New BTS Stills of the WOC Teams in The King 2 Hearts Plus Swoony Kissing Tidbit

Huh? Someone be saying something? I had to actually shake my head around to get it out of the clouds where it drifted after I saw the latest gif from another angle of the upcoming engagement party kiss between Jae Ha and Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts. The C-netizens really were right in saying this drama might as well change its name to The King 2 Hands. Before we get to squealing over the kiss gif at the bottom of this post, some new BTS pictures have emerged of Team USA and Team Korea palling around at the beach. Despite a bit of clunkiness and a lot of cringeworthy dialogue, I reckon it must’ve been fun to participate in a mock war game even if it was for a drama. Or at least Lee Seung Gi looks like he personally is having a blast. Honestly, that boy can do no wrong in my eyes anymore. He smiles and I melt. He kisses……and my knees buckle, and he’s not even kissing me! Ha Ji Won, you lucky lucky lady.

And now for what you’ve all been waiting for – Kiss Kiss Kiss! Apparently they filmed it four times, and the PD was heard yelling “more passionate!” Hahaha, I don’t think the King needed any prodding on that front. I’ve seen way more sexy, passionate, romantic kisses in dramas, but I swear a hard earned kiss turns me into jelly each time. The thought that Hang Ah and Jae Ha went all out to earn their engagement makes me want to fist pump and do the victory dance for them, and makes their kissing afterwards so much sweeter.


New BTS Stills of the WOC Teams in The King 2 Hearts Plus Swoony Kissing Tidbit — 45 Comments

  1. “The King 2 hands” , hahahaha! πŸ˜€
    Ms Koala, Thanks for all updates on TK2H, cant get enough of them πŸ™‚

  2. OMO!! my poor heart keep beating sooo fast even I have ever seen this sooo may times..
    SeungGi oppa, you make me melt like a jelly..

  3. That gif is GOLD!! kdjsakdfjsdfksjddkslfjklfjsdkjf

    Love that he totally grabs her. RAAWWWWR! Seung-gi ya, attaboy! Since this is a royal public kiss I’m okay with it being semi-passionate!! Those fangirls must’ve had a field day. I agree with you, Seung-gi can do NO WRONG IN MY EYES!! hahaa. If you give 1n2d a go you’ll be a changed woman!

    • HJW seems kinda passive & shy though. :/ Which is a shame since if she’d have been more forthcoming then it’d have definitely turned into a more passionate kiss.

      • Hehehaaa…If they had kiss like the one in EQM ep 14 (I know I’m boring, but I can’t help it…damn that was hot,hot,hot)…this show would explode…Earth would stop for the moment πŸ˜‰

      • I was wondering the same thing. HJW seems to be passive whenever they kiss. Love LSG passionate embrace (hence the 2 hands coinage, lol). But considering HJW is older and have been in many dramas and movies, shouldn’t she be a more active participant? Just saying. I love the portrayal of innocence and shyness but they are engaged now. In SG drama, she was definitely participating in the honeymoon scene. ahhh, guess one can only wish… maybe after the wedding with our King. πŸ˜€

      • Ya i know hajiwon is a kinda passive kisser even in SG its kim joo won who is doing all the the lip work,but maybe we can see more action from Kim HANg ah during their honey moon who knows hehehe, but i think the reason why hajiwon kiss in a modest way its because its a drama and its rated 15 so maybe he just let her co star do all the kissing act more actively than her,and by the way she is a good kisser, here is the link the prove that hehehe
        please watch this hehehe

    • so true. i fell in love with LSG after watching MGIAG and it became an obsesses love because of 1N2D… and after this drama, i don’t know what will happen to me. ^_^

    • Look at HJW’s hand when LSG kissed her..looks like she is reluctant and want to finish it soon….hmmm..wonder why?

  4. Dear Koala can you make post: The hottest kkisses…or something like that…
    It would be really nice to remember, compare and drool πŸ˜‰

  5. HAHAHA! King 2 Hands! Why didn’t we coin that earlier ? That Hands probably had their own lil’ script booklet too. And special mention during the Credit roll . I can’t ever look at LSG as d sweet campy boy no more . We envy her NOW but later… Ha Ji Won needs to jump straight into another drama or take a long vaca to get him out from under her skin ! No more warm handholds , cheek brushes , loving looks & sweet passionate kisses . Urgh ! But He’s having fun kissing his crush though .

  6. Okay, back to the WOC pictures.
    SG always likes to carefully roll up his short sleeves to show off what’s beneath them…
    Vanity, boy, vanity!

  7. Seung Gi oppa, you really look like an experienced playboy~
    Notice how Jiwon onee was so shy and looked down away from Seunggi’s loving stare after the kiss~ keke~
    2 more days to Kingday~

  8. it’s getting hot in here….are we all melting or we all melting…..hands hands….if HJW only brought up her flower carrying hand to his shoulder…neck…oy we’d all be dead πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ isn’t it wed yet?? komawo Koala dear! πŸ™‚

  9. I’m sorry… I love Seunggi and the kiss but all I can see is Ji-Won unni’s flexy muscles when her hand goes on Seunggi’s chest. So buff in that dress! She’s my idol! I love her!<3

  10. Y’all can keep commenting on the kiss. Me, I’m having a massive girl crush on the state of Ha Ji Won’s muscle tone in her back and her arms, especially the backs of her arms where the wobbly fat bits are most likely to show. She looks AMAZING in that dress.

  11. Anyone noticed that JaeHA kinda lingered close to Hangah’s cheek, for ’bout for 2 secs after the kiss . Reluctant to let go . I think that was impromptu . Wonder what Ha Jiwon was thinking?

    • I’ve though like that too.
      Anyway, LSG look enjoy this scene while HJW seems too shy with people around them πŸ˜€

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