Ghost with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee Release Script Reading and Filming Stills

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghost with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee ends up leading the Wed-Thurs drama pack in the upcoming cycle. The PD and scriptwriter combo did the ratings success Sign last year for SBS (which I skipped due to my raging Park Shin Yang allergy), and I’ve actually been a fan of the PD’s directing style for quite a few other dramas (I am Legend, Cain & Abel, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee). I think K-drama glitzy procedurals have an audience since it doesn’t come along that often, and Ghost is chock full of solid actors such as Daniel Choi and Uhm Ki Joon playing second leads. I’m not a fan of Lee Yeon Hee, and am actually more interested in second female lead Song Ha Yoon (who formerly went by her stage name Kim Byul). I’m really on the fence about this one, but So Ji Sub has failed so miserably on the small screen since he finished his mandatory service that I’m rooting for Ghost to resurrect his poor track record out of sympathy alone. Ghost will air on SBS following Rooftop Prince. Oh, and for the record, where is Uhm Ki Joon in the script reading stills? Wahhh, I protest!

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu So Ji Sub bar]


Ghost with So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee Release Script Reading and Filming Stills — 13 Comments

  1. It’s really a shame that I like EVERYONE on that cast list except Lee Yeon Hee, because otherwise I’d be all over this (not to mention I love procedurals, and Korea actually does them very well). Oh, the memories of Paradise Ranch, they haunt me…

  2. I think Kim Sun Ah’s “I Do, I Do” & Joo Won’s “Bridal Mask” will be more successful than this.

    I wish Song Ha Yoon was the female lead though, I love her. Lee Yeon Hee really turns me off.

    • What happen with Lee Yeon Hee?, I think she is sweet and beautiful. She’s good on “East Of Eden” played with Song Seung Hoen.

  3. I’ve never watched a Korean procedural before, so I have no clue what to expect, but I’m game, at least for the first few episodes… also: zomg is that G.O? Waahhh baobei gets to be in a kdrama, finally… I’m probably going to be watching all of his cuts ^^~

  4. I’m definitely going to check this out…
    It would be nice to watch something different…I’ve enjoyed watching Vampir prosecutor, Ten, Joseon X-files. . .

  5. Out of the upcoming dramas, I’m eyeing this one and KSA’s ‘I Do, I Do’. We’ll just have to see which one pulls through. Whats up with LYH’s getup in the second last pic? Hopefully they give her a better wardrobe than what she had in Paradise Ranch! So excited that G.O has been cast in this drama too. Not expecting much from him considering he’s had almost zero acting experience but hopefully he will gain some experience from this for future acting gigs 🙂

  6. I like lee yeon hee she play east of eden and paradise ranch i like her cute and jo ib so memory in bali cain and abel

    • yeah.. me too like Lee Yeon Hee, I think she’s alright in Paradise Ranch, I’ve seen a worst actress than her, such as Go Hye Sun, I don’t like her acting in BBF, although many people love her, I still found her bland and boring. I also find Yoona acting is the same, I can’t get through Cinderella Man because of her. Or Lee Yo woon in Bad Love, but I find Lee Yo won acting is alright in 49days, So I don’t know maybe these actress with lack of acting talent should be very careful when they are next to an actor with a great acting skills such as Kwon Sang Woo, because we will definetely can see their flaws of acting.

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