Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Engagement Party in The King 2 Hearts

Raise your hand if you’ve been here with me since the beginning. You know, when we sailed the non-boating waters of the adorable Playful Kiss, when we railed over the insanity of attempting to off Jang Geun Seok in the schizo and chemistry-laden Mary Stayed Out All Night, when we braved the withering disdain over even daring to like the swoony Lie to Me (what? I love it. So?), when each time I’ve turn rabid for a drama, it’s all I can write about. Of course this fervor for The King 2 Hearts will gradually dissipate after the drama ends (as it always does), but I’m basking in this experience while it lasts, an overwhelming excitement for what’s to come plus an affection for what’s already come to pass. It’s just so much fun to spazz about what moves me, but with TK2H, what’s even better is how good the drama actually is. I can spend days discussing side characters and dissecting plot points that converge into brilliance. For now, I spend my days trolling for anything and everything TK2H.Β 

We’ve got ourselves a royal engagement, people! I can’t say seeing spoilers of this was anticlimactic since we knew they were getting engaged after the production released information asking for fans to attend the filming of said engagement. Plus the proposal this week just sealed the deal. Even knowing its coming, seeing pictures of it just takes my breath away. Hang Ah and Jae Ha are the OTP of my heart. Doesn’t hurt they are so pretty together and individually I start cooing over them.

Ha Ji Won’s engagement dress is magnificent – elegant, luxe, and fits her perfectly. Paired with her arm candy in Lee Seung Gi in his kingly attire, they definitely exemplify the regal aura we’ve now since come to expect from them.

This would be called the “money shot” in production parlance. Or as I call it here in the playground “#*@^$%&^*%$^*@#(^%&”, which translates from Koala speak as “KISS KISS OMG KISSING!” And Seung Gi’s hand on Ji Won’s waist pulling her closer is just ridiculously sizzling.

This drama has seriously re-activated all my long dormant princess fantasies from childhood. Can anyone blame me? Who’s not swooning when the King looks like new and improved Lee Seung Gi?

[Credit: all pictures via Baidu The King 2 Hearts bar]


Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Engagement Party in The King 2 Hearts — 154 Comments

      • I’ve been here since Lie To Me and I haven’t left since then.

        Thank you for all your hard work, Auntie K.

    • Me tooo!!!!
      I always here since the very beginning πŸ˜‰
      Wow what a great spoiler.
      And the kiss is so sweet….so real.
      I thought the comments here are just about 40 but it’s already more than 100.
      Guess everybody have been waiting so long for the kiss :p

  1. OMG they really look good together!!! the’re the perfect pair…so love how they fit. oh can’t wait for these pics to translate into the actual episode…i dies to be hoping they are not just reel but real..i know LSG is younger and so what….

  2. Okay only one thing and one thing on my mind.Omg Lee Seung Gi ssi .How does it feel kissing Ha Jin Won when you’ve wanted to work with her so long.You may be young and not done. much dating or so you say.However boy between you lying. down behind her and kissing her neck.The fridge kiss and now this? Going to give you the King’s Award.

    • gotta give it to uri Seung-gi for messing up!! Seung-gi we know those were faux-mistakes on your part and we totally understand when it involves the goddess!!

    • I’ve heard otherwise, that our boy Seung Gi is much (MUCH) more experienced that he lets on. Heh, that’s my good boy. I don’t believe a word of most of the stars proclamations about being all single and never dated before. Pfft, its sad the fans can’t accept them having a normal life so they have to hide it.

      While he was very adorably noona-dongsaeng with Mina, I seriously don’t know how he manages to act dongap with Ji Won, who is even older than Mina. I know their characters are dongap, but still, they give off that vibe even in BTS videos and the way they talk about each other.

      The neck kiss where he crawled into bed to try and spoon her was freaking brilliant on his part. Love it when he claimed he was just ad libbing for the sake of making the scene more believable.

      • WOW? Really? I always thought Seunggi was the innocent type and he comes over as someone who has never dated and doesnt know what a first kiss is XD. Guess I am here the innocent type :P.

        But seriously Seunngi looks dang handsome and old in that king costume. I really envy HJW πŸ˜›

      • This pictures are probably from ep 15 or 16.
        Is this a torture..,they gave us engagement… And I need to wait for 2 weeks…
        Is there justice in this world..I want this now!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s only after 1n2d season 1 wrapped up that I started keeping tabs on LSG. I liked him in his previous shows but was taken with his real-life personality. I usually try to stay away from the star’s relationship scene so I didn’t know about his rel’p status. Unlike other idols he seems to be comfortable with the opposite sex and as lame as the following will sound it is true: his kissing has gotten better since BL days (which was already better than his peer’s). One needs some sorta practice to improve….just sayin’!!

