The King 2 Hearts Episode 16 Recap

Oh oh oh, I can’t breathe. To think that the last few episodes, with bombs and selection draws and engagement on the line stakes, was actually a breather before the shit really hit the fan. This episode left me flailing on the floor gasping “no, no, noooooo” all the while watching Jae Ha pretty much take an emotional train to hell. But I know he has a return ticket, despite things looking grim on all fronts. Lee Seung Gi brung it again (not that I ever doubted he was already firing on all cylinders) as Jae Ha is once again pushed into the corner, this time with the lives of his Hang Ah and his mom on the line. That Bong Goo may be a pig, but he’s pretty much a pig the size of King Kong. Which just means Jae Ha needs a bigger rocket launcher to take him out in the end. The King 2 Hearts continues to be so good it gives me goosebumps.

Episode 16 recap:

Secretary Eun excuses himself from the engagement ceremony to go take call from Club M. Dude, not turning your phone off was rude to begin with, but walking out makes you even ruder. But being rude is the least of your worries, I guess. Talk to my hand, grandpa. Bong Goo’s right hand man says Club M wants Jae Ha to abdicate. This time Secretary Eun tells them that he’s not playing along with their games anymore, and he’s not changing his mind even if they threaten to reveal everything to the King.

Hang Ah and Jae Ha toast each other, but Hang Ah’s wine glass shatters during the toast. Not the best omen, I must say. The serving ladies quickly come out to clean up, and Jae Ha smiles as he tells Hang Ah it’s okay.

The engaged couple do a walk to greet their guests, all of whom are chanting for them to kiss. Jae Ha’s smirk returns while Hang Ah looks slightly embarrassed, but she needn’t worry, because her man just pulls her in for a kiss to please their audience. Hang Ah’s dad and the Queen Mom smile and shake their heads at the youngsters PDA.

Hang Ah and Jae Ha break apart and wave at their guests as balloon are released into the air, marking an end to their engagement ceremony that went off without a hitch.

Secretary Eun calls Shi Kyung out and asks where Jae Ha is, and is told that Jae Ha and Hang Ah are spending some time together. Secretary Eun asks his son how the investigation is going into the mole in the Palace involved with leaking the Amyungdo location. Shi Kyung admits its stalled but he’s getting back on it now that the engagement is completed.

Secretary Eun starts typing up what appears to be his confession letter. He goes to the hall of royal portraits and apologizes to Jae Kang, getting on his knees to bow, telling his majesty to never forgive him.

Hang Ah and Jae Ha are getting a couples facial and discussing upcoming royal activities. Hang Ah and the Queen Mother are scheduled to go overseas for a volunteer function. Jae Ha pouts, wanting them to stay in Korea and do something local. Hang Ah teases that they should go to North Korea and do a charitable function, since they are engaged, the North is their family as well.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah walk into his office and he goes straight for his computer. Hang Ah tells him not to read the emails from Club M, but Jae Ha says that ignoring those ten emails doesn’t mean things will be fine. Hang Ah leaves to let him do it alone.

Jae Ha opens the first email and it thanks Secretary Eun for his help. Each successive email contains voice recordings of Secretary Eun’s conversations with Club M, all of which Jae Ha listens to and looks more and more stunned and devastated.

When Secretary Eun comes in, Jae Ha asks him about his 30 years of service, following Jae Ha’s father, and how his brother and now Jae Ha trusted Secretary Eun. Jae Ha screams at Secretary Eun, asking how he could do all this? Jae Ha screams at Secretary Eun, calling him a traitor. Truer words have never been spoken. Secretary Eun gets on his knees and bows.

Secretary Eun asks Jae Ha to please not let Shi Kyung know what happened, he’ll tell Shi Kyung himself. Jae Ha orders Secretary Eun to take a holiday, since he is old now and has worked thirty years with barely any rest.

Jae Ha talks with the Queen Mother and Jae Shin about Secretary Eun’s dismissal. His mother wants him to be more forgiving, saying whatever Secretary Eun did, he must be feeling terrible and reflecting on it. Jae Ha asks if he’s being told to let it go? His brother died, Jae Shin is paralyzed, all of this is hard for him to deal with since he’s still just a human people and needs some more time.

Shi Kyung hears about his father’s dismissal and goes to ask Jae Ha why, but Jae Ha cannot explain without revealing the truth.

Jae Ha is reading documents and Hang Ah tells him to get some rest. He can’t since he has five meetings tomorrow and he needs to finish reading all of these documents. Hang Ah points out that he’s so stressed and distracted, he’s not even absorbing what he’s reading.

Hang Ah points to her lap and tells Jae Ha to rest for a minute. Jae Ha lays his head down on Hang Ah’s lap and then holds her hand. Hang Ah asks if he’s scared. Jae Ha admits he’s scared. Other than his family and Hang Ah, he’s scared of everything and everyone else. He feels like there is no one else he can trust.

Shi Kyung looks at his father’s packed up belongings in his office and calls him, but Secretary Eun does not answer the phone. Bong Goo is informed that Jae Ha got rid of Secretary Eun. Bong Goo is watching the video Jae Ha sent to him. He asks if everything is underway and is told that their plan is in progress.

Hang Ah and the Queen Mother are on a plane headed overseas for a charitable function. The serving lady brings over documents to read, and a box that the Queen Mother wants to personally hand to Hang Ah. The box contains a beautiful handbag, which has been passed on from Queen to Queen. Hang Ah is quite touched and thanks the Queen Mother.

Hang Ah asks if she needs to use this since they are going to do volunteer work. The Queen Mother says they represent the royal family and need to always be classy and refined. That is also their duty. Hang Ah asks if she can do this, and the Queen Mother assures her that she can.

Jae Shin is with her psychiatrist who asks what Jae Shin did last week. Jae Shin read some psych books, and asks if what she has is a mental illness. Because Jae Shin couldn’t handle what happened to her, therefore she wiped it out of her memories. Jae Shin asks if she can get her memories back? The doctor says not yet, if its not done right, it might cause Jae Shin to fall into abject fear. Lady, that’s why she’s paying you money to treat her! Stop trying to pass the buck, imma revoking your license.

Jae Shin sits in her room and purposely listens to the classical score which triggers her fear. She can’t handle it so stops in the middle. Shi Kyung walks in and asks if she called him? She asks how Secretary Eun is doing? Shi Kyung explains his dad is fine and likely went to a resort home to get away. Jae Shin asks him not to hate her brother for what he did because there might be other reasons behind it. Shi Kyung says he understands.

Jae Shin happily tells him that she is undergoing treatment and should get her memories back soon. He asks if she doesn’t sing anymore? Her memories are important, but she also needs to recover her own interests and passion. Jae Shin plays the piano for Shi Kyung and he starts to sing the same song she once sang for him. She then takes him over to Jae Ha’s room since he has the best stereo system in the Palace.

