Park Shin Hye in the May Issue of Ceci Magazine with Park Se Young and Kim Jung Hwa

For the May issue of Ceci Magazine, Park Shin Hye collaborates with Kim Jung Hwa and Park Se Young for a flower and car interior themed photo spread. I love how it feels fun, a bit self-aware, and looks bright and pops off the page. I wonder when Shin Hye is coming back for another project? Since seeing her work with Lee Seung Gi twice now (once on stage performing and the most recent time as his leading lady for his Japanese single MV), I’m fairly certain they would be a great onscreen pairing. In the right project, of course, and barring some terrible script disaster. Shin Hye is one of those young actresses that I love for her potential and how natural she comes off onscreen, but I keep waiting for her to knock one out of the park. But if Seung Gi baby can do it in The King 2 Hearts, its further proof that these things can be done. Until then, it’s nice to see Shin Hye all pretty and having fun with her friends. 

[Credit: Ceci Magazine]


Park Shin Hye in the May Issue of Ceci Magazine with Park Se Young and Kim Jung Hwa — 10 Comments

    • I was just wondering that too, I mean I liked Snow White but after that I couldn’t find much dramas that she is cast in…..

  1. Yes. I wonder about that too. Even Park Shin Hye is now overlooked, although she’s a good actress and very popular in Asia.

    There is an increasing collaboration between drama and/or film producers and kpop entertainment companies; as such priorities in leading and/or character roles are given to kpop idols (whether they can act or not – it doesn’t really matter). It will be a loooooooooooong wait before we get to see Park Shin Hye or Kim Jung Hwa (this girl is really classy) in movies or dramas.

    Meantime, Shin Hye is back in University for more than a year now as a full-time student. Which is really good!

  2. It is a real pity that talented actors are being sidelined and ‘no acting talent’ idols get the lead roles instead. I anticipate a fan backlash against this trend. I certainly had enough of watching wooden acting from the likes of Yoona and company (no offense to her fans). But the idols should stick to singing, hosting or dancing (whatever they do best) instead of pretending to be actors.

    Not everyone who attends acting classes can make it as actors otherwise all the waiters and waitresses in places like New York would have been cast already. Hah!

    • I agree @potofink. I’m sorry but I don’t understand what’s the big deal with Yoona. There are a lot of more talented actresses out there to cast and if they want to cast Yoona at least give her a small role so she can brush up on her skills. The other members in SNSD are beautiful too and should get more attention.

      • and yeah where has Kim Jung Hwa been? Loved her in Snow White and 1% of Anything. Hoping to see her and Shin Hye in dramas soon. :]

  3. agree with everybody’s comment here.It’s a pity Yoona is paired with JGS who is a great actor. She should have stick to singing.Meanwhile, great scripts are given to k-pop idols with little or zero acting skills(though there’s a little exception)….hope Shin Hye will get a role which will showcase her acting abilities since she’s one of the few young actresses who really got the talent.

  4. I can totally see what the photo is heading for and it’s CUTE. I loVe it !!! Park Shin Hye needs to do more K-drama !!!!

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