        Also, I read that he’ll most prolly start his MS next year….after reading that I thought but obviously he wants to get done with it as he just seems to be the guy who wants to settle down when the time’s right! If this is true good for him!

      • @ marie: There’re no innocent types anymore, heh. Seung-gi is 25 y.o after all…he can’t keep claiming that he’s never dated before!! I follow BigBang closely and whenever one of those guise claim to be single…i just roll my eyes! Sadly, fans can be quite vicious. The singer Se7en was dating Park Han-byul since their high school days….when news broke of his gf 100,000 fans left his fan club! Yeah totally lame….hence, I understand why Korean stars keep mum about their rel’p status!

      • @Ockoala:
        I also has been here from the start Ms.Koala.
        I’m the person who mess your comment thread before and even need CPR to revive me due too much shocking, but SHE is HA JI WON, what can I do??

        I don’t believe either kkk
        Btw, Seunggi admit that he only dated twice while he was in junior high, before his singing debut? Me believe it? Heh.
        The kiss just a proof he isn’t LOL, even fridge kiss is a proof he isn’t an innocent kkk :p despite mourning (though I admit that’s shocking me) I’m glad about that hohoho

        Btw,seem we’ll getting long time to see this *while I’m dying already* because the staff production actually make the viewers to not release the picture until some specific time. *But I’m already DYING*
        Hope the production team edit the kiss into HOT SIZZLING ONE for this one, not toned it down like fridge kiss.

      • Sorry I’m a newbie and don’t speak Korean…what is dongap? Btw, thanks so much for the pics. It seems that they could be scenes for 15 or16 eps as posted but I wish it was for the next 13-14 instead. πŸ™

      • @Ockoala:
        I also has been here from the start Ms.Koala.
        I’m the person who mess your comment thread before and even need CPR to revive me due too much shock, but SHE is HA JI WON, what can I do??

        I don’t believe either kkk
        Btw, Seunggi admit that he only dated twice while he was in junior high, before his singing debut? Me believe it? Heh.
        The kiss just a proof he isn’t LOL, even fridge kiss is a proof he isn’t an innocent kkk :p despite mourning (though I admit that’s shocking me) I’m glad about that hohoho

        Btw,seem we’ll getting long time to see this *while I’m dying already* because the staff production actually make the viewers to not release the picture until some specific time. *But I’m already DYING*
        Hope the production team edit the kiss into HOT SIZZLING ONE for this one, not toned it down like fridge kiss.

      • I’m sorry for double comments γ… .γ… 
        Dong-gap is same age friend, which is actually ridiculous since Seunggi is 25 and Jiwon turned 34 this year (international age), but they have that chemistry, right?^^

      • @Koala, haha! I agree with you. Neck kiss was definitely a smooth move by Seung-gi. Ad libbing, my arse…you sneaky man/boy!

        As for HJW, I get this feeling that she’s kinda sheltered and naive in a way, from watching all of her interviews, especially in Knee Drop Guru when she admits to feeling lonely after a drama ends and living vicariously through her characters. And Seung-gi seems very emotionally mature for his age, so this could be the reason why they are so at ease with each other and acting like dongap IRL?

        I must confess, I was quiet delusional over Binnie and HJW during SeGa but looking at her now, I can definitely see the difference acting-wise and in their BTS pics. She seems very relaxed and comfortable with Seung-gi and you get the feeling that he is just so attentive and in tune to her needs. And the way he looks at her…kyaaaa. πŸ˜‰

      • Oooo they do… LSG is smooth operator he,heee…but age gap is to big and he’s very traditional…
        Probably everything ends with drama…

      • @Reglest:
        Thank you for the clarification. It’s not unusual in the US to have a familiarity with that kind of age gap but I gather Korea, being an Asian country, it matters a lot. But I do agree that LSG and HJW have such chemistry on camera that speculation of a real life relationship can’t be helped. In my case, I would love to see them together as well. She does not look a year older than 24. With LSG continually announcing that he admires Yoonah from girl’s generation, I wonder if he is changing his tune now. πŸ™‚

      • @justaviewer:
        You’re welcome^^In some asian country, like mine, we friends are crossing age. But in Korea (and probably Japan) where age matters a lot, It’s a rarity, since the dongsaeng (the younger) NEED to respect the Noona (elder sister/woman). It’s such a rarity with that kind of barrier some younger and elder hanging out (particularly when the youngster a man and the elder is woman).
        Please CMIIW^^

      • I think Seung Gi is very comfortable with people older than him because of his 1N2D experience … so I am not surprised that Ha Ji Won feels comfortable with him. He just seems like an old soul in a young body to me.