In Jae Ha’s room, Jae Shin hands Shi Kyung a microphone but he refuses and wants to leave. Jae Shin asks if he really dislikes her that much? She’s already confessed her feelings and is trying very hard, so isn’t he being a bit cruel towards her? Shi Kyung thinks Jae Shin is just curious about him and ultimately they don’t belong in the same world. He doesn’t want to become her toy.

Jae Shin shoots that down and then asks if he doesn’t like her because she’s a cripple? He says no. Jae Shin asks how Shi Kyung remembers the song she sang for him once? Is he a music genius? Shi Kyung admits he remembers because she sang it.

Hang Ah and the Queen Mother are sitting in their hotel room. Their serving lady apologizes for them staying at this hotel. Apparently their original hotel just had a bomb threat. It appears their itinerary for tomorrow will be cancelled as well and they will be returning to Korea. After the serving lady leaves the room, she gets into the elevator and notices a hotel worker with an odd tattoo on the back of her neck. We see that it is Bon Bon.

The Queen Mother looks at pictures of malnourished kids and notes that the village they were to have visited are filled with such children. The discuss one child who was saved, but his mother died of TB. Hang Ah reveals that her mother died of TB, because they could not afford rice. After that, Hang Ah went to Pyongyeong.

The Queen Mother asks what Hang Ah’s mother did and finds out she was an interpreter and would read stories to Hang Ah at night. The Queen Mother reveals that Jae Kang’s wife called her “mom”, and in South Korea if the daughter-in-law has a good relationship with her mother-in-law, she can call her mom. The Queen Mother tells Hang Ah to call her mom.

Bon Bon and her cohorts arrive at the hotel and proceed to take out all the royal guards. What did I say about their complete and utter uselessness. Bon Bon pretends to be delivering room service but the Queen Mother doesn’t open the door. Instead she goes to call to make sure there is supposed to be a delivery. The room phone is dead and she goes to get her cell phone, which is when she turns around to see Bon Bon standing in the room already with a gun.

One of the royal guards manages to push the fire alarm button which goes off and alerts everyone. Hang Ah walks out of the bathroom to see Bon Bon holding the Queen Mother hostage with a gun to head. Bon Bon asks if Hang Ah wants to go quietly with them, or go as a corpse.

Jae Ha is stunned when he’s told that his mother and Hang Ah are both missing and the guards have been taken out. He tells Shi Kyung to inform the Prime Minister but keep this news from leaking out. He asks if the perpetrator is Kim Bong Goo?

Jae Ha tries to call his Hang Ah, and we see Bon Bon has Hang Ah’s cell phone and hangs up on Jae Ha. Bon Bon pays off her cohorts and then shoots them. Why bother. Hang Ah and the Queen Mother are herded into a small airplane.

Jae Ha and the Prime Minister are given a report on the kidnapping. The security cameras caught two men from the hotel who are likely involved, and both ended up dead shortly thereafter. In that African country, there is a civil war going on so Hang Ah and the Queen Mother could have been kidnapped for ransom. The security cameras caught the shadow of another person.

Bon Bon leads Hang Ah and the Queen Mother under a tunnel and into the Club M headquarters. Hang Ah keeps a tight grip on the Queen Mother to support her.

Jae Ha meets with Shi Kyung, who says the serving lady noticed a hotel worker with a weird tattoo on her neck. The woman they detained who worked for Bong Goo also has weird tattoos on her body. It’s likely Kim Bong Goo is behind this kidnapping. Jae Ha thinks back to his last meeting with Bong Goo and what he threatened.

Bong Goo is informed that King Jae Ha has been trying to reach him through various channels. Food is brought out for the hostages and Hang Ah eats. When the Queen Mother expresses worry that it might be poisoned, Hang Ah calmly explains that if they wanted to kill them, they would have already done it. She tells the Queen Mother to eat as well to keep her energy so they can escape. Hang Ah says they have to do something, they cannot just sit here knowing that the royal family must be in chaos right now.

The Queen Mother says they are being guarded but Hang Ah is confident she can lure them away. The Queen Mother trusts Hang Ah can do it since she’s a soldier, but as an old woman, she cannot even attempt it.

Bong Goo and Bon Bon walk into the room. He greets both highnesses and then shoots the breeze, saying he’s only seen their pictures and is pleased to meet them in person for the first time. Hang Ah stands up and extends her hand for a shake, asking if he’s Kim Bong Goo. Bong Goo stares at her but doesn’t take her hand. Bong Goo walks over to the Queen Mother and asks to have tea with her. Hang Ah says no, but Bon Bon drags her out, leaving the Queen Mother alone with Bong Goo.

Jae Ha is meeting with Hang Ah’s dad and they discuss whether the kidnapping really was done by Club M. Hang Ah’s dad suggests they need to consider other terrorist organizations as well.

Jae Ha asks Shi Kyung if there is still no way to establish contact with Club M, and is told that all methods have been attempted but they refuse contact. Jae Ha is frantic, saying contact must be established and he’s willing to do anything. His mother…she won’t be able to endure this.

Bong Goo sits down across from the Queen Mother and asks if he can call her mom, since she reminds him of his own mother. He asks if she hates him? She must, because he would hate himself if he was her. Bong Goo asks for sympathy, saying he’s a sad person. His father abandoned him when he was a child, and his mother ignored him and went off to open a bar. They placed him in a royal family establish school for him to raise himself.

Bong Goo thinks the Queen Mother would understand, since she does a lot of volunteering and sees these poor parentless children. Now Bong Goo is tired and wants to stop. He asks the Queen Mother nicely if the royal family can just abdicate. Buh? He compliments the Queen Mother on being so classy, as opposed to his own mother, who was trash.

The Queen Mother gets upset, chiding him for calling his own mother trash. The Queen Mother rips into him, saying that she’s met plenty of poor children when she volunteered, and not everyone turned out rotten like Bong Goo. There are plenty of kids who rose above their circumstances.

She is Jae Kang’s mother, and he killed her son. He should be on the ground kneeling in abject apology to her, how dare he continue to patronize the royal family. She tells him to kill her, but there is no way her children would let him get away with it. The Queen Mother awesomely starting hitting Bong Goo over and over, and Bong Goo just stands there and looks all taken aback. You kick the crap out of him, granny!

Secretary Eun checks his phone and sees a text from Shi Kyung telling him to answer his calls because the Queen Mother and Hang Ah have been kidnapped for over a day now and there has been no communication with them.

Jae Ha wants to reach Club M himself, but Shi Kyung reminds him that this is what they want. Club M wants to disrupt them and cause confusion, so they cannot lose their focus and control. Jae Ha stops himself and gives Shi Kyung ten minutes to reach Club M.

