First Stills from the Set of Secrets Hidden in Time with Janine Chang and Wallace Chung

The miracle of casting really echoes how dramas are a visual medium and how the actors look does affect how I react to it. While I love Tong Hua‘s Da Mo Yao the novel and loathe her Secrets Hidden in Time, when it comes to the drama-adaptations of both, I’ve flip-flopped my interest because I dislike the casting of the former while I adore the casting of the latter. Even if SHiT is a, well, a shitty story. But if the ending changes, then it’ll partially redeem the story. The filming has been ongoing for the past 3 weeks, though male lead Wallace Chung just showed up on set a few days ago. He was busy promoting his currently airing drama, so the other three leads Janine Chang, Han Xi Ting, and Jia Nai Liang filmed their portions first. Wallace’s character Lu Li Cheng (Elliot) has the most scenes with Janine’s Su Man (Freya), but the other three have quite a lot of interaction amongst themselves, what with the dead sister-donated organ love triangle debacle. I must say that Wallace is sooooooo cute as Lu Li Cheng that I’m going to watch the drama just to enjoy his pretty. He’s been doing a slew of period dramas for years now that I’m thrilled to see him back looking fine in a modern suit. Yummy!

Janine and Wallace. They better end up together or else. Putting aside Su Man’s ridiculous infatuation with Song Yi – when you see Wallace as Lu Li Cheng and Jia Nai Liang as Song Yi and you put the men side-by-side, Su Man would have to either be a lesbian or blind to prefer Song Yi over Lu Li Cheng. It simply does not compute, in the novel or in the drama adaptation.

Janine and Han Xi Ting as Ma La Tang (aka Xu Ling Shuang). Han Xi Ting is actually perfect cast as Ma La Tang. She looks exactly like I picture her in the novel.

Janine and Jia Nai Liang as Song Yi. Can we say douchebag? No offense to Jia Nai Liang, but ugh, just seeing Song Yi come to life turns my stomach. I alternate between wanting to punch him in the face….to wanting to punch him in the face.

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Biadu Janine Chang bar]


First Stills from the Set of Secrets Hidden in Time with Janine Chang and Wallace Chung — 7 Comments

  1. They looks good.. all four of them, and this the first time i feel that way about a drama. I donno how Song Yi going to be like, but hopefully the script for the screen make a little more sense..

  2. I love Wallace Chung, he’s so damn YUMMY…. I mean really, this guy don’t age at all. I just swoon at the sight of him everytime. I adore Janine as well so i’m really looking forward for this drama! I haven’t read the novel yet and actually any novel from TH but i got faith in her from BBJX so i’m excited for this and Da Mo Yao. Despite knowing that Miss Koala dislike the casting of DMY but i think it all depends on the execution. Eddie may not look like the role yet but i’m having faith on TR productions. I’m not a big fan of period dramas but TR period dramas have been amazing most of the time. Must wait to see DMY in action first before judging.

    • I just read the quick recap of this novel posted by miss koala and i must say the story is….. UMMM…sounds like a frustrating mess. I’m gonna wait for the drama to finish airing and see whether Janine ends up with Wallace or not before I start watching. I just hope that the screenwriter can improve the storyline.

  3. lol maybe if she hadn’t met Song Yi before and he wasn’t her first crush, she’d work in the company just because this Lu Li Cheng is a hot boss. If she had chance encountered him before. I totally understand or try to understand that her first crush probably owned her heart all these years and she can’t see any other guy but him. Seriously though, the usual story would make her end up with the new guy.

    Such a candy production, but if she doesn’t end up with Lu Li Cheng in this I might hate it in the end like Smile Again.

  4. Yeah, I agree, how she could choose that guy after all that is a mystery, but ultimately, one really can’t control one’s heart.

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