      • Oh, where did you hear that Seunggi is more experienced than he lets on?! Since he has such a ‘good boy’ image, the idea that he’s some mega smooth playboy is really appealing! Let it be true!

        He does have that thing that guys who are comfortable in their own skin (and by extension with girls in general) give you their total and complete attention, always looking you in the eye etc. It’s such a player attitude, I’m willing to believe it…

      • Actually despite his good kissing skills and everything, I am quite certain that he has not dated since his debut in 2004…
        Not that he is lacking in anything or that there is noone interested in him (hah!), I think the reason is that he is just too perfect and all-round busy that dating is not very prioritized in his mind…
        Being his fan and having read many of his interviews, I conclude that he is a “old” youth… his thinking is sooo mature and I love him more for that. πŸ™‚
        He is a really shy person and he don’t prefer experienced girls. He mentioned before that girls who are very experienced turn him off… Plus he never went to club before, he just is not curious about clublife… so there is little chance for him to meet someone he like…

        His senior once said that all ladies love him and want him but he has the image of a padoga in ladies’ mind. Saintly and somewhat untouchable…
        So its hard for ladies to ask him out… I can understand this point but if I had the chance, do I care…? I would pounce on him… πŸ˜›

        I guess the time just has not come for him…yet~

  3. Ha Ji Won looks gorgeous but I wished she had a more glamorous hairstyle because it would suit the dress more. Nevertheless I am crazy psyched for when the engagement ceremony shows because it looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait until they start their marriage life together.

  4. I’ve been since playful kiss ride too… More of a lurked though …. Sorry

    I was scrolling down for more angle of the kiss! How come the way he kiss looks so sizzling to me ? Only a hand ful can do that ! Open mouth instead of close ! HMMHMM

  5. holy frickin’ CRAP!!

    *Takes a moment to calm self*

    Ms. Koala did you see how he’s pulled her in whilst kissing?! dlkfjgdklfgjdsglksjgldkjgsdlkgjsd
    In the second one with both arms…..ohhhh goshhhh! I’m done for….

    ps: noticed his hands….nice!!

  6. *raises hand* I’ve been here, even if it was lurking~~

    ohmylord, now I want ALL the next episodes to be released immediately, I honestly have no patience any more, especially now that the bickering with each other has stopped ^u^ I love it when the OTP gets together properly BEFORE the last two episodes of the drama *-*

  7. It’s only Friday my time and I still have 4+ days to go before Wed…what should I do? This spoilers made me giggle like a 13 years old and I am so wish today is Wed!….I am thinking about K2Hs all day and I couldn’t function well. My hubby is like…are you “rewatching” AGAIN? I am surrender by K2Hs….

  8. Thank you for all the lovely posts, recaps and translations. I’ve been on this page since the early days too. You are the first page I click on in the mornings πŸ˜€

  9. I was there for Playful Kiss, checked out on watching MSOAN but I did keep up on the recaps, and finally I WENT DOWN WITH THE SHIP ON Lie To Me…

    You keep enjoying the dramas you enjoy and they can just keep missing out on great memories. (I mean if all those people watched My Fair Lady they seriously cannot be insulting Lie To Me…)


    • You are so right because while I may be a novice to Kdramaland, I’ve seen some shows that make me want to give Lie To Me and some other so called bad ones an Emmy.

      And I use to get a kick out of the comments about LTM and how it drove us crazy but we will always have that smoking chemistry and the Coke Cola Kiss ^.^

  10. OMG! thankyou so much koala for these updates. im really really an avid follower of yours. more power! I so love jiwonnie and seunggi πŸ™‚

  11. Thank u ockala for the pics. I squealed like a teenager when I saw that kiss, can’t wait for next week. I was so hoping a blogger would get addicted to this drama as I was from the first episode. So thak u so much for recapping each episode u make my Wednesday and Thursday.

  12. Hi ackoala unni,

    I’m with you also…It’s just that it took me some time to have the courage to post comment..But I really admire you for having great recaps and point of view in each posts…And most importantly is that you always made my day especially when I feel so down and sad…I just have go to my computer and read your updates, and I’m surely be giggling and smiling on my own. With that, THANK YOU SO MUCH….:)

  13. I had to laugh when I started reading this post because the other day when I was reading your recap for TK2H I thought, ‘it totally shows when she’s in love with a drama by how fast her recaps come out’. (Because, damn, episode 12’s recap came out super fast!) Hey, I’m not complaining. XDXD

    Anyway, yes, I’m raising my hand cuz I’ve been lurking around here since the early days. And will probably go back to lurking after this post…lol.