Secretary Eun gets a call from Jae Ha and answers it. Secretary Eun advises Jae Ha on how to reach Club M by going through the US and China. Bong Goo is told that South Korea is using diplomatic measures to reach out to China and the US for help, and both counties are expressing a negative reaction to Club M. Bong Goo agrees to meet with Jae Ha.

Jae Ha, with Shi Kyung in tow, walk into a Chinese pavilion to meet Bong Goo, which leads me to think they are meeting in China. Shi Kyung is prevented from entering so Jae Ha goes alone. Bong Goo sees Jae Ha and is immediately very polite, asking how he’s doing lately? He’s heard Jae Ha has been trying to reach him lately, and he apologizes for being too busy to meet with him.

Jae Ha asks what Bong Goo wants? He asks Bong Goo to release the ladies, he knows Bong Goo doesn’t want a money ransom. Bong Goo plays coy and stupid, acting surprised that the Queen Mother and Hang Ah have been kidnapped. He offers to help look for them. Bong Goo asks if the wedding date has been postponed? Jae Ha says yes, and despite the North having objections, Hang Ah will understand.

Bong Goo says there is a misunderstanding if Jae Ha thinks he kidnapped the ladies. But if he did kidnap them, does Jae Ha think he was aiming to disrupt the wedding or destroy Jae Ha’s love life? That’s nothing. What he would want is for Jae Ha to abdicate, for the entire royal family to give up their position. Then they can go live in a tropical island free and happy of any worries.

What would Jae Ha do when the life of his family and his loved one is at risk? Would politics and his country matter in comparison? Bong Goo ends the discussion by saying he has to leave now, he’s busy with other matters. Bong Goo leaves and walks past Shi Kyung on his way out, both of them staring at each other for an extra moment. Shi Kyung runs inside to see Jae Ha standing there in a daze.

On the drive back, Shi Kyung can see Jae Ha deep in thought in the back seat, so he asks tentatively if he can find out what Bong Goo said? Jae Ha doesn’t answer.

Jae Ha splashes water on his face and then stares into the mirror. He walks into his room and sees Hang Ah sitting on his bed waiting for him. His face lights up as he asks why she’s here? Hang Ah walks up to him as he asks if this is a dream?

Hang Ah puts her hands on Jae Ha’s cheek and he grabs them, before grabbing her for a hug. His eyes are filled with unshed tears.

After they pull apart, Jae Ha asks why Hang Ah has a weird expression? Hang Ah tells Jae Ha not to forget to exercise, and not to let any sadness destroy him. One day this will all pass. Jae Ha asks why she is saying this? Jae Ha starts to cry. The Queen Mother walks in and calls for Hang Ah, who nods and then walks towards her. Jae Ha grabs her hand but she leaves with the Queen Mother. He stands there alone calling out for Hang Ah and his mom.

Jae Ha wakes up from this dream, finding himself sitting in his office. Shi Kyung walks in, asking if Jae Ha is alright?

Hang Ah sits and waits. Bong Goo’s right hand man walks in and Hang Ah demands to know how the Queen Mother is? The TV is turned on and we see Bon Bon playing with torture instruments as she cuts the Queen Mother’s hand. Hang Ah is told that Jae Ha hesitated on accepting Club M’s offer, so they need her to persuade him as the fiancée. The guy warns Hang Ah that Bon Bon isn’t all that skilled, and might unintentionally hurt someone.

Shi Kyung tells Jae Ha that he can’t do it, it’ll fall into their trap. Jae Ha points out that Jae Kang’s death and his kidnapping attempt in North Korea was carried out by Club M without anyone stopping them. What if Hang Ah and the Queen Mother is really killed this time? Jae Ha is standing at the edge of a steep cliff and surviving on taking one breath at a time. He’s about to collapse and can’t endure this any longer.

They want to kill his mother and his Hang Ah! He never wanted to be King, and now his mother and Hang Ah’s life is at risk, why should he still be the King. Jae Ha cries so hard as he says all this, and OMG I’m crying with him. Even Shi Kyung’s eyes are red. Jae Ha apologizes, but he wants to live an easier life than this. Jae Ha says that he’s not that strong. Oh baby, you are, you are that strong. HUGS.

Hang Ah watches as Bon Bon keeps tormenting the Queen Mother, such as dropping a bottle of acid on the ground. Hang Ah agrees to persuade Jae Ha and Bon Bon is called off. When asked to make a video, Hang Ah says she wants to tell this to Jae Ha in person. If they want her to persuade him, it’s more effective if they do it face-to-face.

Thoughts of Mine:

I knew that once the WOC was done that Bong Goo would be back to wreak his havoc. If he can’t hurt Jae Ha, scare Jae Ha, and mentally torment Jae Ha, then he’s going to go for broke and bring down the entire system of constitutional monarchy in South Korea. This man makes up his own rules as he goes along, escalating each time Jae Ha doesn’t play his games. I understand that the royal family can’t hide in the safety of the Palace just because a mad man is around. That would be living according to Bong Goo’s dictates, and they don’t have the luxury of maintain safety by avoidance. I do wish the royal guards were sacked en masse and some scary looking mercenaries were hired to guard the royal family, because this makes the FOURTH time Bong Goo has breached the royal security force and done something to a royal.

How much did I love this episode? I can’t even count the ways. Secretary Eun’s malfeasance and incompetence and shiftiness is finally revealed. Yay! Boo for him getting sent out to pasture, but I supposed it’s because ultimately Jae Ha might still need him to combat Club M. I get that, even if I think he got off easy. Yay for Jae Shin and Shi Kyung spending quality time together and talking about their issues – his hang up about whether he even dares to like her back, and her worry that he is put off by her leg injury. The singing was back and it was awesome, but I’m more pleased with how their relationship and interaction continues to proceed at such a sincere and measured pace.

I can’t believe the drama would put our wonderful Queen Mother in jeopardy (there is usually a rule about old people, babies, and dogs being spared), but I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Hang Ah, butt kicking fearless in combat Hang Ah, is by her side. But then lo and behold, we discover the Queen Mother is no wilting flower at all, and her verbal (and later physical) smack down of Bong Goo was EPIC. It was stupid to rile him up, but she really let him know what a pathetic weeny he was. This was especially awesome considering she earlier asked Jae Ha to let it go, but faced with the man who arranged for her Jae Kang’s death, she was heartbreakingly powerful in her rage.

I saved the best for last, and that is of course Lee Seung Gi’s performance as Jae Ha in this episode. It was stunning, it was gutwrenching, it was so raw and powerful I actually had to take a break to keep watching the scene when he broke down in front of Shi Kyung. From the moment he learned about Secretary Eun’s wrongdoings, he was sliding down a slippery slope of emotional insecurity. Once his beloved Hang Ah and his mother were kidnapped, I felt like someone held a knife to his throat and every moment thereafter Jae Ha was living his life in a precipice. So Bong Goo wants Jae Ha to abdicate? He’s definitely got the two most important people in Jae Ha’s life in his hands and its not crazy to believe Jae Ha will accede to this demand.

