that good of a actress and I think KSY would have brought some strength into the story.

  17. Aiy yai yai yai yai yai…
    I know we aren’t allowed to prejudge something, but THT and PMY?
    The problem isn’t the age difference. In EoE, the fact that he appeared lecherous around HJH, the high school girl that was his love interest, actually made it more compelling.
    The whole “I totally shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help myself” angle is delicious.
    Unfortunately, that was the ONLY interesting thing about them when they were on screen.
    I never saw him being in love with HJH, but trying not to be in love with HJH.
    He really has such a gorgeous “Isn’t this tragic?” face.

    KTH and he matched up well because KTH is a smart smart actress. She isn’t the CF queen for nothing. She designed the whole Conju look with the hair, the cute slapstick, and the wardrobe. Nothing was left to chance with that character. As the writing fell apart, it was pretty much on KTH’s shoulders to keep the dwindling audience’s attention.

    PMY and THT?
    (This is the same criticism I had for PIE and PMY.)
    Who’s the sparky one?
    Which of the pair can give that “I am throwing you up against the wall with my mind” look?
    THT has yet to do a character that was outright in your face sexual. He never did what Lee Jung Jae, Kim Rae Won, Ha Jung Woo, Shin Ha Kyun did in films and bare his all – and I don’t just mean his body, I mean that character that shows us their guts on screen.
    Is it because he just doesn’t have it in him? And as far as going a little blue, it because his CF career wouldn’t have been as lucrative?

    I hope I am wrong wrong wrong.
    I may break my rule and watch the J one first. If it really is that good, I would hate to be disappointed by the K one, but know what is going to happen next in the better story.

    • you won’t regret watching JIN (the japanese original). it is deserving of the accolades it has received, and the acting is very strong all round. once you’ve seen osawa takao as jin, you’ll struggle to comprehend why song seung heon was even considered (and chosen!) for that role. and there’s no actor quite like uchino masaaki as ryoma.

      hand towel can’t handle a serious drama like this. he’s better off helming comedies.

    • Hi jomo! 🙂

      i agree with snow; you will love the original j-drama JIN. i’ve seen both JIN and JIN2 and really loved the story, the characters and the actors playing them. so i got worried when SSH was cast as the lead. But with Lee Beom Soo joining and now Park Min Young, I think I’ll give this k-drama version a chance.

      I’m guessing Lee Beom Soo will play Sakamoto’s role. If so, I’m really looking forward how he would portray that awesome character of Sakamoto. 🙂

      P.S. Thanks Captain Koala for this news. 🙂

  18. I liked SMW but even I won’t claim it was well-written as to Road N1 – *shudder* (I do think the same writer was involved in Time of Dog and Wolf, and I loved that one).

    I sincerely hope PMY won’t have chemistry with Jaejoong because if they follow Jin the jdrama, she would play his sister. 😛

    I think SSH does well with much younger leading ladies (loved him and LYH in East of Eden), so I think they are going to be compatible.

    Do I think it will be a good drama? Nah, but I think it will be entertaining. Though seeing that I loved dramas like Heartstrings, Spy Myung Wol and Marry Me Mary, perhaps my taste is a bit questionable 😛

  19. Seriously, I’m more worried about the story… I feel mean saying this but it sounds like a disaster in the making >____< Still haven't gotten over how much Spy Myul disappointed me. I've got a question though, I read before that the screenwriter for this drama was being sued by his own company who wouldn't let him pen this particular drama… is he one of the two screenwriters mentioned? Or did he get entirely replaced by these two? Anyone who knows?

    Eitherway, I'm intrigued by the cast so I'll probably tiptoe tentatively around this drama when it airs and give it one chance at least.

  20. doubtywordsdoubtywordsdoubtywordsdoubtywordsdoubtywordsdoubtywords– I’d be most happy to eat these later, but I doubt I will…

  21. *SSSSSIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHH* facepalm and headdesking… Sorry Mr. Hand Towel and HOTTIE LBS.. I have to pass.. I do not like PMY… For her to be pair with Mr. Hand Towel is meh to me… and KSH as a second lead… nnnooo… and for two worst screenwriters for this drama… Heck no… Therefore, this will be a pass… Good luck for those who watching it.. I think you will need lots of HOT SHowers Scenes to for the ratings go up of every actors in this drama….

  22. Out of all the screenwriters in Korea, these are the two that are chosen to handle Jin?

    BRB going to go cry in a corner…

  23. ugh. i have a feeling they’re gonna ruin ‘jin’
    i’ll just stick with the japanese one…
    after pmy’s name got added i pretty much gave up on hope to watch this!

  24. Park Min Young is one of the top actresses in Korea. Playing a dual role in the Jin drama will be great. She won lots of awards in most of her dramas even in one of her earliest movie…. means she can do it and do justice on her future role.

  25. really ahahah…is this destined?coincidence?..ahahhaha Park Min Young in Dr. Jin then Lee Min ho in Faith..Faith has been accused of Plagiarism bcoz of The reason that both dramas contain a storyline of a doctor from the current timeline travelling into the past….ahahahaha….watttah…..!..interesting huh..the Ex lovers are going to make different drama with the same storyline!…..

  26. wait… what??? i’ve read that the writer wrote “Time Between Dog and Wolf”? (which is currently in a lawsuit… writer Han Ji Hoon?)— which i loved by the way…

    Spy Myung Wol has a totally different writer…? accdng to wiki?

  27. NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! who ever came up with those 2 writers to adapt the script from the manga were on CRACK!!!!! and PMY as the leading lady???!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  28. I like PARK MIN YOUNG a lot…
    😉 .she’s a great actress,.no body can’t deny it..she was LOVE(so much) for her character in SKKS (kim yoon hee@kim yun shik).i’m fr. Malaysia,so i don’t her before.,but i fell in love with her since SKKS. 😛
    Then CH n GJ…she make me proud,muah3..
    If anyone think she’s not talented enough to be the lead in TSDJ,why don’t we give her a chance to prove herself to us,instead of critisizing..,just watch TSDJ n judge her capability in that drama..
    Please show your support n lots of LOVE for Park Min Young… 🙂
    Love jaejoong n song seung hun too..

  29. Ksh maybe a good actress but she doesn’t share the popularity and nbr of supporters of pmy. if all you are saying is true that this project is a bit messy then they defintely need to bring in someone like pmy. from what i heard pmy did not immed accept this project due to other project plans overseas. anyway, ksh already declined the role, not sure if they are getting a replacement but they are rewriting pmy character probably to accomodate the supposedly role of ksh.
    A lot of negative things were said also about city hunter and pmy role. but it turned out Kim Nana became one of the most loved character in korean drama. I’ll give this drama a chance.

  30. I really hope this turn out to be a good drama. I really like SSH.

    The HK actress who acted as one of Mike’s (Dennis Oh) girlfriend in East of Eden mentioned “SSH’s eyes are so high voltage that she dare not look into his eyes too often”. SSH is one Korean actor who have the most expressive eyes and one can really drown in it. ;O)

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