    (Also, I’m with you on Lie to Me. I love that show. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks about that, lol.)

  14. I’ve been with since Lie to me! I love every bit of your blogs even after LTM I still visit your site for updates in what’s new in the drama land. You make the waiting bearable with spoilers and your thoughts helps me go by over the days of waiting for the next episode. I started watching K2H probably 3/4weeks ago. I saw your blog read it watch it now I’m hooked. I’ve watched so many proposals of korean drama but I find K2H proposal to be my number 1 it was so pure so true and well made!!!! The scenery the OTP it’s jot over the top just right it did not left me wanting for more I was satisfied. A very satisfying proposal which I almost broke my screen because I kept on replaying it and I would probably re watch it again later. I’m so glad we have someone like you who caters our cravings in K2H drama. Perhaps after this you will do the same thing as what you did with Lie to me help us recover from so much love from this drama (updates about the OTP). Thank you! Please keep us updated with spoilers etc about K2H about the stars etc. BTW I love the OST of this drama!!!! Can anyone tell me what is the title of the song after the proposal when they were hugging? I love it and who sings it. Thank you!!!

  15. *raises hand*

    Yep, I was here since PK-crazy-waitingforboating-days. Haha. I admit that I totally abandoned your Lie To Me ship after ep 5ish and never watched M3, but I’m always here skipping around at the playground, whether it be fangirling over fictional characters (HQB, Meng Jue) or swooning over actors (special mention: Yuan Hong) and OTPs (Ryo/Gakki, Hong/Shi, and now HJW/LSG). Thanks so much! πŸ˜‰

    As for these spoilers, what can I say? The amount of times I’ve replayed ep 12 and all the incoherent babbling that I did from looking at all the engagement photos is probably enough for my family to seek intervention. TK2H and these two just makes me soooo happy-happy-happy!!!

  16. am proud to say that am with you all the way (more of thee silent reader for the early dramas turned rabid during Lie to Me— I so love it too—so what???) and now with K2H you are spoiling us to the max again…. arrrghhhh never thought I’ll gonna love LSG like this but he totally owned my heart in this drama…as for her majesty HJW…I’ve always been a fan since I watched Memories of Bali from years ago….and I love all her earlier projects too like Damo,,,

    Anyway, back to the pics…I so love HA’s gown…so elegant and so suited for her…as for the kiss…i do hope it’s a real one…I have this tiny inkling that it could be fake considering the angle….nevertheless, it does look soooo sizzling hot!!!! can’t wait for 2 weeks to see this…. TK2H has been my drama crack of late so there…..but am sure you Madam K will always have some goodies for all of us…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • They are kissing in public… so you think the public will let them off with fake kisses during their engagement? ^^

  17. me, me, me…”hands up in air”
    been here since PK to MMM to LTM to TK2H and will continue until death do us apart. Now that you asked for it, be prepared for I will be stalking you, checking you out every morning, afternoon and evening, even before we go to bed…though I can’t commit to buying everything you want, I will love you till the end…..

  18. ockoala unni, these pictures will be seen on episode 15-16? urrrghhh.. have to wait long then πŸ™‚ im so addicted to this drama πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. I’ve been a quiet reader of your blog since MSOAN but TK2H got me to speak and be active. Well, can’t help it.. when my bias seung gi is what we are talking about. ^_^

    btw, my favorite article of yours aside from TK2H recaps/spoilers is the one with Tablo. I literally cried while reading it.

  20. *Raises hands and legs while I’m at it*
    Been around for PK and MSOAN….Also read your LTm recaps and spoilers regularly even though I never watched the drama itself…and here’s to more spazzing over dramas in the future *raises invisible glass of wine*
    ignore my crazy….just woke up from aa long nap and I may not be fully awake at the moment

  21. tk2h is really addicting…. can’t help but to talk about it every time anywhere if there’s a chance..
    read recaps and posts even from the start where many where against with the pairing but Ah-HA prove them wrong, kekeke, it’s a daily routine, watch the eps all over again..

    Thanks Koala unnie, for supplementing as anything TK2h.. =)

  22. Been here since day 1 too! I’m now addicted to your blog, as much as I am addicted to the drama. I love how you love the drama. I can totally relate to the fangirling and excitement! I always look forward to reading your thoughts, and it’s always a delight to open your blog and see gazillions of posts about TK2H! Rest assured, we can never have enough posts and spazz! Thanks for spreading TK2H loooove!!!!