I felt like the episode was intended to test Jae Ha, to put him in the same position Hang Ah was in when he asked her to push the trigger button. Jae Ha is going to have to trust his Hang Ah can get her and the Queen Mother out of the bind, and it’s a blind faith because they can’t communicate with each other. I can see Jae Ha’s agony like I saw in Hang Ah, that there is trust but even greater than that is the fear of even one thing going wrong which means losing the other person forever. What’s awesome about the OTP is that they are strong and capable alone, and together make each other stronger. But because they love each other so, the fear of losing the other person is what Bong Goo is exploiting to hit them where it hurts.


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    And I have been hearing people saying JH did this to himself and that he was dumb for talking with BG and making him mad. But I disagree, even if he didn’t talk with BG he wouldn’t stop and why should JH forgive BG when the guy killed his sister in law and brother plus hurt his sister.

    But about saying JH doesn’t even care about BG’S girlfriend that was killed. I have to agree, he didn’t even show remorse for involving the girl………

    • Didn’t you watch the 1st 4 episodes. BG has money and lots of connections even with the super power countries. Even North and South korea are being run by his money.So even though the South knows that he’s the one who killed the late king , they can’t do anything or the country will collapsed. The North is the same thing- when BG kidnapped the present king-they can’t do anything because BG has connection with China and if China doesn’t help the North-they can’t survived because of poverty.

    • yups, at first, I always have similar thoughts as you do about jae shin’s memory being the royal family’s weapon, but then I thought, well just enjoy the show. it’s kdrama after all.

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  13. I watched ep 16 with disbelief as I kept wondering:

    – why the Royal Guards never learn from their past experiences (come on guards, your incompetence made the Royal Family lost King Jae Kang & his wife; Jae Shin’s accident, Jae Ha almost lost his life in NK and now Queen Mother & Hang Ah are being kidnapped by the same Club M people!)

    – Bong Goo’s main motive; we only have 4 episodes left and so far I still don’t get why he wrote “I am King” on that frosty window on ep 1. This guy is a psychopath, I get that, I mean he killed King Jae Kang not because of WOC or NK-SK reunification, but because Jae Kang restricted him to enter SK for 1 year! And now he kidnapped Hang Ah & Queen Mother and asked Jae Ha to give up the throne for him. What’s his real motive?

    About the evidence, yes Jae Ha got the audio recording and he can use it as evidence. However, I think it’s not as easy as it seems. Secretary Eun has worked with the Royal Family for 30 years, and this most trusted person practically killed King Jae Kang. When the citizens know about it, Royal Family will definitely be blamed for their incompetence. Club M has power & money, he can bribe the judges / witnesses and trap Jae Ha instead of him. Or he can kill Sec Eun before he even step up in the witness box.

    Jae Ha said on ep 1, in this monarchy, Royal Family is just like puppets. Club M controls this Royal Family since the beginning, Sec Eun even controlled Jae Kang & Jae Ha; even though thankfully Jae Ha was able to rise above everything because he has his family, Hang Ah & Shi Kyung, people who believe in him.

    But this time, he truly needs to choose between his 2 hearts: his heart for his country (as a King) or his heart for his family. Pretty sure he will choose the latter, he will do anything for his family. Shi Kyung will always be there to help him making the wisest decision, and from Hang Ah’s expression, I believe she has an awesome plan to fight BG & BonBon.

    Can I say how amazing the Royal Family women in this drama? We have badass Hang Ah who support Jae Ha & Royal Family wholeheartedly, Princess Jae Shin who honestly declared her love for Shi Kyung & is trying her best to stand up again & recover from her tragic accident and Queen Mother who verbally & physically attacked / scolded Bong Goo? These women rocks!

    • I’m still hoping that we will have a happy ending or else I swear I’ll never watch another K – drama- unless it’s Ha ji won or Hyun bin or LSG. But seriously the time and the heartache I invested in this drama, the ending better be good than SEGA. PLEASE WRITER

  14. Hearties, let’s make alliance and go to Korea and destroy kim bong gu! I hate him.

    Thank you for the recap Ms. Koala

  15. Thanks koala for ur recaps. You are such a dear!!

    I watched this ep raw without sub (oh wait, i’ve always watched all of the ep without subs first) and watching last night’s episode made me go ‘oh my god! what the hell? what the hell? what sort of shit have i landed into?’

    i’m not gonna think too much about this episode since this drama has already taken alot from me (esp ep 9 and 10). I think this episode is too much and I can no longer take it anymore. I can feel Jae Ha’s agony, just like what you said, the same feeling that Hang Ah had when she pushed the button in the last episode. But this time, it’s worse cause we know there’s his mother’s and Hang Ah’s life at stake. At the moment, I see only dead ends. I don’t know how’s Hang Ah gonna take down Bong Gu on her own at his place. And looking at Bong Gu’s eyes after he’s being hit by the Queen, I would say this guy is freaking sick and scary, man!

    I’m gonna be how I’ve always be for the next one week; I’m just gonna calmly think that there will silver lining behind all these clouds n storms. I need to be optimistic in order to survive for another week. I hope everyone is with me and hopefully Hang Ah, Jae Ha, the royal family and Shi Kyung is with me.

    God, what has this drama done to me??!!

    • Love the lap scene too~ But never thought that is just the peace before THE STORM!

      (Just for fun~ and lighten our hearts a little…)
      JaeHa: Return my pillow!

  16. I don’t know what I’m gonna do after episode 20 airs! Sonofagun, can’t believe we’re almost at the end! Though I love for it to be Wednesdays and Thursdays everyday, but knowing that there’s just 2 weeks left…2 WEEKS. Holy moly, I wanna cry with you Jaeha. I’m crying because I won’t see you cry or get mad or love Hang ah anymore! Ahhhh…..stress!!! Major stress!
    In the meantime, thank you for another great episode! And can we at least have another kiss scene before the drama ends?! That’s the least they could do to us! Lol.

  17. Thx for the quick recap Ms. Koala!!! I just love it when we both find the same drama to be addicted to. This means that I’ll get to read the recap sooner and there are little nice treats through out the week such as pics or previews. I hate watching drama when it air b/c I don’t have the patience to wait but for some reason once in a while a good drama will make me break my resistant. Once I get caught up in it then I just love the trill of following it live, reading recaps and the awesome comments from other addictors…lol. After the drama ends then I tell myself I’ll never do it again b/c of the waiting, the feeling of hating weekends and looking forward to the weekdays. Thanks again for the great recap.

