Funny Supermarket Stills and Second Teaser Trailer for A Gentleman’s Dignity

Hhhhmm, I never thought the picture of four men going grocery shopping could get me this excited. But apparently A Gentleman’s Dignity knew something about my id that I didn’t even know. AGD released new stills that show Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Kim Soo Ro pushing shopping carts around a supermarket as well as doing some male bonding. The drama also released a second teaser that only serves to build on the awesome that was the first teaser. While I’m watching Time Slip Dr. Jin for the love of my oppa and for rubbernecking purposes, I’ll be watching AGD because I’m genuinely interested in this drama. It looks fun in a mature way, and quite possibly poking fun at its pretensions of sophistication and gentlemanly dignity. I’m so down with that.

Second teaser for A Gentleman’s Dignity:


Funny Supermarket Stills and Second Teaser Trailer for A Gentleman’s Dignity — 19 Comments

  1. Note for self: Wool dresses are tricky. Or maybe useful if you want to attract men… Need to do a bit of thinking about that. Bromance is very welcome, as always.

  2. Now, please!

    I’d wish the intervening weeks away if it wasn’t for the fact that a) by that date I will be jobless, carless, and a week away from homeless, and b) that means TK2H will be over. ~sob~

  3. That red-dress thing is like the opening scene of Wilber Pan & Sandrine Pina’s Endless Love – the red-string theme.

    • well, yes…in a way, except that JDG’s character can afford to pay for the dress than Wilber’s character 🙂

      And Im so going to watch this – raw!

  4. Those 2 blokes at the top photo look serious and the other 2 are completely whacky. I love the chemistry between these guys.

  5. It look awesome!
    And really the red thread from the dress…that was such a meta on meta thing brilliant and funny. And the double shot take with our F40 was awesome! Can’t wait!

  6. Please drama gods, let this be as good as it looks all the way through the drama!! I am still loving it. I’m a little afraid to get my hopes up but seeing these 4 and F44 – rocking!!!!! Dream come true. can’t wait!!

  7. Im so scared to say that I am so excited for this show, but I really am. I love love love Kim Ha Neul! She is just so cute and funny. And Jang Dong Gun….’nuff said!

  8. I love that in the trailer the 4 guys were all excited and loud when they were in the club room but was all silent when the ladies came lol

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