First Look at the Male Leads of Time Slip Dr. Jin in Action

Ah, now this is complete. The first stills have leaked from the set of Time Slip Dr. Jin showing Lee Bum Soo in sageuk clothing, which completes the reveal of all the males leads. The new stills also include Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong in their sageuk clothes, and I continue to think they took suitably fitting in their period attire. I really have nothing to say about the K-version of Dr. Jin except for the fact that I want to watch it because I like the male leads. It’s so shallow, but who doesn’t have their biases. If they follow the Jin storyline, they ought to at least not suck that bad, even if the acting turns out iffy. I find the picture of a modern Dr. Jin wearing his scrubs and white coat standing next to a Joseon era Lee Bum Soo amusing enough to keep me interested in this whole shebang. But the image of Jaejoong brandishing a stick towards a tied up Dr. Jin vastly amusing.


First Look at the Male Leads of Time Slip Dr. Jin in Action — 22 Comments

  1. I really don’t know what to expect with this one and it’s totally fine! Didn’t watch the original Jin yet… But yeah, at least we will have pretty on our screens and it’s not that bad…

  2. Watched the original so I’m a little scared, disappointed and apprehensive about this one. The only upside for me is the casting of Bum Soo.

  3. Ooooh! Thanks for these.
    I am a sucker for all the pretty- the faces and the color palette they use for sagueks.
    I’ll watching, and hopefully not making fun of some acting.

  4. SSH??? Bring it on …. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense or silly … I’ll be glued to his face so it ain’t matter … ^_^

  5. I am still apprehensive since I really liked the original…but since I am a sucker for sageuks, I’d probably still watch this.

  6. I’ll be checking this out because I really enjoyed the original. If it sucks, you will no longer hear from me…..LOL

  7. LBS look awesome.. He will definitely steal the show away just like Mr. HOTTIE Sky Lord in WBDS…=D Hrmmm… I found the new name for JJ.. How about McYummy.. =D and LBS McSteamy…

  8. Oooh! Maybe Lee Bum Soo’s acting prowess will rub off on Song Seung Heon. After all, LBS used to be an acting teacher.

    • That is a good thing! That means THT may elevate his game afterall.

      No matter what, it’ll be amazing to see LBS doing the saguek talk. I am sooooo excited!

  9. Omg, I just finished the Japanese-original Jin and I love it, dramatic, loveable. Now I’m so afraid to watch this one x.x

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