    I have always been a silent follower of this drama when I first hear about it but my love for it grew so much that I can’t be silent no more. I can’t believe that I almost didn’t watch TK2H b/c of Lee Seung Gi. I always admire the man as a musician and MC but never totally like him as an actor till this drama. To be honest, I was so disappointed when I hear he’s replacing CSW b/c I just love that man in CH. Also, the trailer doesn’t help much b/c it seem dark and dramatic and I like my dramas to be romantic and funny. Now my appreciation and girl crush have expand for LSG b/c he has been nothing but awesome in his role as Lee Jae Ha. He is so good that there was a point where I don’t even know if I’m falling for the man/actor LSG or the king

    The cast for this drama is great b/c this is the first time I’m rooting for the MIL, and the second couple as much as the main couple. I so dearly missed Jae Kang and his relationship w/ Jae Hae and even though is role was quick it was so worth it. I love TK2H so much that I don’t know what I’ll do when it end. But, no matter what…FIGHTING to TK2H!!!!

    • @myo,
      I am with you in all points. Me too, I can’t keep silent anymore! I love K2H and Lee Seung Gi. And yeah I love Lee Jae Ha’s character too. Wish he would come to real life LOL.
      K2H is a drama that cannot fit one genre or a certain mold because is has everything in it: politics, action, romance, drama, comedy , psychological thriller – all of this rolled into this wonderfully acted story. But the highlight is the king – Lee Seung Gi, as Lee Jae Ha. I cannot imagine any other actor portraying this character –
      After this role, Lee Seung Gi can have his pick with any drama or movie roles. I just hope they continue writing good stories. He can do a villain role too. As young as he is, I think he can pull off any role because he has a face that is natural and he is really smart and intelligent too. ( Aahh and I love his singing voice and speaking voice. ) Some of the “pretty actors” are limited because they are too sculpted, sometimes it can get distracting, whereas LSG can be – cute, mature, wicked, playful, serious, and sophisticated, worldly man, and an innocent boy next door at the same time as we have seen in Lee Jae Ha.

      aigooooo i totally lost my senses to lee jae ha or lee seung gi???? He is my number 1 actor now.
      What he is going in the army????? nooooooooooooooooooooooo 2 yrs???? waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
      In the interest of world peace – can you exempt LSG from the army? Dramaland /music industry/tv world needs him . ottokae???

      • I love your assessment about Seunggi’s versatile looks. And I agree with you totally. He’s very expressive too.

  18. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so sad. Now Ji Won will kick ass. High time cos she’s been not acting like a true soldier so far….certainly not the merciless, cold-blooded, non-emotional type of elite soldier that she was hyped to be. That Israeli in ep 15 looks like he can take down the entire bong bong, boo boo and gang. Now that is what I hope she will be….cold, elite

    That opportunity was there when bong bong was in the room with her and the queen mother….a swift kick to his arse, a swift twist to his neck and bye bye bong bong. A flick of the wrist and the fork goes to bon bon throat. Then it is mayhem time…destroying his entire complex whilst carrying the queen mother on her back.

  19. Dear Koala,
    Thanks so much for the recap of this jewel of an episode. Everything shines here. It’s really difficult to point out any one thing or any one person that makes the most contribution. But, since I has been owned, body and soul, since the very first episode, by Lee Jae Ha, I have to say he shines the brightest. And of course, Lee Seung Gi, who just embodies that role with the utmost ease and flair. His puffy face when he cries. His desperate and precarious hold of the polished, cool, and shrewd facade when negotiating, no, begging, with BG. Oh my goodness, I cannot even think about what’s for him to do now. I am just totally there with him, frustrating and worrying to death. What to do then, for me? Have to wait a whole week to see him again! Sigh.

  20. king jae ha, please send special unit force from south and north to set free queen to be hang ah and mother queen..!
    what a major cliff hanger for us to wait for another week.. hiks!
    thank you for recap mrs. koala ^^

  21. This is what I call RIDICILOUS!!! It’s a Queen mother and Fiancee of a King, but they can’t do anything when they got kidnaped by someone like Bong Go?! They have to take BG, interogate him or just search his houses, The King have the right to do that. Or They can tell people about the kidnap and JH should just shoot that bastard because he had the right to do that, and after Queen mother and Hang Ah found, they can explain that its really BG who kidnapped them and JH is right to shoot BG because he was threatens to kill them. It’s the King for God sake!!! when the King of England got kidnapped I am sure all the police or British Army will doing everything they can to get him back, but this? nobody knew about this kidnaped because they allowed to get kidnaped?! WTF!
    I am sorry but I don’t buy this story at all!

    • Let me give you a refresher on international politics:

      1. Bong Goo is NOT in Korea anymore. Hence, Korea does not have jurisdictional authority to arrest him wherever he’s at, regardless of evidence. When he met with Jae Ha at the end of ep 16, the Chinese pavilion setting makes it clear they are meeting in China. Unless the Chinese authorities allow Korea to arrest him, they cannot. And China is not going to allow it because Club M supplies their weapons.

      Secretary Eun has said REPEATEDLY that Club M is so powerful as the international arms dealer behind every major regime that arresting Bong Goo without any definitive proof (and no, a recording of him admitting to offing Jae Kang is not enough, he can say that it was just him joking around, Korea needs hard evidence).

      If Jae Ha just shot Bong Goo right now (without any proof he kidnapped the ladies or that he killed Jae Kang), he would trigger an international incident.

      2. They are trying everything to find where Bong Goo stashed the ladies. But with his breadth and depth of resources, its not easy to locate it. Part of the underlying narrative of this story is that the Korean peninsula is weak. And Korea splitting into two makes them even weaker. The royal family here is just a figurehead. Korea has very little power in the international community, and that is part of why Jae Ha (and Jae Kang) felt so powerless. And its another reason why Jae Kang is fighting for reunification, as he sees a unified Germany and what it can accomplish, and hopes for a future like that for his beloved Korea.

      3. The royal guards may be useless, but frankly with the quality of the Secret Service running around in Cartegena, I’m actually laughing that it might not be that far from the truth. One person managed to assassinate JFK when he was surrounded by the SS. It happens. Rarely, but not impossible. Bong Goo is pretty much an insane MoFo like Kim Jung Il, but with A LOT more money and weapons. And the freedom to travel around and seek hiding places.

      • All your points are extremely valid and should be read by anyone who does not grasp the problems facing Jae Ha (it’s a bit surprising still a lot of people out there who don’t get it after 16 episodes).

        To your last point, it is so sad but true. No amount of defense can deter a really determined bad person or group from doing evil things. It’s as simple as that. We are lucky that not that many (I mean, there could easily be more) actually got committed. It’s by the grace of the higher being, by dumb luck, by the diligence and sacrifice of the good guys, and, by the last bit of conscience or hesitation or whatever good that’s left on the evil doer’s mind.