  23. i have been with you since playful kiss! that was my first kdrama and i remember finding your blog one day when i was looking for the next episodes preview! but i must admit that i did go a little mia during marry stayed up all night…

  24. Hello!

    Am I the only one that thinks this could be a WEDDING instead? could it be that the PD is actually tricking us to think it’s an engagement. For one, who gets engaged and carry a wedding bouquet? Wedding Dress? Tiara? BUT, the one evidence that clinched the deal for me would have to be the WEDDING BAND JH is wearing. You guys saw that?…LOL

    I’m more than happy if its a wedding. WEDDING NIGHT!!!!!

    BTW, I Love LIE TO ME too. Plot and acting was great,maybe editing and directing left a lot to be desired but overall it was a very good drama.

    • No, its an engagement party. In Korea, formal engagement parties are almost like weddings. The bride-to-be can even wear a wedding gown and carry a bouquet. Jae Ha is not wearing a wedding ring, he’s wearing an engagement ring. In Korea, men wear engagement rings as well, not just the women. It looks just like a simple wedding band. The idea is that the man is taken once he’s engaged and the ring marks him as off the market from that moment on, not only after he’s actually married.

      • Thank you for replying.
        ahhhh! ok that answers my burning Q. So, its that extravagant engagement ceremonies in Korea. WOW! so since the men already uses a band during the engagement period,nothing is exchanged for the wedding ceremony?.

      • but kiss in publice dont look somthing ,the king do just on an engagement especially in this kind of royal family ,dont you think that a little questionable?is this a really just engagement?

      • I love yours customs…
        In my country this would be wedding, because of dress.
        You’re lucky…

      • This is similar to what we have, but the band must be in the right hand at the time of the engagement and move to the left hand at marriage for both couple

      • You r so right. Speaking as a Korean the engagement party is almost the same thing as being married. Marriage in most asian countries is not just two people but about family. Once it come to the point of an engagement it is almost like being married.

      • I apologize…I don’t know why the link didn’t show up…maybe it’s a sign that I’m not supposed to do it or I just don’t know what the heck I’m doing…:D again my apologies




    • I don’t think it’s a wedding. There’s a banner with μ•½ν˜Ό (engagement) on it… Unless the banner is a decoy and the camera films it in a way that the banner is not in the scene there’s no way it’s the royal wedding. Let’s hope that the wedding is a lot better than this engagement πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait!

    • I wonder why she is wearing white dress though. Traditionally women don’ t wear white at the engagement party. Thinking of possible upcoming scenarios…

    • WOW! how big can the engagement ceremony be? people are invited for a banquet and such? So, when it is the marriage ceremony, same thing but on a bigger scale? I didn’t know this.

      In my culture,when a couple gets engaged, the guy is not even allowed to be present. It is during this time that both family will discuss about the future ceremony,dowry, how long would the engagement would be and stuff. Nowadays since the couple decides on everything, the family just finalized the matter officially at the engagement ceremony. After everything is agreed, than the MOM of the groom will put it on. Than the ceremony ends, the guy normally will make an appearance to see his fiancee.Marriage is an expensive business. The minimum dowry nowadays in the city is roughly around USD10,000. The more affluent you are more expensive the dowry…hahahaha

  25. Thanx Ockoala,
    They really look so… good together. Your post as always wonderful & make me in cheerful spirit. (….remember PK, MSOAN & LTM)

  26. not carin’ about your T/C/J drama posts but has been forever been lurking for your Kdrama posts. Your blog and dramabeans are on my bookmarked page. The first and last page I check everyday πŸ˜€ just sayin’ THANK YOU VERY MUCH for giving us good and fast recaps. luv u MS KOALA! discovered this post when I searched for MSOAN recaps.

  27. I’m so high on happiness right now that i can’t even think. I read somewhere that they also filmed an after party, but I don’t know if that’s true.

    Did anyone notice the red wine on her dress? My guess is that some angry Korean citizen threw or split some wine on her dress. Rudess.

    My head is spinning from all these pictures…

    • jowha!!!!

      OMG, did your avatar suddenly become Seung Gi? Omo, I promise not to tell Hyun Joong. πŸ˜‰

      I’m so tempted too……

  28. Koala – I’m with you! *raises hand* I enjoyed PK; died of the cute that is the OTP of Mary Stayed Out All Night; and still freely admit that I loved Lie to Me – logic & plot gaps aside. But with K2H, it’s like I can’t say enough good things. πŸ˜€ Now that we’re at the halfway point, let’s cross our fingers that each episode continues one-upping the one before. Oh, who am I kidding….either way, I’m in for the duration! I’m really gonna miss K2H when it ends. *let’s not think about it*

  29. It’ll be cool if we can get a traditional royal Korean wedding after this extravagant Western style engagement ceremony.

