Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong Don Sageuk Garb in Time Slip Dr. Jin

I”m sorry. The incongruity of a sageuk-dressed Song Seung Heon holding a stethoscope has me chortling with mirth. I think he looks puuuurfect in sageuk garb, minus the super cocky posture and head tilt. But I guess it makes sense since he’s supposed to be a super cocky surgeon from the modern times transported back to save Joseon era patients who need surgery. In addition to Song Seung Heon wearing sageuk clothes for the first time, Jaejoong also revealed his costume in Time Slip Dr. Jin, which is hilariously a picture of him sitting down sipping orange juice from a straw. Now all I need is a first peek at Lee Bum Soo in sageuk clothes to make my happiness complete. Park Min Young and Lee So Yeon have done sageuks before so I know they will naturally look suitably lovely in their hanboks.


Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong Don Sageuk Garb in Time Slip Dr. Jin — 23 Comments

  1. …I just come to myself…

    Mr.Mchandtowel…omo…you look tooooo good… Don’t blame me if those 2 guys are only reason for me to watch drama to the end.

    Jaejoong I need name for you… oh you’re hot in that outfit

  2. hahahaha, Jaejoong’s picture leaves me laughing in stitches! The incongruity of him donning sageuk clothes, coupled with him sipping from a straw in orange juice and his relatively effeminate sitting posture (I’m sure men back in Joseon don’t sit like that, with my impression from previous sageuk dramas, if the historical accuracy of sageuk dramas are to be believed)… !!! Made my day! 🙂

  3. Thanks for these!
    I believe they have dipped into my fantasies and pulled out some images.
    I really don’t think I am going to mind how this show turns out, it is going to LOOK fantastic.

    We can write our own stories!

  4. umm.. Sorry Mr. McHandTowel.. I do not like you on the first picture.. Is that a really a doctor outfit in saejuk time… I like the doctors outfit jejoongwon in saejuk times better.. JJ ahhh.. we do need a name for you.. Hrmm.. How about McLilWaist… LOL… I need some help naming him… The second picture of Mr. McHandtowel is better… =D JJ my dear dongseng, I would rather you to have a mane of glory hair then tied up hair… =D and do not mind to see some abs.. Heck, we need to see lots of HOT Waterfall Shower Scenes since we have Three eye candies…. and shows lots of abs too… you know more of them and less of pmy… LOL… =D

    • Trina my dear; let’s send these boys to Jeju Island and make them swim but I don’t mind seeing them under some Waterfall…

      About name…hmmm…we can’t use lil, lil wayne will find out..he,heee…

  5. The first time I heard about this drama and that SSH had been cast as the lead, I frowned and frowned. I do like him a lot, but sageuk + SSH? I couldn’t picture him, especially since he’s still -how shall I put this?- honing *coughcough* his acting skills? Then again, mayyyybe his sageuk garb will be distracting enough. *stares at pics* Yeah, they’re distracting alright. *g*

    Btw, whenever I see Jaejoong now, I cannot help and think about THAT scene when Moo-won takes off his jacket and Na-yoon reacts the way she does. Oh my god, I’m STILL giggling!

  6. I still think this will not be as good as the japanese version, even though season 2 was weaker it was a excellent series with a stellar cast.
    In this case I think the supporting cast is far more stronger then the 3 leading actors (Jaejoong, SSh, PMY)

  7. I am dissapointed that Jaejoong doesn’t have a mane of glory…i don’t expect great performances from either of these two but I did want to see a mane of glory on at least one of them and Jaejoong would’ve been perfect because he already looks like he came out of a manhwa

  8. at this point, I don’t care how good the acting is… they both look mighty fine. I’m sure I will think differently once I start watching it but for now, shallowness is still working for me. SSH in sageuk garb – I have been waiting a long time. Interesting! Good looking as always. JJH – need I say more, he looks good in pretty much anything.

  9. Fingers crossed that SSH spends more time being McHottie than McHaughty in this drama.
    Looking forward to seeing Jaejoong’s impish grin again.

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