      • Your explanation maybe right, but I am sure every country esp. South Korea must have a secret service agency, so The King should order them to find Queen Mother and his fiancee. But it seems that most of all he is doing it all by himself with the help of Shi Kyung of course (but he barely can’t do anything because he also have to look after Jae Shin). How come nobody even a South Korean Military get notice about the kidnap, shouldn’t they join forces to find Queen mother and Hang Ah?!
        Although the murder of JFK happend because it got something to do with political affairs (I have read even CIA and FBI are behind the murdered) but it’s different with the Nation who got the King and the pallace as their proud, and they not exactly inside the political affairs, thats why the people always support and love their Royal Family. Thats why it will be easy for the army and other secret agency to help the King since the King had got nothing to do with politic and helping the King willl make them proud therefore The King Family should get Top Priority!!! I just don’t understand why the King don’t try to get help from his own army, but form north Korea?

      • Who’s saying all the combined intelligence networks of North and South Korea aren’t scouring the earth for Hang Ah and the Queen Mother? Just because its not being shown doesn’t mean it’s not happening. What we see is Jae Ha doing what HE can do to help find his loved ones and bring them home safely.

        It’s about just about finding them. Bong Goo doesn’t want ransom, which is the only reason he would keep the hostages alive. Bong Goo wants Jae Ha to abdicate, and if pressured he could easily kill Hang Ah and the Queen Mother in a heartbeat. He’s that crazy and could care less, because he continues to have more ways to torment Jae Ha.

        He’s goal is personal, it needn’t make sense. When someone has so much money and power, then satisfaction comes in the things that normal people can’t fathom.

        As for why the South Korean military isn’t out looking for the hostages…. Not sure how to explain international politics but the SK military are soldiers. They cannot just descend on any country they wish and use their might to turn it upside down to look for Bong Goo and the hostages. That would be called a military transgression. Without the consent of any sovereign nation, another country cannot send their armed forces in, otherwise that is called “war”.

        Right now SK doesn’t have proof that BG kidnapped the ladies, so Jae Ha can’t exactly knock on every country’s door and say “hey, can I send my armed forces in to look for my fiancee and my mom, I totally am 100% sure its that crazy psycho Kim Bong Goo who runs Club M, but I don’t have any proof, but trust me on this, so let my soldiers in to search your country in case he’s hidden there.”

        See, that doesn’t make any sense, right? Jae Ha has to rely on his intelligence network to locate where BG could be while at the same time he tries to find out what BG wants because he can’t risk BG hurting the ladies for any reason. He cannot risk waiting for his intelligence network to locate the ladies, and then risk a rescue operation.

        Let me put it this way, it took the US intelligence network TEN (10!) years to locate Osama Bin Laden. Once again, the biggest and most powerful intelligence and military operation took 10 years to find the world’s most wanted person. Then after the US located him in Pakistan, they needed the Pakistani government’s approval before going in and raiding his compound.

      • As usual Ms. Koala your explanations are thorough and informative. Needless to say, this drama tries to be as close to realism as possible not to say that there are no scenes that are questionable but all around it is believable. Some may feel rashly that international incidents can be solved covertly by a country’s intelligence agency, but when a foe is as influential as Bong Goo and has insurmountable resources it cannot be resolved easily. As you pointed out, it took 10 years for the US military to take out Bin Laden. If Bin Laden had the unlimited funds plus investments in western countries as well as Asian countries that Bong Goo has, I’m sure he would still be existing today.

      • Ehhh, I enjoy K2H tremendously, but it has about as much relationship to real world as does Chinese Paladin 3.

        While China or some other country doesn’t have to cooperate, Korea can certainly publicize BG’s bad deeds and declare him a terrorist (see Osama bin Laden, etc). They can take China’s or whichever other country shelters him noncooperation to the UN.

        Not saying there won’t be countries that won’t care/will still harbor him, but barring rogue states, no country will OPENLY support him (behind the scenes, maybe). Even when governments, and not one rich lunatic, do something majorly shady, there are always some other countries that step up and complain if for no other reasons than realpolitik (for example, CIA helping Pinochet overthrow Allende in Chile – the Soviet block countries made a huge fuss).

        And let’s face it, in real world, if an organization kidnapped members of a royal family, I severely doubt all they’d be able to do is weep and let it go. Club M is not a weapons monopolist – China can find plenty of companies that will sell them the same stuff without involving them in international incident (not to mention they, as well as US from the other side, will intervene if anything destablizes the Korean peninsula and Meyer doesn’t do anything but. He’s not Kim Jung Un, holding millions of people hostage and with a feasible threat of firebombing Seoul.)

        Also, I have yet to figure out how BG didn’t get outsted by someone else in his organization who knows how to keep a low profile and get on with business (which is power and making money through weapons deals, not megalomaiac attention stunts).

        I love K2H but it’s take on politics makes me roll my eyes. I just pretend it’s some weird alternative Universe that doesn’t work the way ours does (don’t get me started on its benign portrayal of North Korea, either).

        Oh well, I am in it for JH/HA who are pretty much perfect.

  22. Wow!!! THis episode in spite of all the angst I cant help but to love it, even if it broke my heart and hope that no one will die no more casualties it seems like that is far fetch from happening. I applaud the writers whoever they are excellent work and also to all the actors in the drama especially the leads. I cried so hard I feel like my heart couldn’t take it. Even if this drama is set in an alternate world/fantasy the characters their roles and acting seems so real and tangible. I read people complaining of how coward JH is, well please forgive our King for being human. His reaction is how every human being in this planet would feel given in his situation where everything is at stake. I love JK but JH is doing a great job as the King. From where he is for people who hadn’t experience any loss this is what happen… you become scared, insecure, judgement is clouded etc… support system is very important. In case of JH the support system he need has been taken away from him and add to the fact of the betrayal of the man he look up to as a family. So yes he is at his weakest! He have come a long way from who he was before please give him the credit he deserves. (I can’t believe how emotionally invested am I in this drama) I do hope that SK will not leave the king’s side and that JS will be stronger. I am so mad at the villain he is giving me the creeps in reality there are people like him. I believe that the writer will not let us down. Lets just say in the next episodes to come prepare lots of kleenex and make your heart stronger do some exercise and eat healthy because the upcoming episode will not be easy, the writers of this drama are fearless! for me there is a 50-50% chance that this show will have a happy ending, it would be awesome to see them get married and have a baby and in this fictional world the N and S will reunite as one… But then again its all in the writers hands, this show is so unpredictable but I do believe that if someone has to die its because the story needs it and that character will not die in vain although its hard to accept that whoever has to die will serve a greater purpose. That they will give us answers and that we will understand why it has to be like that and why that person has to go. Even if its hard to accept. I hope the IQ of JH will work in the next few episodes to come and the training of HA as a soldier will be use to their advantage I also read how they criticize or questions HA’s military training when they were Kidnap there is no doubt in my mind that HA will be able to get out of it and probably killed the woman assassin if she was alone but she is with the QD she will be jeopardizing QD’s safety. Whatever the villains plan remember that he will not succeed I dont think the writers will let that happen. As for JH and HA their faith love and happiness will be revealed soon and so as SK and JS. I hope that the SK’s dad will work on something! Thank you Koala!!! Now is the best time for SPOILERS….