  30. Hello Ockoala unnie…I’ve been with you for a looong time…mostly as a silent reader πŸ˜€
    I guarantee 100% that this will be another DAEBAK episode just like the previous ones. Here’s one of the few vids I took yesterday πŸ˜€ Hope you don’t mind I share this with you, if not please feel free to delete my post. Thank you for having this great website and loving TK2H

    • Hah! Is that you who arranged the fan photos. Thanks very much for it. That site and you have made me a brainless idiot who can’t focus on anything.

      • Girl, I think that many of us who are addicted to K2H have become brainless and incapable of doing nothing else but looking for spoiler photos and hitting the refresh button on the major spoiler sites :).
        We’re all going to become zombies after K2H is over.

      • yep that was me…guilty as charge! please don’t send me to jail! LOL! Hope you like it πŸ˜€

    • Hi Eva,

      O___O You were THERE?!?!? *faints from jealousy*

      Please always feel free to post anything you want here, vids, other websites, pics. Unless its evil troll people with their useless comments, anything else is welcome and appreciated.

      • Ockoala unni check these out when u get a chance:

        It was hot yesterday and tons of people. I’m a newbie when it comes to stalking LSG but I had so much fun except for the part that I miss the important and precious KISS!!! Yes, I missed it and I want to bang my head on the wall. NOTE: if you’re planning on stalking someone in the future make sure you have a reliable intel…LOL! That’s the lesson I learned yesterday. But everything else was great ~ great experience, met great people, great amusement park, etc…. πŸ˜€

      • Thank u Eva for yr generosity in sharing all yr hardwork !!
        I was floored by d amount of new stuff loaded up yesterday. I cdn’t do much anythg.I ws lousy company at meals cos I jz wanted to be around for breaking news wh ws happening fast & furious!
        What u did ws fun but totally sweat & aches exercise.
        Totally understand how disappointed u are that you were so near & yet so far & din manage to get vis on d Kiss-Clutch.You did tons for for all of us hungering for K2H-Seunggi+Jiwon Crack ! THX !

    • omigaaahhhhhh!! *on repeat loop*

      yunno, Eva I was going to ask you how do they look in real life….like close up? THEY.ARE.PERFECT!! soooo jealous of you, haha! Please note: not HJW but you…to get to see them THIS close would’ve been awesome!

      btw, can you share their off-screen chemistry?! I read from a couple fan accounts that uri Seung-gi yaa grabbed her and gobsmacked her with a kiss? Is this how it went down or they’re just exaggerations?

      Thank you for sharing this gem….we’re living vicariously through you! <3

      • Unfortunately, I missed the kiss part *crying river of tears* but I saw someone else’s video clip and my heart just stop beating…I wish I was Ha Ji Won at that time or that Lee Seung Gi was kissing me. I’m not sure how they’re going to show it on TV but the raw vid I saw was AWESOME ~ DAEBAK to the max! πŸ˜€

      • @ Eva: ohh noesss!! :/

        If you don’t mind could you share the raw vid, please? So, no thoughts on their off-screen chemistry?

        btw, fans in Korea must be having such a field day will all these TK2H public events/sightings? You lucky ducks!!

      • I don’t have it…one of LSG fans took the vid and she just showed it to me…envy her so much πŸ˜€

    • Eva – thank you ssssooo much for your hard work to bring us such gifts! I’ve been hitting the refresh button at the playground and tryp’s site like those trained hamsters from the Geico commercial chanting row, row, row, but I’m chanting refresh, refresh, refresh!
      I’ve always adored LSG, but now I am so in love with him! SWOON! Thank you Koala, Eva, & all the other lovely people who work hard to bring us so many happy pills (as Koala calls it :)). I think that I have almost OD on happy pills for the day.

      • You’re welcome Johwa! I’m glad that I was able to share all the goodies from yesterday’s wonderful event. I took almost 500 pics & thought I was going crazy only to find out that there’s other people with over 1K pics! LOL! I hope that this won’t be my last experience as LSG’s international stalker…hehehe…

      • kekeke, I know who took 1K photos :p Unfortunately the production staff made her promise to not releasing the pic ‘until certain time’, gaaahhh~ but I want to see the kisss!! * know, I’m barely need CPR yesterday*

  31. Ms Koala, I’ve been with you since you told me to read your 20 000 word essay on Tamra. See, I actually read it which is why I remembered how long you said it was. Team Park Byul right?

    It’s always a good thing when you’re mad for a drama because you can get spoilers in both the Korean and Chinese sites. Thank you again for all your hard work.