  23. Thanks for the recap Ms. Koala. Gosh this episode is one roller coaster ride. From the vulnerability of the King and the tenderness of Hang Ah to the courage of both the Queen mother and Jae Shin, plus the precarious situation that Hang Ah and the queen mother is in…the suspense is killing me. Although I’m dreading the end of this drama, I still want the next episode to be shown, like right now. lol Oh I hope Hang Ah and the Queen can escape somehow. Poor Jae Ha can barely hang on. I’m thinking Jae Shin will be doing a lot more convincing of her feelings to Si Kyung especially when he finds out what his father did. I loooovee this drama. It keeps me wondering what is going to happen. Just when I think it could happen one way, it goes the other. Love, love, love it.

  24. Thank you Ms. Koala! I stopped the video and cried, then restarted then stopped and cried again. This epi was amazing, LSG really showed his acting chops. I agree with you about the royal security teams…they wouldn’t make it in the real world. I guess we have to suspend belief for the sake of moving the plot along.

    The second leads continue to be amazing.

    I’m hoping Hang Ah gets to seriously kick some a** and that the WOC team gets to go after BG and take him out in the end. Fighting!!

    My only problem is …What do I watch until next week? Aigoo! Suggestions anyone?

    • Do what I do..which is to rewatch epi 1 to as far as you can go till you hit epi 17.
      You won’t be scratching the walls cos you’ll be busy watching. Tat’s my solution plus reading the massive outpouring of comments everywhere. Easy .

      • lol. That’s exactly what I do. rewatch from ep1 and on, then check other sites for spoilers, pics, videos, commentaries, etc. Once in a while I watch other dramas but it does not hold my attention as this drama does. 😀

  25. The only sore point my husband and I have about this series is THE USELESS GUARDS!!!!!! Love the OTP and how they overcome obstacles just by trusting each other. That will be what will see them through this latest crisis. Can’t wait for next week to come.

  26. Does anyone worry like me about the the cliffhanger on the preview when Jae Ha calls Hang ah, Hang ah.? I really hope nothing happens to our beloved future queen

  27. thank u madam K…your recap kept me alive since I could not LS…this episode is really amazing…i cried while reading your recap… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  28. koala you are the best , it was a hard episode and i am happy to read your reacp that make me fell more better .but my heart still with pain and i cant even dare to think what the fearless writers will do next ……..oh it so much please we dont ask for the the most joyfull ending but please dont break our heart too much , and please at least let ha and jh still together in the end( of course alive ).
    and for jae ha i read a lot about the death of bg girlfriend and i agree that it was terrible from jae ha that he dont even care about that but i to fully understands, i mean our fan you knew that they did not say that jae ha is Ideal hero ,cmon guys for what was the heartbreakn , disappointment and all that jerk boy that we lived for the first 6 episodes <i mean for the man that can hurt and play with people's feelings and destroy them just for the challenge, because of boredom or feeling anger or provocation without regard to consequences or attention that the future of two countries at stake for that man to get his brother killed , to give pain for hang ah to make him shot and drive her out ,losing his baby , make his sister weak live with chair and fear and get kidnap and almost get killed with video message from the same jerk that tell him that he did all that in his face to say again on the video that he did its again with that look on his face sooo what, you can not do anythink to me <<< for that man that jae ha is what do you want to feel gulityt or to play far with he told cant even do that yeh i understands why he do that , no matter what he do that jerk will make someone hurt he crazy so jae ha can do nothing that didn't make death so he making the death from the other side soo even when i someone that be believe that every life is precious no matter how the person is unserstand the man jae ha is ,no no matter what kind of person is there it will be hard to not do feel or do what jae ha did <be in hell and to be told you cant do anything just site and feel pain it not something that easy .
    sorry for the long comment and thanks again and again ms koala .

  29. OMG!! YES!! I am so glad you mentioned LSG’s performance. I mean how amazing was it? When he is talking to the secretary and he calls him a traitor and he does that thing with his hand in air and his facial expression. That is where I died.

    Amazing, amazing, amazing all around!!

  30. Just finished ep. 16 and WOW…Show’s got them balls ‘yo. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

    And dear writers, even if the rest of the story goes beserk from here I am now your forever fangirl, just for this episode alone.

    I know I’ll have more to say later but let me pull myself together for now. That last scene with Jae Ha and Shi Kyung just did me in. Too, too much.

    • Oh..oh…I forgot to say this because the episode is full of DAEBAK…but did anyone else forget to breath during Jae Ha’s dream sequence? OMO!!!! I thought it was so much more intimate, equal parts swoon-worthy and heartbreaking at the same time. I’m okay with no horizontal action, etc. as long as they continue to give us these kinds of moments.

      And yes, it should be mandatory that Seung-gi continue to wear white button-down shirts tucked in those fitted gray slacks. My gehd, talk about sexy.

      • He was so damn sexy in that scene I swear I almost cheated on my I Lub You with him.

      • @Koala, ahhh…I hear you. I’m so glad I’m fickle and don’t have an I Lub You because between Seungi-gi and Shi Kyung, I’d be cheating left and right. 😉

        Also, upon rewatch, here’s the specifics: white button down shirt (top button undone) with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, fitted gray slacks and a black belt. Plus his teary, puppy eyes. Me = dead.

      • Hahaha, Seung-gi and white button-down shirt…me and my BFF noticed too, we were talking about the sad dream first, after that, i said, “hey did you noticed he looking different a.k.a sexy in that white shirt?”…my BFF said, “oh my….yeahhhh!!! i just about to tell you too, he so damn sexy”…hahaha

      • I got to watch BL in Oct last yr. Youtube members and myself were discussing LSG’s butt. He has a great butt. In BL, they kept on showing his butt. lol. Just to let everyone has a little laugh.

  31. Thanks Koala for the recap. 😉

    Daebak!!Clap .clap, 2 thumbs up for LSG acting when he was crying while talking to shi kyung & secterary… ( i can feel his agony & i wanna hug him when i saw his tears)…

    Love AHA moments together…

  32. Can we have some skinship for our fab second leads? That tummy-gropping act feels like it’s eons away now…please with cherry on top?