    • Raising my hand, my dear ockoala! What you put me thru with all your passions, BBJX et al.

      @ ck10z Team Park Kyu! And Group Hug! Lol

      Those were the days that we at DB OT had to convince ockoala to join Team Park Kyu. But once this koala she’s onboard or passionate about something there is no stopping this koala!

  32. *raises hand* but I have to put in down coz I bailed during Lie To Me. πŸ™‚ (didn’t have time to watch) But I was there PK and MSOAN days, so probably 3/4 raised? πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the spoilers Ms. Koala! I know I could rely on your blog for K2H spoilers to satiate my K2H addiction until the next eps~ I swear, this drama just overcame my life right now I can’t even leave the house on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As much as I don’t want this drama to end in 4 weeks’ time, it would probably be the best for me so I could get my life back.

    Not complaining though, I’ll gladly take whatever the production crew gives us. Because as of 12 episodes, this drama keeps getting better and better!

  33. I came to the dark side (your blog) for many, many reasons …. but today, I want to say, namely, I own all 3 of the dramas from the Black Hole of the drama universe (Playful Kiss, Lie to Me, Mary Stayed Out All Night) and what really drives me insane?

    We know we are insane. We know the holes in the Black Hole dramas. We embrace the holes. We love the holes. The holes drive us crazy, and yet we go back, again and again, to look at the holes. The holes have pretty edges. They are in a star-filled universe. They sometimes have something in the middle, just to go “POOF” and disappear like … a deep space vacuum. And we love our Black Holes so much that we buy them, take them out for a walk on the treadmill every day, cry again, cheer again, hold our breath for the kiss again, and at night, we sing them a little lullaby,

    “Hush Little Lie to Me, don’t say a word, mama’s going to make Playful Kiss and Mary second and third.
    And if Mary kisses behind more trash bins, Playful Kiss has more fairy-tale sins.
    And if you crave tomato juice and Coke, give Ki Joon a friendly little poke.
    And if you want two hot lovers, Mary has bromance under the covers.
    And if you need a genius trainee, Playful Kiss summons Oh Hani.
    And if you can’t make sense of this rhyme, our drama insanity has taken over your mind!

    • ROFL.
      Nicely written! Reading your comment makes me wonder, what the heck was I thinking when I was watching all those “Black Hole” dramas? There were so many plot holes to make a tire flat. The acting was sometimes subpar and at other times excellent.
      I’m not saying that K2H is perfect, but it definitely comes very close. The acting, cinematography, characters and script are excellently written and executed. They don’t sit around battling the same issue with the same stakes. The stakes are raised every week, increasing the anticipation of what might happen the following week.

  34. Omg the kiss!!!! The chemistry bw these two is up the roof! Too bad Korea is such a closed society because the reel cannot become real.

  35. TK2H is really for HJW and LSG, as much as LTM is for KJH and YEH … can’t think of anyone else than them … with the upcoming episodes? Oh well, they just bring happiness to this shipper’s heart of mine… TK2H brings back my LTM madness last year.. πŸ™‚

  36. Can you make a discussion forum for K2h koala unnie??? Like LTM and GG-ship.
    I’m here since LTM(but i’m just silent lurker)…and thank you so much.

  37. Think I’m watching this tooo much.Too many rewinds & reruns.
    Cos I’m fighting the complusion to wish that something happens off-screen. Naaaaa ,
    too big an age gap. Only son of traditional korean family. Plus , after this show , girls will be lining up all the way to Jeju & back for LSY’s affections. He’ll be spoiled for choice wt girls his age! But for awhile at least , I’ll let my romantic mind float away whenever he looks & smile at her with so much love & affection , sweetly caress her hand with his etc
    Way ta go ,Seunggi ! You manage to seriously affect( totally melt our hearts) a broad spectrum of ladies and I dare say ,some of us must have had our share of romance . Still!

    • But I think that LSG will always have the noona romance in mind when he dates the other girls. If u look at the KISS in ep 6!!! Don’t u think that he will compare other girls to HJW and wonder what might have been if he was older?

      • Yr right.I’m sure its going thru both their heads ” If only I were older/younger…”Given all their admiration for, comfort levels with each other and sizzling chemistry. We’ve all watched Kdrama melo where they just plaster their lips to each other & cameras help by moving to another angle so as not to show the lack of romantic ardour. Oh well . lets enjoy the show to as good & as long as the leads are “enjoying” their limited screen time together !