    • Yes yes yes OH YES! I need some touchy touchy and kissy kissy between those 2! In my opinion, the only way for that to happen is if JS jumps SK *_*

  33. hang ah and jea ha mother are going to be free….I trust hang ah
    but this episode is sooooooooooo good that i want wedensday to come noooooooooow
    every moment between hang ah and jea ha is precious .

    sk and js give me goosebumbs.
    thanks alot for recap

      • Agree w/ u… BEAR OUR HEARTS IS A MUST!!
        I’ve watched it..raw streaming, read recaps, streaming again, finally with subs…i couldn’t watch it without FF-ing some scenes..Cried a bucket everytime Jae Ha cried.. That john mayer was too evil..I couldn’t stand it!!! But this episode (together with ep 12) is surely the best(est) episodes from TK2H…
        Already a fan of LSG because MGIAG, a true shipper of HB-HJW because of Sega (right now I’m really torn because I want LSG for HJW)
        The King 2 Hearts…FIGHTING!!!!

  34. Thank you koala for your fantastic recap! I’m glad that you love this drama as I do! I really enjoyed reading your recap and your personal views. While reading ep16 recap this morning, I was crying in some parts, esp those scenes with jaeha-hangah, jaeha’s mum.

    I love K2H very much! this drama make me love Lee Seung Gi and I admit I become his fan after K2H. haha! i like LSG drama before but I like him MORE after watching his performance in K2H. Also Ha Jiwon, i love her since her acting in Hwa Jin Yi, since then, any dramas that involved Ha Jiwon, I always trust at the quality! and I know her acting is always Daebak. I love her acting in Da Mo and Secret Garden too.

    Can’t believe there are only 4 more episodes. I will miss jaeha and hang ah, also shi kyung and jae shin.

    • Not that I’m ignoring the argument of the politics, but I always see the North and South divide as still not just a result of a proxy war, but still used as chess pieces in a proxy war for dominance. China does not want a unified Korea, US will say they want World Peace while they still happily sell their F16s. So I wouldn’t be surprised if no one really will come to aid kidnapped figure heads with no real say or powers. Yes debate and kick a fuss, but no real man put to danger to save them. The royals are not really needed and can be replaced by the next in line, what is the big deal.

  35. @via,

    Don’t forget the context of epi 16 – this is within 24 hours period after the kidnapping. This episode shows the reaction of King LeeJaeHa and the palace. If it only personal then it is easier to resolve, but this involves a country and a king and foreign countries and extradition etc.
    That is why this drama is so great- you have to put your thinking cap to really appreciate the story. It’s not the typical kdrama eye candy.
    If you just look at it from acting perspective – this drama really highlights Lee Seung Gi and the supporting – heck, all of them, are really great in this. LSG has won many fans and will catapult him into movies and drama land with this portrayal. LSG is now permanently etched in my mind and heart 🙂 sighhhh
    Story wise – this is the most compelling korean drama ever written for me and the best acted as an ensemble. The Lead actor is excellent and the supporting cast are great! Best drama, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor and actress, and best ensemble cast, best sound track, cinematography, —- its a sweep in awards category! Best drama in my book!
    And the commentary and fans comments and recaps are a delight to read! It helps me to understand the Korean culture and sensibilities. I can truly say I am beginning to like and understand the Korean as a people not just their kpop bands and drama actors.

    • I agree. If Korea had something similiar to the Academy Awards, I seriously think that the drama should win on all accounts.

      • I second that. Truly a great drama. So unpredictable and gets one thinking

  36. Ha !! jae ha lies on his beloved’ lap just like his brother, the natural way they just slid into that fetus position send squeals that could be heard all the way to pluto, he should probably just. Deal with all of his paper work duties while laying on hang ah’s lap

  37. Awwww. Doesnt JaeHA just break yr heart wt his desperation & sadness ?
    Doesn’t JaeHA give you the vibe that he can no longer live without his HangAh ?
    Maybe thats why he held on so long cos he knew he was just going to fall so deeply & hopelessly in love wt HangAh . The way things look , if anythg were to happen to JH , HA can still live on but , the way he’s falling apart , I thinkif tragedy struck HangAh’s way , he’s gonna self destruct .

    • Oh,,,,be strong my poor yet sweet Jae Ha!!! Long Live Jeonha 😀

      I dont think anything will happen to Hang Ah. I TRUST the writer, please….please….

  38. So, I was feeling anxious thinking about the future of our royal family and Earnest Bot that I decided to rewatch some scenes of What Happened in Bali. I kept reminding myself that even if TK2H will have a sad ending, it can’t be more tragic than Bali or Damo, right? Right? *bites nails*

    Anyways, when I was browsing vids from Bali OST..guess what I found. Our very own Seung-gi singing “My Love”. Whoaaa…who would have thought that back in 2007 he was just singing this song from HJW’s drama and now they are paired together! I really love his version, too. 😉

  39. By watching in details, I found some discrepancy in the story..
    1) in ep 16, HA mentioned to queen mother that her own mum died when she was young. HA’s mum was able to read stories to her until she contracted TB. But in Ep 7, when HA’sdad was kneeling and asking JH to take good care of his daughter, he said that HA’s mum died soon after she was born. I hope I did not take the translation wrongly.

    2) in the tent kiss episode on JH’s first love, JH told HA he was sent to a normal school. But in ep 16, BG mentioned to queen mother that he was sent to royal school by his own mum. So the schools were not in line. Both JH and BG Have to go to the same schools else how BG stabbed JH with his pen?

    3) in ep 14, in the ship going to the island, in 32:15 when dong- ha passed something to young bae, he was with the Korean peninsular sticker. But when the scene flashes back again, he was without the sticker.

    Anyone spotted these like me?
    Guess this TK2H is into me so much that I did not like the imperfections discovered.

    Nevertheless, Really hooked into this drama. OMG.. Watch, look out for recap, comments, rewatch ep 1 to 16 again..what is this drama doing to me?

    Look at the preview ep 17, BG seems to hv done something and want to keep JH from knowing.. Did someone died? Did the mother Queen died? I do not think HA died, probably being shot? Argh…. The waiting kills…:(

    • About the school, JH went to a regular school.JK went to royal academy with BG. He was visiting with his mom to the academy and that’s the time that he got stabbed by BG with a pen.As far as HJW – I guess you could interpret born as few years or if her father said”after birth” , then definitelly her mother died after delivery.

      • Thanks em. Think we have to take it now as her mum died after a few years later after she was born else how to read stories to HA at night and NOT immediately after HA birth( the dad’s version on ep 7)

    • “Look at the preview ep 17, BG seems to hv done something and want to keep JH from knowing..”

      In my opinion, I think Bong Gu wants to trick Jae Ha into believing that he killed Hang Ah or his mother (or both) so that Jae Ha would be pushed to abdicate the throne.

      • no that wouldn’t work. if bong gu really killed them, JH would have nothing to hold him back, he’d have no reason to abdicate. More like Bong Gu is torturing them, now that would make JH do it right away

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