      • Yesss…yes…its too darn bad that Korea is such a traditional society and 9 year age gap is really a big deal. Plus LSG is also going to be in the military for 2 years, unless they get hitched before he goes away, that would make HJW close to 40 by the time he gets out…

        So yess…I’d love to think that they should just enjoy this romance onscreen while it lasts. And good luck to LSG, his noona is a tough act to follow, when he does start dating other girls his age. Hahaha. I’m so mean. But its true, HJW raised the bar so high!

  38. Ok – this is the problem I have with Spoilers.. . . . . . i need Wednesday now!!!!!
    I mean they release pictures like this and then have us wait till goodness knows which episode to see it? Have Mercy!

    It was bad enough with the WOC pics – but these just pushed me over the edge. I shall be rocking back and forth in a corner mumbling Wednesday, I need Wednesday – if any of you would care to join me….

  39. I absolutely adore LSG here, I went through a roller coaster ride of turbulent emotions with what his character did. Love HJW when she’s full of spunk and kicking ass.

    I like both Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk too, I feel connected to their acting.

    ockoala, I was just wondering, it’s kinda earlier I guess, do you think it’s possible for LSG to win an acting award at MBC Drama Awards this year? I’m hoping so cuz his acting was so good… ^___^

  40. I have been a silent follower of you for some time now ever since a friend recommended your site. I admire the work you put in your blog and I feel your passion for what you do. Thanks so much for all your hard work

    Anyways, I am as addicted as many of you with K2H and I keep on visiting this blog more often than before just to check for any updates on the drama… again super thanks for helping us cope with our addiction…..Jae Ha and Hang Ah Fighting!

  41. Koala, I only joined you halfway through LTM.
    Was so glad to find you and a group of LTM fans who braved all the hate to spazz over our OTP of 2011.
    Thanks for all your writing, your blog is a must read for me everyday.

    On the spoilers of K2H, please keep them coming!!!
    I live and breathe K2H, my hubby thinks I’m obsessed! πŸ™‚

    The possessive arm around HA while JH kisses her? ***swoon***
    Like how he pulled HJW close during the K2H photoshoot… LSG is manly all right. I gorget that he is only 25 years old!

    • Your hubby should join in. This is a show guys can enjoy, with the politics and mind games. And he can ogle at the beautiful Ha Ji Won.

      • LOL… yes I’m gushing over it so much and I told him to watch.
        In fact, he likes all the shows which I force him to watch… LOL.
        So yeah, I will get him to watch this… when I downloaded all the vids in 720p and plug in my new sound bar next week and I’ll be right beside him re-watching all the episodes. πŸ™‚

  42. OK, this is going to be epic. I thought the last eps were too angsty for me, but give me that kind of stuff and everything is forgiven. I’m left speechless with those pics.

    • I know, I know…
      When I wake up, the first thing is laptop and Koala’s playground…
      When I start to study, after 15 minutes I check up-dates on playground…
      When I have spare time, I rewatch TK2H…
      And wait for spoilers…

      So I really don’t have time to have a life…he,heeee…
      Until TK2H airs πŸ˜‰

  43. I have been with you since Playful Kiss days! Playful Kiss => Lie To Me => Protect the Boss => now! I didn’t realise that was the beginning? If it was, then I have also been with you for a long, long time ^^ I love all your drama recaps, even the baby ones. Don’t ever stop writing please πŸ˜€

    I saw these spoilers the day a link to them was posted on your other spoiler entry. Have been spazzing since *_*

  44. My Captain Koala, *raises hand halfway. Been with you only since LTM. But I submit that I am one of your avid, rabid and faithful sailors. Love TK2H, but love your blog too. I enjoy being in the company of like-minded shippers. It’s what makes our k-drama obsession so much fun.

  45. Koala dear, you saved me last year…
    My first Kdrama was Playful kiss…My first blog was A Koala’s playground…

    Thank you for your existence…

  46. *raises hand* i’ve been with you since the beginning =]
    i stumbled upon your page while watching Playful Kiss
    & searching for well written recaps . i’ve been with you
    ever since (minus Lie to Me, i just read the recaps) but
    STILL !! i enjoy visiting your site & reading your blogs =D

  47. Raising hand…even though I`ve discovered your blog while watching my princess… Love your recaps and I agree with you, this drama will be making into my top 5 dramas…
    Killer spoilers!!!! We will have to survive without TK2H magic for a couple more days! πŸ˜‰

  48. I admit Im also a big fan of koreanovela and eversince I’ve watched fated to love you I’ve been loving taiwanese novela also. Thanks to you koala for uploading drama recaps. Before I only read your news but when I started reading the drunken love you episodes Im become addicted to read your dramas even though Im finished watching the videos especially lie to me I also love this drama very much, Im looking forward for more drama recaps which I will enjoy reading.

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